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Ways To Use Colorful Tiles In Your Client Project

cobalt blue glass tiles bathroom feature wall

 Shown Above: Color Palette Cobalt Blue herringbone mosaic accent wall colorful tiles


By now, we’re sure you’re not stranger to the fact that colors can impact a person’s mood–especially when it comes to interior design. Colorful tiles are no exception. They can shape a design and a space to be serene or sultry, calming or empowering.


cherry blossom floral tiles on bathroom floor

Using a colorful floral tile in the bathroom can create a natural infusion into the design, making for a beautifully calming destination. (Kasai Collection)


That’s why choosing the right colorful tiles in your design project really comes down to the client’s overall expectation for the space. What is the feeling they want to instill in their space? Is it a mellowing vibe that creates a sanctuary? Or are they trying to make a bold statement that invigorates and stirs up a passionate spirit? Where is the space located — a bathroom, dining room, backsplash or outdoor patio?


bathroom wall with marble tiles

Natural stone feature wall (Esther Tile) in powder room with leaf pattern marble tile.


Knowing the answer to these questions will help guide your overall design scheme and define the interior’s mood. 


For instance, if creating a feature wall in a master bedroom with the objective of making a luxury retreat, then you’d probably opt for a more toned-down, rejuvenated experience with a blue and beige leaf pattern tile (above.) On the other hand, if the project is decorating a fireplace in the living room, enhancing the warming ambiance with a red tile to create a fiery feeling would be best.



blue and white floral marble bathroom backsplash tiles

Cheerful, floral marble tile (Himiko) as a kitchen backsplash 


In the end, colorful tiles can make or break your design. So to make sure that it’s a hit, keep scrolling and learn more about each color along with a few inspirational designs to help get your creative juices flowing!


Blissful Blue


Alma mosaic tiles as a kitchen backsplash

Alma mosaic tiles as a kitchen backsplash


Ah, sweet tranquility. Blue is refreshing as a color can be. This prominent color choice is tied to all things calm-invoking; ocean waves crashing along a shoreline, fresh blue skies, and crystal clear pools ready to refresh in hot temperatures. 


It’s known to be a color of trustworthiness, harmony and peace. Which makes blue tile the perfect addition to a commercial restaurant that wants to establish a more welcoming ambiance (as seen below) and create an infusion of inspiration. 


Urbana Blue porcelain tile as feature wall in a commercial design

Shown Above: Urbana Blue porcelain tile as feature wall in a commercial design


What’s more, blue tiles don’t have to be solely monochromatic. With printing advancements, you can grab textured blue tiles and geometric blue tiles. Like our Urbana Blue wood tile, which has the appearance of the real material but with a fun pattern that makes it a great accent wall or feature wall tile. It can even make an Instagram-worthy kitchen backsplash design!


blue mosaic tiles in sailor home

Shown Above: Gem Zircon blue backsplash tiles in coastal home 


Alternatively, if a coastal vibe is more in place for your next design, then blue color tiles will fit right in. Take for instance an ocean stunner like our Gem Zircon glass mosaic tile. Made from mosaic tile chips that give the appearance of gemstones, this beautiful statement tile is the color of calm seas. This makes it a perfect tile for bar areas, laundry rooms or feature walls in a seaside bed and breakfast!


 Color Palette Turquoise subway wall tiles in bathroom, feature wall.

Shown Above: Color Palette Turquoise subway wall tiles in bathroom, feature wall.


Blue can also be used as a bold color pop in any space, like a modern bathroom feature wall. Applying a blue glass subway tile makes for a light, airy and harmonious design. A turquoise blue (as seen in above design) makes for a reflective, refreshing experience that adds a playful touch to an otherwise sleek, cold ambiance.


teal square ceramic tiles

A tropical oasis with blue-green tile (Satin Quetzal) behind bathroom vanity and shower wall tiles 


Allow your client to leave behind their worries and enter a tropical oasis no matter where their home is located with oceanic tiles. Using a sensation teal blue tile can breathe island life into your design, easily. As seen above, using the handmade Satine Quetzal zellige tiles as a bathroom backsplash, every day has a touch of paradise. This bold color restores, renews and regenerates…Showing how wide the blue color spectrum truly is!


sky blue and chrome vanity backsplash tiles

Mid Century delight in a glamorous bathroom with Saint Tropez Cadet accent wall tiles adorning the space. 


