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Thinking of Using Hexagon Tiles? Start Here.

Shown Above: Cordoba Emerald hexagon tiles in shower


So you want to use hexagon tiles in your next design project, eh? Well, you’ve come to the right place to start your journey! Today we’re focusing in on hex tiles and providing you some of the most inspiring options to design with. If that excites you (as we hope it does 😉) read on for more. 


Hex tiles are some of the most timeless and beloved tiles; gaining popularity in the 19th century for their geometric pattern and clean finish lines, they’ve been captivating spaces for decades. These 6-sided tiles are a fun way to add a twist on tradition and a sure-fire way to mix things up. Known for their versatility, functionality, and durability, they can blend in or spruce up any area of a home or of a commercial design. 


Timeless as they are, hexagon tile patterns are far from dull. You can use these hexagon tiles in myriad ways and dictate just how contemporary or classic a space can be with them. Go bold with black hexagon tiles in a sleek, minimalist master bathroom or create a modern farmhouse look with white hexagon kitchen backsplash tiles. There’s truly a match for all design palettes which only adds to its appeal. 


To showcase just how endlessly shape-shifting these hex tiles are, below you’ll find 15 of MIR’s tiles used in very different ways to kick-start your project planning and get your inner child excited for a design that sparks heart emoji eyes. 


Floral Fields Forever 

Blue and white hexagon tiles on kitchen wall

Shown Above: Mykonos Korfos white and blue hexagon backsplash tiles with a floral pattern 


Showcase your design in full bloom with a floral hexagon pattern tile like our Korfos marble tile from the Mykonos line. Made with Thassos, Carrara and Blue Celeste marbles, this tile is a true fusion of style and function. With a hard-to-miss floral tile pattern baked into its mesh-backed, it has all the charm needed to win over eyeballs of visitors in a space, which makes it a perfect accent wall tile. Plus, with natural variations from the marble, these hexagon mosaic tiles have inherent contrast that keeps interest levels high.


You can grasp the beauty of a hexagon backsplash tile like this one in almost any kitchen design, too. Think pairing the Korfos marble hexagon wall tile with a quartz countertop, wooden floating shelves and blue kitchen cabinetry to create a fresh take on modern farmhouse. Or, decorate with traditional gray cabinetry and sleek silver metal oven hood for a more transitional modern look. See? Endless ideas.


A Real Gem of Design

blue hexagon glass tiles backsplash bathroom

Shown Above: Cordoba Moonstone blue hexagon glass backsplash tiles 


Next up, our ever-eye-catching Cordoba Moonstone glass hexagon tiles; a quick way to make a jewelry box design that will have jaws dropping and eyes popping. With its crystal, polished finish and multi-hue facade, this hexagon glass tile truly tops the ranks with its beauty. The reflective qualities of the glass, combined with the mix of blue hues in this stunning mosaic pattern, is a great way to amplify the feeling or light and space in your  next bathroom project!


You can use this glass mosaic tile in a fantastic number of ways, too. Add as a hexagon shower floor tile to create a dazzling underfoot view and pair with a traditional white subway tile on the walls to make it the main shebang. You can also dress up a midcentury modern bathroom design, as seen above, in using the mosaic tile as a bathroom backsplash tile and pairing it with a light tone wood vanity, brass hardware and round sinks.


A Truly Marble-ous Touch

marble hexagon floor and wall tiles

Shown Above: Wakefield marble hexagon floor tiles in classic transitional bathroom design


Mixing and matching hexagon tiles is not only encouraged, but celebrated. After all, these tiles are far from one size fits all. You have large hexagon tiles, small hexagon tiles and everything in between (looking at you, hexagon mosaic tiles!) That makes it simply fantastic to create an all-hexagon bathroom design.


A perfect match for this? A marble tile like our Wakefield Carrara hexagon tile. This intricately shaped, well-defined and must-dimensional piece works well as a hexagon floor tile in a bathroom or kitchen backsplash. Pair it with a traditional small-scale hexagon wall tile of the same marble material (like above) and you have yourself a truly timeless and awe-inspiring sanctuary for client’s homes.


