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Winter white tiles that are bound to make this season bright

White tiles sure do stun during the winter season! Our glacier brick mosaic tile is proof in this gorgeous bathroom. 

Cue the jingle bells! We’re ready for the holiday season. There’s something magical about the winter and we’re always excited to celebrate in all ways possible. One way to do just that? Using winter white tiles that will make for the perfect backdrop to family and friend gatherings all season long. Below we’ve rounded up some of our prettiest tile selections here at MIR to inspire you and kickstart your winter and holiday season in the best way!

Walking in a winter wonderland (of white tiles)

‘Tis the season for stylish white tiles that wow! As is the case in this all-white, marble-clad bathroom. Matched with a brass and marble side table and white lacquer bathroom vanity, guests are in for a treat when they stay with this family thanks to the floor tiles (Palau tile), and overall decadent design!

Step into the season with winter white tiles underfoot! We’re absolutely smitten with our wonderland-esque white tile, Palau. Made from Thassos and Calacatta Gold marbles, they have a truly unique shape and texture giving way to a memorable design. While they’re a perfect floor tile option, as seen as a bathroom floor tile above, they can also work magnificently well for kitchen backsplash designs or fireplace tile surrounds. No matter the use case, one thing is for sure; winter wonderland will follow!

Better than an argyle holiday sweater 

Argyle pattern tile (Yap Tile) creates a cozy yet contemporary atmosphere in this bathroom which is ugly sweater weather approved for the holiday gatherings.

Want to know what the real standout sweater will be at your ugly holiday sweater party? Your not-so-ugly wall tiles! At least, when you’re using our Yap argyle pattern tiles, that is. Made from luscious shell, royal white, and Thassos marble. These gorgeous, captivating tiles are not only wonderful to gaze upon while you dip your toes in an exquisite floating tub, as in this homeowner’s design, but equally as such when your guests are washing up post-dinner. There are fewer things that will impact a design during the holiday season than a statement tile design in the bathroom, guaranteed. 

 More welcoming than Whoville

Move over Grinch. This floor tile (Kosrae tile) is bound to turn any holiday menace into a cheery camper with its luxurious appeal and durable feeling.

Everything Whoville has, minus the grinch. When designing for the season of jolly and cheer, obviously you want to have stand-out white tiles to match! So you can’t get away with placing tinsel in every corner of your home, but creating captivating floor tile designs is easy peasy (and acceptable year-round!) Using our bold, and decadent Kosrae tile, any room can become transformed and have guests transfixed by its natural beauty. Made from Lais Gray and Dolomite marbles, it sure is a stunner. The only thing you need to add to make this spiral tile pattern more romantic? Mistletoe!

Float into holiday cheer

Seek out the snowfall year-round with a beautifying and unique wall tile (Catherine Tile) like seen in this modernized bathroom.

Like snowflakes, the pattern of this tile is both striking and unique. Our Catherine tile makes a case for itself as a holiday-worthy centerpiece in any room it is placed. Made from Dolomite White and Calacatta Gold marbles, it’s a fine marker of artistry and refined aesthetics. With a swirling pattern, it may even trick the eyes into thinking they’ve actually entered a winter bliss! Used as a bathroom feature wall tile behind a floating tub or as a shower wall tile, you’re sure to have yourself and guests float to another realm where candy canes, gumdrops, and sugary snow are the main focus. 

Capture the northern lights 

Make the most of stunning views like this powder room does with our white tiles approved Aura White Tile.

Can’t travel to see the Northern lights in person? Hey, that’s all right! We have the perfect replacement to bring in a bit of that mystical beauty: our Aura White Tile. Made from three gorgeous marbles, the result is an impressionable tile design perfect for the holiday season. Using dolomite, ice gray, and ania black, this marble tile has an ethereal starburst pattern that complements all the winter-worthy decor. Use as a powder room backsplash or accent wall tile in a mudroom for a terrifically cheery and chic look!

Timeless like your holiday tree  

Say hello winter white tiles and goodbye dull backsplash tile designs all year long like this Japandi inspired bathroom does!

Want to know the perfect match for timeless, seasonal classics? A classically elegant tile, of course! Such is the case with subway tiles — white subway tiles, to be more specific. With their bright and light facade, they make it to our list of winter white tiles we love, because well, they never fail us. Whether used as a kitchen backsplash tile or shower tile, these space-expanding tiles literally never go out of style and blend in seamlessly with all your holiday decorations. Win-win! (Even Santa Claus would agree!)

 It’s hip to be square (when you’re a cookie)

Seriously a no-fail option for a gorgeous bathroom, as seen above, square white tiles make for a stunning, starlit design.

