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#TileLove: Designs that stole our hearts this Valentine’s Day!

Bound to make an impression this Valentine’s Day, this Herringbone patterned bathroom tile creates a serene and delightfully romantic space that is sure to bring a smile to your face- and warmth to your heart. To say that we daydream of this clean and fresh wall tile would be an understatement. 

It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. There are romantic dinners with your partner, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and red roses that adorn the city streets. Did we say romance was in the air? It is. So why not completely embrace it?  Let’s put romance in everything we can think of―the bathroom, the kitchen, and in the restaurants you choose for your romantic date night. Be it your house or the romantic getaway you choose, nothing says love like the right bathroom, kitchen, and restaurant tile. Let’s set the mood right this coming Valentine’s Day with these romantic tiles that will make you go “Aww!” when you look at them.

Solo or paired? Feast Your Eyes with these Self-Care Worthy Soaks

Hey, you know what’s the best part about Valentine’s Day? Well, no, it isn’t the chocolates—it’s not flowers either. It isn’t even a romantic dinner! It’s soaking in a tub alone and loving every minute of it. That’s right: Valentine’s Day is made for self-care. If your significant other just isn’t up to snuff (or doesn’t exist), these bathtubs paired with our breathtaking collection of bathroom tiles are perfect to get you ready for a soothing V-Day-inspired soak.  

Soak with sights! This romantic tile mosaic mural just stuns and is on point for love day.

Moving away from the classic tile works, let’s now venture into eye-catching custom mosaic tile murals that undeniably wow’s us. Set the scene for some serious romance with this swoon-worthy custom mural guaranteed to make your house sparkle with love and happiness. If a picture is worth 1000 words, imagine what these tile murals could do for your relationship on Valentine’s Day.

A floral tile feature wall makes instant impact for Valentine’s Day relaxation in this bathroom. Featuring: Fiore 2

We’re in love with everything about this design but do you know what we love the most? It’s the astonishing combination of marble tiles for the floor and floral marble tiles for the walls! This bathroom tile fusion is perfect for those of us who want class, romance, and style in our homes all year round. Captivating with its simplistic beauty and polished look, both tiles create a timeless appeal everyone will surely love.

Dazzling geometric floor tiles create a personal oasis in this bathroom design. Featuring: Fusili

If it’s Valentine’s day and you’re not spending it with your significant other, why worry about that? Get yourself a tub filled to the top with bubbles and your favorite treat (or a tub filled with candy hearts if that’s what you prefer). Take some time to care for yourself in the ways YOU deserve with our favorite self-care-worthy bathroom design adorned with one of our go-to classic bathroom floor tiles- this rustic, geometric wood look marble tile that can make your set up extra special.

A beautiful, romantic bathroom design with a captivating feature wall tile that dazzles the eyes. Featuring: Cordoba Silver

What’s not to love with this bathroom design? Pamper yourself with this tub while indulging in lux views of this striking glass wall tile. Our Cordoba Silver Glass tile is a perfect luxury item that makes a beautiful addition to any bathroom feature wall design. Uplevel your bathroom game with our marvelous and sparkly statement glass mosaic tile. 

A dainty pink feature wall tile worthy of love day adorns this bathroom design. Featuring: Saint Tropez Blush

Enjoy your cozy time alone this Valentine’s Day in a tub while staring at this awe-inspiring wall tile that goes well with our marble bathroom flooring. These tiles complete the look of a bathroom graced with a plentitude of natural light. What more can you ask for, really?

Backsplash Tiles to Complement Your at Home Date this Valentine’s Day

Want to create that special ambiance for your romantic date night this upcoming Valentine’s Day? Roses, champagne, and chocolates might be the traditional choices, but we think that you can also start from your kitchen backsplash tiles. 

A traditionally sophisticated and lux backsplash tile design featuring marble floral patterns. Featuring: Taiping 

Nothing screams elegance more than this beautiful, artisan-crafted backsplash tile design guaranteed to help set the mood for your romantic date night inside the house this upcoming Valentine’s Day. This kitchen backsplash tile will do the trick if you’re looking to impress your loved one with your impeccable interior design taste. It’s hard to get over the dazzling surface of this marble tile which features small flecks of gold and water lily pattern.

A little deco romance flair, anyone? This kitchen backsplash is cookie-time-ready and chic! Featuring: Ritz Gold

Give your kitchen an extra pop of romance with our Ritz Gold backsplash tile that perfectly combines art deco touches with luxurious designs. Create an accent wall in your home to frame your Valentine’s Day decor using these magnificent geometric backsplash tiles or add as a wall tile design in the bathroom behind a vanity. As noted above, with a textured finish, and golden accent, the tile is far from dull and also makes the perfect kitchen backsplash tile for love day!

The perfect sweet treat companion is a marble and gold tile backsplash design! Featuring: Euphoria 

Just lovely! Our Euphoria gold and marble tile is perfect for the romantically inclined DIY’er looking to add a little flair to the kitchen. For anyone who loves a statement design, this tile delivers. Sure it may be ‘out there’ for some more conservative home designs, but that’s exactly why we love it! The wavy lines combined with a splash of gold add a unique pattern and will look great on any kitchen design. It’ll be a real head-turner! Perfectly paired with freshly baked cupcakes for a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day!