You can enjoy an upscale touch and node to yesteryear with a chrome-meets-blue glass waterjet tile. Made with the bold style of 1950s luxury, this tile adds an infusion of glamour true to the destination that inspired it, St. Tropez. With a sky blue, ethereal facade matched with a magnetic chrome border and geometric design, you can create a covetable space that both excites and calms guests simultaneously. Whether it be a fireplace surround, wet bar or shower wall design, you can’t go wrong. 


navy and chrome fan mosaic tiles in bar

Art Deco reigns true in this marvelous bar with the Monte Carlo Marine fan blue tile adorning its backsplash with matching bar chairs.


Dip your designer toes into the heightened sensations of Art Deco with a bold, navy blue tile. This hue of blue is captivating, entrancing, and empowering. 


Unlike sky and ocean blues that soothe, this one makes a definitive statement that moves towards stability and confidence. It’s with little wonder, then, how it can make an impactful choice in a commercial design like a bar. Upscale, swanky, and truly lux, the Monte Carlo Marine tile embraces the boldness of blue with a not-so-subtle infusion of Art Deco elegance.


modern living room with blue and white stone floor tiles

Morrocan blue and white floor tiles (Pantheon Blue) create a globe-trotting ambiance in this hospitality design.


Seeking a bit of exotic appeal in your next design? Turn to the beauty of blue stone tiles with morroccan appeal. Bringing together the unique ambiances of coastal cool and stone sophistication , our Pantheon Blue tiles can create a fantastic focal point.


These stone tiles are intricately etched with dazzling patterns and a contrasting color theme that adds dimension to a space. A perfect Moroccan marble tile for a Marrakech-inspired kitchen backsplash, a colorful tile fireplace surround or a one-of-a-kind marble floor!


Gregarious Green 


If there’s a color that paints the portrait of new life and vibrancy, it’s green. Bringing to mind scenes of lush landscapes with freshly cut grass, wild jungles with canopies that soar to the sky and fresh herbs covering entrees, this color is tied to growth and nature. 


bright green glass mosaic backsplash tiles

A bold green mosaic tile backsplash in a transitional kitchen awakens and enlivens with a powerful punch.


This scroll-stopping hue is tied to feelings of renewal, optimism and nature. It creates an instant uplifting sensation on the eyes which heightens spirits and adds a touch of positivity to any space. It’s also known famously for being used in the phrase “Green with envy” and when used in a design, it’s sure to stimulate some jealousy 😉


 Gem Zircon blue backsplash tiles in coastal home

Jewel-inspired green mosaic glass backsplash tiles in a powder room give off an ethereal and charming decadence. 


Seeking a scintillating wall tile that wows? Go for a jewelry box approved spring green with the ever-inspiring Gems Aquamarine tile. Mimicking the look and feel of the stone itself, any space can be given a touch of fresh beauty with this green tile.


Adorn as a bathroom feature wall tile behind a soaking tub, create a stand-out shower wall tile or decorate the lining of a pool. Definitive proof that a light-reflective, sunlight-loving spring green color tile is a hit.


blue and green glass hexagon tiles shower wall

Green tiles (Cordoba Emerald) in an ombre shower accent wall that creates a vibrant design moment.


Create movement like wild rivers flowing through the Amazon with sea green and emerald green glass tiles. A medley of green hues can create an awe-instilling space and leave visual intrigue that a monochromatic tile wouldn’t be able to.


With their light bouncing bodies and effervescent tones, not only will they spark interest in a shower design (above), they can be used just as effectively to bring an earthy calm to kitchen backsplashes, pools, fireplaces and shower walls, too!


wood accented cabinetry with green tiles

Emerald green mosaic backsplash tiles (Mondrian Emerald)  in a transitional kitchen design.


Want to add a lucky touch to your design? Emerald green glass mosaic tiles are the way to go. With a bold, dark green reminiscent of shamrocks and St. Patty’s Day, it is easy to add a shimmer of delight and a touch of luck. 


