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From Ireland with Love: Unveiling the Green Marble Mosaic Tile Collection

Rolling hills covеrеd in a vibrant carpеt of grееn.  Brеathtaking cliffs mееting thе wild Atlantic.  Warm еmbracе of Irish culturе and folklorе.Capturе all thosе еnchantmеnts and bring thеm into your dеsigns.  Thе Irеland collеction is hеrе to takе you on a journеy through thе hеart of Irеland, whеrе thе spirit of thе country is wovеn […]

Meet Majesty Additions: Empowering Spaces with Royal Marble Mosaic Tiles

Imaginе stеpping into a spacе grееtеd by thе timеlеss еlеgancе of history’s most powerful and inspiring womеn. That’s what wе’vе sеt out to do with thе latest еxtraordinary marble mosaic tiles additions to our Majesty collection.  Each tile is a brеathtaking tributе to thе quееns, empresses, and rulеrs who lеft an indеliblе mark on timе.  Thеsе […]

Project Spotlight: MIR’s Kasai Kintsu Tiles at Gervasi Vineyard

We’re so excited to share a recent project that defines elegance and sophistication. Join us in celebrating our collaboration with Morris Flooring & Design and Gervasi Vineyard, a picturesque 55-acre estate nestled in Canton, OH.  Renowned for its award-winning wines, upscale amenities, exquisite dining, and Tuscany-like landscapes, Gervasi Vineyard underwent a remarkable transformation in 2022, […]

Unleash Your Inner Glitz with Glamour Mosaic Tile Collection Additions

Get ready to be swept off your feet as we unveil the newest gems in our Glamour mosaic tile collection. Our latest additions to the collection come in various spellbinding colors, from gleaming gold to shimmering silver and everything in between. Each tile is a tiny piece of art designed to bring the allure of […]

Meet The Allure Collection: 3D Tiles That Demand Attention

Step into a world where power, mystery, and fascination blend seamlessly. The Allure Tile Collection is here to awaken your senses and transport you to a realm of mesmerizing beauty.Prepare to be enchanted by the intricate design and dimensional body of this collection. Each piece boasts a stunning depth that creates a truly captivating visual experience. […]

Meet The Marakand Collection: Uzbekistan Inspired Pattern Porcelain Tiles

Strap into your seats, buckle up, and get ready to time travel to the eastern hemisphere with Mir’s latest collection: Marakand. This distinctive and unique tile collection grabs inspiration from century-old beauty of Uzbekistan. Divinely coated in rich color palettes, unique patterns and tile shapes, each will be sure to boast beauty in your home […]

Meet Moorish: A Moroccan Star and Cross Ceramic Tile Collection

Come With Us to Morrocco With Moorish  Our Moorish Collection was inspired by the captivating romance of Marrakesh, the intricate charm of Tunisia, and the architectural wonders of Cordoba and Granada, this ceramic tile collection effortlessly brings the essence of Moorish design to your space.  Embedded with traditional star and cross shapes, and infused with a vibrant palette […]

Masculine Tile Design Inspiration To Make Any Client’s Home Pop

With Father’s Day this weekend, is there a better way to get in the mood and show some appreciation than with a blog centered on masculine tile designs? At MIR, the answer is no. There isn’t a single celebration we won’t find an excuse to highlight tile with! After all, it’s our favorite thing (and […]

Meet Ridge and Moda: 2023 Deco Ceramic Tile Collections

Hello, early summer…We are more than ready for you. Here at MIR Collections, we have not one, but two exciting, summer-ready ceramic tile collections for you to meet — Moda and Ridge. Both are stunning, and come in unique color ways and multiple formats that are bound to make any seasonal renovation pop in no time. We’re […]

Inspirational Interiors with Pastel Color Tiles for Spring

Pastel color tiles, like our Cire Mint Picket Tile, are the perfect springtime addition to any space. Just in time for a spring renovation or redesign, too! As the calendar turns to May, it can be hard to believe that we’re already a third of the way through the year. But with the arrival of spring […]