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Meet Ridge and Moda: 2023 Deco Ceramic Tile Collections

Hello, early summer…We are more than ready for you. Here at MIR Collections, we have not one, but two exciting, summer-ready ceramic tile collections for you to meet — Moda and Ridge. Both are stunning, and come in unique color ways and multiple formats that are bound to make any seasonal renovation pop in no time. We’re going to showcase you all the details in this post, so you can get inspired on ways to use them! Ready? Let’s get into it!

Moda: A Fashionable, High Gloss Ceramic Tiles

Much like the name implies, Moda is inherently fashionable, stylish, and chic. This collection knows nothing else but ways to stun in your client’s residential or commercial project. These glossy ceramic tiles are perfect for most any wall placement; accent tiles walls, kitchen backsplash designs, and yes, even shower walls. The variations in each color way gives a watercolor effect that is eye-catching! 

Before we hop into the details with some inspiring installations of this collection, here is an overview:

  • Moda Collection is made up of ceramic tiles.
  • There are 2 formats: 4×4 square tiles, and 2.5×8 subway tiles. 
  • The collection comprises of 9 colors with glossy finishes. 
  • These tiles are meant for wall application only.

Elevate Your Space with These New Glossy Ceramic Tiles

This stunning collection features a variety of colors that are perfect for any style or aesthetic. From classic black and white to standout terracotta red and dark blue, this tile collection has something for everyone. Each hue is available in both a 4×4 tile and a 2.5×8 tile size, giving you endless design possibilities for your next project.

Plus, the glossy finish of these ceramic tiles will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room, be it in a hotel or a home. The tiles are vibrant and eye-catching, making them perfect for creating a statement wall or backsplash design.

Sprout a bit of bohemian undertones in any space with the Moda Pink 4x 4 tiles.

The celadon, pink, and sky blue ceramic tiles in this collection are perfect for creating a calming and serene environment due to their association with nature and the calming effect they have on the senses. For instance, Pink is a color that is known to have an intrinsically serene impact. It is often associated with love and tenderness, and its soft, gentle hue can create a peaceful and relaxing environment.

A sea of envy can be transmuted to interior walls thanks to the life-instilling green of Celadon Tiles.

Celadon is a pale green color that is often associated with nature and tranquility, making it an excellent choice for creating a soothing atmosphere. The facade of the Celadon tile is like a moody ocean rife with blueish green undertones much like a stormy sea with pockets of seaweed. In short, relaxing as can be!

Using celadon, pink, and sky blue hues in your interior design project can help create a calming and serene environment, especially in spaces where you know your client will spend a lot of time. 

These colors can be used on walls, in furniture, or in accents to create a laid back, almost painterly atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to create a soothing bedroom retreat or a serene living room space, incorporating these calming hues into your design can help create a space that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.

A match for your next martini — This wall tile design with Moda Olive is a stylish twist. 

Not on the hunt for chill colors? More on the lookout to add a little extra warmth and depth to your client’s home decor? Well, you’ll be happy to know that caramel, olive green, red, and dark blue shades from the Moda lineup are the perfect solution for you. 

Sweet tooth approved interior by way of our Moda Caramel 4×4 tiles.

These earthy colors can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that will make anyone feel right at home. Just imagine your client coming home to a kitchen that reminds them of freshly baked treats with a warm, inviting caramel hue as a backsplash tile.

Soothing as can be! This spotless, midcentury modern design has an exquisitely spa-like atmosphere with Moda Dark Blue.

 Or a bedroom bathroom that’s so soothing and calming, they will never want to leave thanks to its stylish, glossy deep, dark blue hues. A perfect at home spa situation, found!

This kitchen’s corner gives seeing red a whole new, chic meaning with the use of our Moda Red wall tiles.

You Can Create a One-of-a-Kind Design with Each Versatile Ceramic Tile 

The versatility of this new glossy ceramic tile collection allows you to create a truly unique design. The 4×4 tiles are perfect for creating intricate patterns or mosaics, while the 2.5×8 tiles are ideal for creating a sleek and modern look. Mix and match the colors to create a custom design that perfectly reflects your client’s personal style.

Whether you’re renovating your client’s bathroom, updating their kitchen, or creating a feature wall in the living room, we can ensure that the new glossy ceramic tile collection is the perfect choice for adding a touch of style and sophistication to any space.

Meet Ridge: A Textural Ceramic Tile Experience

Let’s switch gears to a slightly more sensory experience — our Ridge collection. Before we color your read any further, let’s have a quick gathering of the deets, shall we?

A reception area in an upscale spa showcases the beauty of the Ridge collection’s Laurel tiles by blending together the matte and glossy options.

This collection is designed to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home or commercial project, with its versatile color palette and unique textural options. 

The colors included in this collection are Navy, Black, Pink, Laurel, White, and Terra, each of which is available in both matte and glossy finishes. 

Upgrade any white backsplash design this summer with the Ridge White 2×8 Ceramic tile in a matte finish.

What’s more, one of the two formats features a ridged surface that emulates a wood slate panel, providing a unique and stylish look we know you’re bound to obsess over.

The Perfect Combination of Colors and Textures

Create a welcomed contrast with the Ridge Navy Ceramic Tiles alongside a color pop grout like this space did.

Our Ridge collection is perfect for those clients who are looking for a combination of beautiful colors and unique textures. The facade of the tiles range from deep, moody Navy and Black to the soft, subtle hues of Pink and Laurel green, including the classic White and Terracottas. 

Midcentury vibes, anyone? This hotel’s guests are properly greeted with a splash of color thanks to the Ridge Terracotta Matte tile!

With a choice of either matte or high gloss finishes, you can select the perfect texture to suit your desired aesthetic and complement any existing decor. No matter if you’re looking to create a bold accent wall or a subtle feature, our tile collection has everything you need to transform your space.

Bring a Touch of Nature Indoors with Our Wood Slate Panel Texture

Pretty in pink! Ridge Pink is feminine and edgy, giving an au natural ambiance to this powder room.

The ridged surface of  the Ridge Deco Tile format offers a unique and eye-catching look that emulates

the natural beauty of wood slat paneling. The composition is perfect for creating a rustic or natural feel in any space, whether you’re looking to create a cozy living room or a relaxing bathroom oasis. It screams 1970s interior design, with a modern take.

Plus, the textural tile is available in all 6 color ways, providing the ability to create a perfect combination of color and texture for any home or commercial interior. This ceramic, dimensional, tile will add warmth and depth to any area, creating nothing short of an inviting, visually appealing environment that has staying power for years to come. 

Get Ready To Enjoy Ridge & Moda This Summer

All in all, at MIR Collections has you covered when it comes to giving your next renovation a summer refresh with Moda and Ridge. Both of these collections come in various colors, sizes and formats perfect for blending into any existing or desired design aesthetic. Whether you choose one collection, or mix between the two, both of these lines offer endless possibilities with limitless options.

So be bold and daring as you jump into the world of ceramic tiles this summer season! Create that outdoor shower oasis that’s always been on your client’s mind or breathe life back into a primary bedroom that needs a little something extra — whatever it is you are searching for, Moda and Ridge will ensure a sound result. These two collections prove that it’s never too late for a summer makeover, so don’t wait any longer – explore both collections today at MIR Collections and find the perfect tiles to bring your vision to life!