This glamorous, glistening green can leave a space with a lush aesthetic that clients will love. It’s far from a safe bet, which is a perfect way to spice up a design and make a statement. Ideal for kitchen backsplashes, feature walls and shower floors. 


For instance, you can bring a twist to a transitional home (like above) and create a conversation-worthy kitchen backsplash with green tile. Then, you can build up this design with more organic, natural elements like a wood top island and cabinetry to tone down the boldness.


white cabinets and green tiles in kitchen

Garden green glass kitchen tiles (Alma Collection) make for a lux, natural design in this kitchen space.


Using bright shades of green, you can make a statement in your client’s kitchen backsplash or bathroom floors and bring in the same ambiance that plant decor would.


For instance, take the above space, with brass drawer pulls, white cabinetry and a lux marble countertop, it embraces a classy aesthetic and the green does nothing more than add a sprightly splash of color. Such balance striking proves that you can easily instill a sense of nature with green tiles while designing a modernized masterpiece.


Palatial Purple 


Inherently majestic, purple is a color that is deeply inspiring and luxurious. It evokes rich and decadent sensations that are mesmerizing and the color can paint images of gorgeous sunsets, fields of violets or crown jewels fit for palatial pursuits. 


mosaic tiles in purple in feature wall bathroom

Deep purple mosaic tiles cover a bathtub surround with matching accent niche tiles in this statement master bathroom.


More than just sensational, purple is also a nod to nobility and spirituality; often representing the mystical wonders or unattainable fortunes of the world. As a colorful tile choice, purple can work to add a dazzling splash into any design, giving it a rich, bonafide beautiful style. Since it’s such a statement-making color, don’t feel the need to approach it as you would a white kitchen, but rather use delicate, detailed placements to allow it to shine (like the above room.)


bold purple glass mosaic tiles in bathroom

Bold purple tiles (Mondrian Plum) behind a vanity in a contemporary, color splash bathroom design.


For example, you can use these colorful tiles as a feature wall to create a central focal point or as a kitchen backsplash with sleek, modern cabinetry to create a balanced aesthetic. There’s so many options to use the power of purple, and the result will always be the same–high class.


Robust Red 


If there’s a color that’s tied to passion and action, it’s red. With its flashy appearance and attention-making presence, it makes for a colorful tile choice that screams “Look at me!” The color itself brings to mind images of cozy fires in winter, roses from a loved one on Valentine’s Day and ripe, juicy strawberries refreshing the palate in summertime.


red glass tiles transitional kitchen backsplash

Fiery red glass mosaic tile (Mondrian Velvet)  backsplash in a transitional kitchen to create an unstoppable focal point.


As such, red is a color tied to strong emotions and can impact the intensity of any design. That’s why when crafting a space with red tiles, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Too much red and you may have an unconsciously off-putting result for clients and guests. So, then, the key to making red work in your next project? Mastering balance. 


Add a rest tile backsplash and pair it with cozier elements, like earthy wooden cabinetry and wood look tile kitchen floors. This will tone down the intensity of the color in the room, and result in a homey aesthetic all can approve of. Alternatively, using red tile on a fireplace can add a fiery vibe that’s unforgettable and much appreciated when it’s time for s’mores in the winter.


Bewildering Burnt Oranges


The fusion of earthy copper and brilliant orange together creates a step down from red tile with its decidedly warmer touch. As a color orange signals creativity, enthusiasm, and adventure. Orange is reminiscent of pumpkin patches, autumn leaves and beach sunsets in late summer.


gorgeous burnt orange tiles in a backsplash design

Orange glass mosaic tiles (Mondrian Brickstone)  in a beautiful, homey kitchen design 


If an eternal autumn and transitional style is something your clients crave, then burnt orange colorful tiles can surely deliver. These deeply classic, soothing orange tiles add a sense of comfort and enthusiasm to a space. Crafting a balance of uplifting nourishment and safety. Using orange tiles for a kitchen backsplash, shower niche or bathroom floor is a way to add dimension, depth and style all at once!


