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Treat Yourself With Our Wickedly Beautiful Tiles

We wish you a happy Halloween from us to you with these spooky season approved tiles!
It’s spooky season! If you’re like us at MIR, then you probably get really excited about halloween decor. Our headquarters is based in San Jose, so while we don’t get fall the same way most of you likely do, we’d be lying if we didn’t say we’re still all about pumpkins, ghouls, and costumes. It’s a fun time, and using tile designs that are spooky season approved is a definite must by us. That’s why today we’re bringing you a bit of chilling inspiration and showcasing some tiles that are downright haunted! From kitchen backsplash tiles sparkling with shenanigans to bathrooms oozing with mischief, scroll on and stay alert. You never know what may pop up on your screen…

Spooky Tile Designs For Kitchen Backsplashes 

Style meets spookiness in the kitchen backsplashes below. Using statement tiles to create positively frightful experiences for guests and homeowners alike, the designers on these projects knew the key to making a bold moment. The mix of fall approved tiles with halloween decor creates an atmosphere that any soul would adore. 

Isn’t she a gem? 😜 Featuring a wicked witch and her little broom, this haunted kitchen makes a mark with a bold black glass backsplash tile (Gems Black Diamond tile). 
Fright night done right. This kitchen is given empowering decor complementary of a wicked witch, a little pumpkin, and cobwebs. The result is bold interior halloween decor paired with the permanency of a beautifully abstract black kitchen tile. While traditionally speaking black tiles add depth and dimension to a space, there’s no denying that they also add an amazing backdrop for October’s shenanigans. How great does the fractured texture of this glass tile look on the kitchen backsplash?! It makes for the perfect abstract art piece 364 days a year and creepy centerpiece for 1 day.
When autumn harvest meets Art Deco, the result is a kitchen backsplash tile design that’s Halloween ready!  With pumpkins and gourds, the marble tile backsplash (Sonia Crema) is perfectly complemented. 
Dressed to impress, this tiled backsplash melds together the beauty of Art Deco with the more tamed touches of October decor. Taking a statement tile, like the last interior did, minus the wicked witch, it is paired with warming decor; pumpkins, and gourds. A more safe-gourded way to celebrate the season, if you ask us, but effective nonetheless! The marble and mirror tile backsplash can add a costume appeal with its mesmerizing design and nod to the glamorous 1920s. That, to us, is enough to make it a Halloween party approved tile!
Bold black ceramic wall tiles (Silk Daku) create a stunning kitchen backsplash design that’s ideal for some hocus pocus kitchen activities, like brewing potions in cauldrons. 
If you like being bold on Halloween, and think there’s no such thing as “going too far” with your costume, then appreciation for this space-defining black ceramic tile backsplash is inevitable. Taking inspiration from the wicked night skies, this jet black zellige tile backsplash creates a ghoulish design that’s a great match for any moonlight, midnight activities; like brewing potions in a cauldron to catching frogs and turning them into princes. Plus, it’s satisfyingly on trend for this coming year, as acknowledge at the Cersaie 2021 trade show. 
In this kitchen interior, the tile asks you to please leaf our tan at the door with an autumnal tile backsplash (Esther Tile)  that’s as seasonal as can be.
Around the same time that ghosts come out of the woodwork, leaves start to change color and create a chameleon-like presence of their own in nature. Capturing the essence of the natural world’s costume, the leaf pattern tile in this well-designed kitchen proves just how elegant and crafty spooky season can get. It’s complete with touches of pumpkin decor and ready to bake treats for movie night. The designer of this residential home’s tiled backsplash knew the power of marble tile with a leaf pattern: It would heighten the beauty of the space throughout the year, and serve as a decorative element in the fall. Truly, the work of a magician (if you ask us.)
For the homeowner that loses themselves in daydreams about costume parties, pumpkin pies, and halloween invites…A cloud glass tile backsplash (Amber Atlas) is practically a match made in heaven. 
Daydreaming about Halloween is a common occurrence, especially during other seasons when the heat can’t be beat. That’s where the beauty of a cloud glass tile comes into play; with a gorgeous swirling pattern that’s reminiscent of early sunsets, supernatural occurrences and spine-chilling settings, it’s a nod to a more cozy, creepy time. This amber and white glass tile backsplash serves as such a reminder in this kitchen and works well during the month of October with organic, nature-filled decor that endears the space.
A case for burnt orange mosaic wall tiles (Mondrian Coffee) is made fiercely in this transitional kitchen that incorporates fall feeling into it almost effortlessly. 
If orange mosaic tiles didn’t seem a suitable fit for your design, we’re here to convince you otherwise. The warming tones of burnt orange mixed with the shimmering facade of the glass backsplash tile proves just how transitional they can be. In this kitchen, there’s no element that isn’t worthy of tricks or treats with its pumpkin colored elements. It’s a great testament to how transitional tile can be; a Jack-O-Lantern backdrop for Halloween haunts, a hearty harvest setting for Thanksgiving, or a late summer sunset background for sunflowers in warmer seasons. See? Versatility, found. No hex-cuses.
Daring to be different, this October spooks backsplash tile has a a bold black color that stands out and makes a splash.
Proving just how variable black backsplash tiles in a kitchen can be, our bold black glass tile from the Gem line appears in another home that’s a little less haunt, a little more flaunt than the first design. The result? A definitive example of how black tile can move with you through the seasons, and can be as fun or serious as you choose. Sure, this kitchen backsplash may not be mixing up potions and casting spells like the above, but it’s definitely going to make some midnight post-trick-or-treat snacking that much more stylish!