The Pearl of Hexagon Tiles 

Hexagon backsplash tiles

Shown Above:  Cordoba Pearl hex tiles in bathroom 


Find the mother of pearl in your next design with our Cordoba Pearl glass and ceramic hexagon tiles. These gleaming, shimmering hex tiles carry the same beauty of the real thing but are made from glass and ceramic. With a polished facade and varying hues of opaque pearl, translucent white and moody gray, the result is a diversified look that elevates. Plus, with an understated elegance, it works well in a space that wants a subtle glow paired with covetable texture. 


You can dress this hex tile up in myriad ways. Envision using it as a unique honeycomb mosaic shower niche tile that can be matched with a traditional gray porcelain subway tile. The result will be a pop of elegance and classy contrast. You can also use it as a framed feature wall in a living room to give a truly beautiful focal point to the space.


Embrace The Blues 

Shown Above: Blue Hex glass mosaic bathroom wall tile 


Capture an oceanic level of beauty with the Blue Hex tile. This gorgeous iridescent blue hexagon tile from our Cloud 9 line is a show-stopper with its geometric pattern and ethereal graphic effect. Made from glass, it has swirls of dark and light blues captured inside each chip, giving off a covetable sense of movement ideal for a kitchen backsplash or bathroom backsplash.


Dress to impress with the punchy pigmented hexagon tiles in your next design. An ideal match for coastal contemporary interiors that want to add a “wow factor” with honeycomb tile. Utilize the blue hex tile as a backdrop in a kitchen and pair it with white wash wood look floor tiles and beach-inspired decor for a total hit. Alternatively, you can capture true elegance with a contemporary space, like above, where you have a sleek floating vanity, and symmetrical lighting that is sure to garner intrigue.



Go Big Or Go Home

Shown Above:  Tacoma Park hexagon floor tile in a transitional kitchen


Seeking a bigger statement? Your wish can be granted with our Tacoma marble tile. Made from Thassos and Carrara Gray marbles, these  large hexagon tiles amplify a space, not only giving it a fresh look but creating a more seamless appearance thanks to fewer grout lines. It’s the perfect twist on tradition and can easily build a space up.


There are seemingly endless ways to incorporate large hexagon floor tiles into your design in a meaningful way. In a transitional home, add these floor tiles as an understated touch and create a slight pop of color on the walls or with cabinetry. To make a noteworthy modern design for your clients, add these marble hexagons on the bathroom floor  or kitchen backsplash and use a small scale Thassos white hexagon wall tile for extenuated interest.


Deco Delight 

Shown Above:  Monaco Riviera Marine blue hexagon backsplash tile 


Oh, so suave and a nod to years where glamour was all the rage, our Monaco Riviera Marine hexagon tile is the definition of swanky style done right. With its chrome and navy blue body, there’s little that this tile won’t do to capture attention. A delight of deco status, the  six-sided tile breathes streamlined sophistication into any design.


Wondering the ways to make such a bold tile work in your next design? Easy. Either play up the bold tile pattern with other, dark and deco-defining decor elements like a stone vanity with curved lighting fixtures or allow this hexagon wall tile be the main show as a feature wall in a bathroom and use a floating marble vanity paired with a white floor tile.


Would You Carrara For Classy Design?

Shown Above:  Carrara 4-inch hexagon backsplash tiles in transitional kitchen


If you’re wondering if there’s a way to create a neutral design that’s upscalethe answer is yes. Using a timeless piece like our Carrara 4-inch hexagon tile can be a sophisticated solution. With its sumptuous appearance, thanks to its gorgeous white and gray body, these marble hex tiles add a polished look that screams elevated elegance. The best part? They’re easy to decorate around thanks to their understated style.