Let the air swirl with love and scents of good food this Valentine’s Day like our Sofia Tile!

This romantic holiday is a time to celebrate love with your partner and rekindle the spark. And, if you’re looking for something fun to do at home, we recommend planning a date night in!  Set the tone for your love day with this subtle Valentine’s Day touch on a kitchen tile and have a lovely time cooking a delectable meal together with your partner. Play up your love for quirky, fun patterns and all things brown with mesmerizing kitchen backsplash tile. This tile is one of our favorites for giving kitchens a fresh take!

A sparkle of style lights up the bathroom vanity wall with a statement metal mosaic tile. Featuring: Ronda Silver

Classy, glamorous, and super romantic- these modern mosaic wall tiles are an excellent way to express your love, especially on Valentine’s Day. Paired with a white sink, the metallic bathroom glass tiles create a beautiful contrast that leaves us absolutely smitten by it. 

Floral decadence is supremely divine in this bathroom design. Featuring: Magnolia

Embellish your bathroom with these ethereal floral wall tiles that are an absolute stunner. With its whimsical and eloquent floral patterns, this marble tile reminds us of how majestic it feels to be in love. And to top it all, these delicately-crafted bathroom tile is something that definitely fits the bill.  

A shell and marble backsplash tile that perfectly complements getting ready for a big date night! Featuring: Angolo 2

Dating has changed, and so should your bathroom wall tiles. For those with a penchant for finesse and grandeur, this white marble and shell tile will fit your fancy. Bring this luxurious mosaic tile into your space to create a whole new level of elegance!

Bathroom Tiles Cupid Himself Loves on Valentine’s Day

You have the date, you have the dress, and you may have even rented a limousine (very nice!)…but do you have the bathroom tiles to complete your romantic evening? 

In addition to planning a peaceful evening at home — you can transform your bathroom into an oasis of delight. Selecting the right tiles can instantly change the mood of any room. With these unique and creative tiles, all you’ll need is wine and your imagination!

A nifty marble border tile creates a cool storyline in this feminine bathroom. Featuring: Shape 6

Bathroom tiles are the best way to give your spaces instant personality. Running out of ideas? This crisp white marble sink tile will add warmth, quirkiness, and romance to any bathroom design. Its truly gorgeous and classy appearance makes it a stand-out that your sweetheart will surely love!

Handmade look zellige tiles create a romantic atmosphere as a backsplash design in this space. Featuring: Satin Rose

Show your love to your significant other this Valentine’s Day with these simple yet captivating pink ceramic tiles! With these textured yet glossy rose wall tiles in hand, no bathroom is complete without a touch of romance. While it’s not excessively showy, this zellige tile is nothing short of elegance and sophistication, making it a fun way to celebrate a couple’s love all year round.  

Stunning, and sophisticated, this space is oozing classical romance vibes. Featuring: Paros

Valentine’s day is not a day but a whole season of love. Bring back the magic and warmth of V-day with this stunning bathroom design. Honing in on a fusion of classic white subway tile for the walls and a downright artistic marble tile for the flooring, this bathroom design is guaranteed to make hearts flutter with its undeniable charm and sheer beauty.  

Create a splash with a floral mural mosaic tile that is better than a dozen roses (and lasts far longer!)

Flowers represent Valentine’s Day. If you’re the type who wants to ditch the traditional way of wowing your partner with a bouquet of roses, then this custom flower mural will fit your style. Create an intimate atmosphere and add an element of surprise to your romantic tub date night with this decorative tile work. 

Dinner for Two with a Stylish View on Valentine’s Day

If you love the sappy romance and cheesiness that Valentine’s Day brings, then going out for a fancy dinner date is your best option. And to make your night extra special, you should be on the lookout for these snazzy, debonair wall tiles. 

An all subway marble tile wall? Yes, please! This monochromatic marble moment is perfectly romantic for dates on V Day. Featuring: Calacatta Bluette

Take dining to a whole new level with these contemporary restaurant approved tiles. Proving its versatility and pushing the limits of design, this restaurant uses a bold marble tile design to spruce up its customer’s dining experience. We can’t get over at how great these timeless marble subway tiles look no matter where you put them! A great way to create the perfect sophisticated dining moment on Valentine’s Day!

Chic and sound, this geometric wall tile in the commercial space is as dazzling and captivating as new love! Featuring: Monghetti Blanc 

Capping off our list is our glamorous Monghetti Blanc wall tile. It has the right vibe to add an elegant touch to any space, especially a commercial one. This upscale restaurant surely knows how to set the mood for an unforgettable date night with these fancy-schmancy wall tiles. Adding plenty of flair to any commercial establishment, these gray and white glass tiles are sure to enchant and amuse every single person in the room. 

We hope this post has left you feeling inspired for Valentine’s Day and ready to grab some complementary tiles for your next love-worthy design project! If you’re ready to dive in and get even more inspired for your project, head to our gallery and see myriad of tiles in action. 


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