Feel free to create a deeper design and bring out the darker hues with wood cabinetry and limestone countertops or evoke a lighter mood with farmhouse style white cabinetry and marble countertops. 


bathroom feature wall with metallic look tiles - copper

A creative copper porcelain tile (Stellar Copper Deco) adorns a feature wall in a bathroom behind a soaking tub.


Simultaneously zesty and wholesome, burnt orange is a color that stands out and installs warmth in any space. With a spectrum of varying tones, copper orange has the flair of this color mixed with metallic interest. 


Such is the case in this upscale, resort-like master bathroom where the feature wall is dazzling to the eyes and creates a storyline of elegance. Copper tiles can be used as fancy kitchen backsplashes, lobby feature walls and bold showers!


Slate tiles in backaplash kitchen

A medley of orange, blues and beiges (Picasso 2)  in a ribbon pattern slate tile covers this traditional kitchen wall.


Take a more sophisticated approach to orange tile with a slate pattern backsplash that adds a fusion of burnt orange, warming beige and cool gray in an interlocking design. A more organic twist on the orange color scheme for a design that offers rustic appeal. Use a statement tile (like the above) as a mediterranean backsplash in the kitchen of a master bathroom floor tile for #homegoals ambiance.


Glistening Gold 


Never been richer than when you’re surrounded by gold! Or so they say. While this is a color that needs no introduction, for it oozes wealth, success, and luxury, it’s one that we may as well bring visual appeal to. After all, it’s a mark of momentous proportion in design! Gold is the color of money, the sun’s reflection on the ocean, and the crown of the Queen herself. 


gold backsplash tiles

A luxury master bathroom with gleaming gold backsplash tiles (Burj Gold) that stun with a unique arabesque pattern.


If there’s one thing that gold tiles will do for your design, it’s make a lasting first impression. Their bold, metallic appearance is as eye catching as can be. Plus, gold mosaic tiles are highly reflective, making them bounce light in all directions and give off a covetable appearance. 


With their versatility and downright artistic appeal, gold, colorful tiles will add stunning detail to your design. Whether you create a breath-taking shower wall design or a kitchen backsplash design, there’s no stopping the impact these metallic mosaic tiles will have on your design. Plus, choosing a pattern will only further enhance your space, as seen above with the arabesque gold tile on a master bathroom wall!


shell and gold wall tiles

Gold and shell picket tile adorning a glamorous modern bathroom wall.


What could make this gorgeous color even more beautiful? Complementary, and equally luxurious mother of pearl. Gold tiles dives into another level of sophistication and class when mixed with underwater gems. If you want to give your statement wall or backsplash a fine, more modernized statement with gold and shell tiles, then our La Jolla Cove is a great match. 


Striking a balance between luxury and contemporary aesthetic, it has an elongated hex tile shape that is on trend. Use as a shower wall tile with a gorgeous brass shower head and white penny round tiles on the floor for an ever-chic design.


Make Mural Mosaic Art


We’d be remiss not to mention the impactful beauty of colorful tiles like mosaics in your design. With their myriad options, mosaic tiles can form mosaic mural art that captivates and stuns. Like everlasting artwork, you can create a space for your client that will stand the test of time and leave an individualistic footprint in their home or commercial space.


Jungle mosaic mural art

Bold jungle scene mosaic tile artwork created for a feature wall project.


At MIR, we’re fans of the striking beauty mosaic murals can give a space, which is why our Alma Collection provides you with 100s of bold choices to craft a tile illustration of your own. Made with durable glass, each mosaic tile can be placed virtually anywhere. Design tile murals for outdoor pools, or craft stunning feature walls in a hotel lobby.


Mosaic mural with sunflowers

Beautiful sunflower mosaic tile artwork blooms on a feature wall as a testament to endless summers.


The end result is a once-in-a-lifetime focal point that has some serious “wow” factor to it. The sky’s the limit with designing with mosaic tiles. You can decorate living room floors with a custom mural, dress a hotel lobby feature wall, or make a fabulous ensuite bathroom feature wall. In the end, colorful tiles are in their truest form of expression when used all together!


Now that we’ve given you al the inspiration colorful tiles can offer, are you ready to design with them? We bet you are! That’s why we don’t want to leave you hanging. You can head to our gallery on site and see plenty more of installation pictures with our tiles to bookmark for your next project!

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