As if holiday elves themselves made the next tile on our list, these cookie-cutter mosaic tiles are an always favorable go-to. Sure, they may not be as delicious as sugar cookies (highly recommend never tasting a tile! 😉) yet they have the precision and detail to be a perfect treat for the eyes. White mosaic tiles make a great addition to nearly any home aesthetic, and when used alongside green holiday decors like pine garland or tinsel, they stand out in the best way possible.

 For memories & merriment 

Add to the cheer of the season with white tiles that wow and bring merriment like they do in this design!

What’s another way to bring merriment and more memories to the holidays? Use gorgeous white tiles on the floors or walls of your design. Our Carnaby White tile makes an elegant impression on guests and let’s be honest, is the perfect underfoot scene for eggnog-in-hand family pictures. Made from Calcatta Gold and Dolomite marbles, this sophisticated waterjet tile is a true representation of beauty. The center of each tile is a collection of marble tile chips that add texture and visual interest to the pattern. There’s a reason we’re obsssessed!  

Bursting with deco worthy of holidays

A standout for any family room, especially the one above, is the ever-exquisite gold and white art deco tile.

Is there anything more classic than white and gold for the holiday season? Debatable. These are the colors that are associated with upscale, luxurious holiday charm. Think about those all white and gold ornament trees, for example, aren’t they just dripping with lux vibes?! That’s why our Rockefeller White Sunburst tile is such an amazing option for feature walls, fireplace designs, or backsplashes during the holidays. It’s bursting (literally) with a holiday-meets-art-deco ambiance that is worthy of almost any gathering.

 Fiery chic Christmas  

Glossy white brick look tiles make an exquisite addition to any space but have a true belonging in the home’s fireplace design.

What do white tiles and fireplaces have in common? They are must-haves for the season! Fireplaces are a perfect area for gathering, and cozying up post-holiday dinner. You can use a variety of white tiles to create the fireplace tile design of your dreams. Such is the case with white mosaic tiles, like the brick pattern shown above. For those seeking a more transitional design, these tile patterns work well and will pair extremely well with over-the-mantel garland. 

Don’t just celebrate holiday cheers, serve them

Unique Carrara and glass backsplash tile create a cheers-worthy wet bar design in this home.

If you’re wondering if there’s a way to create a winter white tile design that’s upscale and cheers-worthythe answer is yes. Using a timeless piece like our Peacock White tile can be a sophisticated solution. With its sumptuous appearance, thanks to its gorgeous white and gray body, this glass and Carrara tiles add a polished look that screams elevated elegance. The best part? They’re easy to decorate around thanks to their understated style.

White lights? More like white tiles!

A modernized kitchen is holiday-ready with white tiles as the backsplash against color pop cabinetry!

Nothing beats using a white tile in a design and then building off  it during the winter and holiday season. Such is the case for our Cynthus mosaic wall tile. It adds a bit of character to any space and helps tie together all the other elements without taking anything away from the design. In this kitchen, for example, the Thassos white marble tile seamlessly blends into the design storyline, rather than stand out, making it the perfect backdrop to add seasonal decor around.

Get hex-cited for the new year ahead!

White hexagon backsplash tiles create the perfect backdrop for baking holiday goodies in this home.

Without fail, hexagon white tiles make us easily excited for the new year. Maybe it’s their pun-worthy nature, maybe it’s just that they are so good-looking. Either way, using a white tile, like our Lia tile, you can craft a more elementally sound space ideal for gatherings. Just look at it used here; this chic and modern kitchen combines the Lia tile backsplash with a contemporary ambiance. The result? A  palette with dramatic touches that keep the look clean and can easily make for the perfect backdrop for baking! 

Post-snowfall rainbows

For when it snows, the reflection can leave behind rainbows which match the beautiful backsplash tile in this powder room.

Cap off playing in the snow with a truly unique winter white tile-like with Coastal Amari. This gorgeous rainbow shape tile is made from luxurious Thassos and shells creating shimmering delight in any space it’s placed. It replicates the reflections on snowy hills as the tops start to freeze over, leaving sunlight bouncing every which way and captivating every viewer. A perfect centerpiece for any design during the holidays.

For winter storms ahead

A perfect snow day means having a kitchen that’s welcoming. This design makes gathering for hot cocoa a truly memorable experience. 

When blizzard warnings come your way this winter, let marble white tiles create a sanctuary for you. Much like our aptly named Storm White tile, this beauty is made with Thassos, Paper White, Calacata Gold, and shell to create a design with fluid motion that looks much like snowy drifts. It’s definitively one of the most winter-worthy tiles. Always worth saving the best for last!

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