Halloween Approved Bathroom Backsplash Tiles 

Yes, sometimes, that someone in your family singing in the shower seems like a haunting experience (we still love them, right?) but these decorative halloween and haunt-approved bathroom backsplash tiles give off the real fright fest feels! Scroll and see for yourself.

Like strolling into a speakeasy in the 1920s, this darling bathroom backsplash tile (Rockefeller) design is a perfect match for flappers that still linger between realms. 
Classy, sassy and bold, this bathroom design showcases the true spirit of speakeasy style halloweens! A nod to the decade of luxurious riches, and timeless beauty, it’s positively the perfect backdrop for pre-Halloween shenanigans if you’re a flapper. With black marble and gold tile designs that’s certifiably Art Deco chic, we would be careful that the ghost of flapper’s past didn’t brush past you as you did your makeup…
In true vampire spirit, this black ceramic tile backsplash (Silk Daku) is the perfect lair during the month of October with its mysterious sheen and ultra fashionable square tile shape.
By adding a black ceramic tile backsplash and pairing it with other sleek elements, like a brass mirror and cement floor tiles, the result is a haunts-approved bathroom tile design that’s vamp worthy. The decor accents will bring up the intensity of the overall wall tile design, and result in a Hallow’s Eve aesthetic all can approve of. Just be careful and worn the homeowners not to disturb the vamp during the day. 😉 
A genie approved  moroccan tile (Pantheon Black) backsplash design that’s worthy of a million Halloween wishes, if you ask us.
Wishes can be granted this Halloween! Or, so is the case for this kitchen backsplash that uses a Moroccan inspired tile on its walls to craft a beautiful design worthy of 3 wishes. With a certain air about it, it can be the ideal boho chic interior for most of the year, and really turn up the levels of costume reality in October. Just think: What would be more perfect than homeowners dressing up as genies together and serving some spooks?!
Metallic porcelain tiles (Stellar Deco Steel) create a spooktacular sparkling moment in this bathroom design!

With a powerful allure, the metallic tile designs in this bathroom bring a shimmery touch and a dare we say, cobweb appeal to the design? Using a metal-look, industrial chic porcelain tile, the bathroom oozes with stylish spooky season feeling. The slightly worn-in facade, gives off the look that it’s been exposed to the elements, or maybe, just a few lifetimes…These porcelain wall tiles are perfect if you’re looking for a way to spook up your bathroom floors or walls in a decidedly chic way. 

Movie Scene Moodboards with Tiles 

Talk about setting a scene! Before plunging into design, tile mood boards help to lay out concepts and streamline the approval process of clients. But in spooky season? Uh, yeah, they serve some serious decor purposes! We couldn’t be more in love with these halloween decorated mood boards below.
Like a scene out of casper, this gorgeous moodboard features our Atlas line and the cutest little ghost!
When style collides with spooks, the result is a genius mood board that’s ready for review! There’s bats, there’s ghosts, and there’s, of course, stunning glass tiles for kitchen backsplashes and complementary wood look porcelain floor tiles. This designer sure knew how to make a scene worthy of interior design!
Spiders? Oh, yes. If there’s ever a time that these creepy crawlers work in favor of an interior designer, it’s Halloween, as seen in this moodboard (Festival 1 Tile). 
Spiders, webs, and chic tiles…Oh my! This mood board mixes ominous vibes with pattern tile that’s light-hearted in the most seamless way. The overall theme comes together to make anyone viewing it scream, in the most stylish way. 
Even Spiderman can’t get enough of this custom mural wall in our San Jose showroom! See, tiles and halloween…they just work together!
There you have it; spooky season approved tile designs for your Halloween weekend. Did you see any tiles you like for your upcoming projects? Feel free to sign up to be a dealer today and let us help you with your next tile project! Sign up here.
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