For instance, you can easily make a kitchen tile as glamorous as you wish and play off the natural beauty of the marble hex tile. Add a gorgeous chandelier above the kitchen island, add a brass faucet to the sink and get custom-made cabinetry. These will all complement the Carrara hex backsplash tile without a doubt. Alternatively, you can make a simple, transitional kitchen for years to come and update as much as you’d like without worry that the backsplash tile will need a replacement.


A Fiery Design

Shown Above: Piet Velvet red hexagon backsplash tiles in kitchen


Did someone say bold? Our Piet Velvet red hexagon tile sure did. This high shine and illuminating red glass tile showcases that going bold doesn’t have to be scary, in fact, with its velvety (pun intended) facade, it makes a high impact statement. An easy way to add a delightful and bold color pop in any space, guaranteed.


You can transform any kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary with a bold, red hex tile. Whether you’re looking to add a refreshing dose of vivid geometric design, or want to create an instant conversation-starter kitchen tile for your client’s guests, this tile will do just that. To create a stand-out design, you can make the red tile the star of the show, pairing a more subtle floor tile or you can create a monochromatic design that really captivates.


Wood Look Hexagons That Stun

Wood look hexagons

Shown Above: Gilbratar hexagon backsplash tiles in transitional kitchen


Dimensional delight, found. With our Gibraltar wood look hexagon tiles, you can add a warmth to any design and provide geometric interest. With its beige and white hexagon tile body, this marble waterjet is a beautiful mash-up of traditional style and modern decor. With its multi-tonal hue, crafting an individualist space is as easy as can be. 


wood hex floor tiles

Shown Above: Retro Blanco Hex white wood look floor tiles 


Alternatively, if your client’s space is going for a more shabby chic bathroom backsplash or cottage kitchen, our Retro collection can provide the perfect touch. Made with a white wash appearance, the Retro Blanco Hex floor tile is a guaranteed match.


Don’t shy away from using wood look tiles as a shower accent tile in a residential space or as a gorgeous floor tile in a commercial space (seen above). You can break the wood look design up with a classic tile option; be it subway tiles on the walls or large format marble tiles.The result? An endless focal point.



Sustainable Style

hexagon backsplash tiles

Shown Above:  Nantucket Tuckneck Hex Recycled Glass hexagon wall tiles in bathroom


For those that want a more sustainable living option for clients, try out our Nantucket collection’s very own Tuckerneck Hex glass tile. Made from recycled glass, this is the perfect glass hexagon tile for those trying to be more environmentally conscious and focused on green living. With its gorgeous, dimensional body and neutral shading, it’s sure to be a hit wherever it is placed.


For instance, you can make a more coastal interior by using Tuckerneck hexagon as a bathroom feature wall with a light wood vanity and beach accents like drift wood or seashells. Alternatively, you can make a minimalist modern look with furniture that has clean, sleek lines.


Texturize & Catch All The Eyes

hexagon blue glass tiles

Shown Above: Alda blue glass hexagon backsplash tiles 


Ethereal and everlasting, the Alda blue hexagon tiles will make a splash in any design with its vibrant hue and textural interest. Made from a glass body, and polished facade, this glass hexagon tile is both dynamic and dazzling.


Use this hexagon pattern tile to create a sprightly and robust space. Use as a floor tile in a bathroom design or kitchen design to add a sense of spaciousness and a unique focal point.



A Little Moody. A Lotta Style.

Shown Above: Cordoba Grey bathroom backsplash tile 


Create a moody space that stuns with our Cordoba Grey hexagon glass tiles. This glass mosaic tile has an undulating storyline that is hard to go unnoticed. With a fierce complexion comprised of various shades of gray, there’s little that this tile can’t do for a space. Between added dimension, captivating movement and light bouncing effects, we promise it will win over any eyes.


Dress this tile up with the decor of your choosing; either making light of it with modern farmhouse accents or building on the depths with an industrial chic appearance. Alternatively, you can use these glass tiles on a shower floor to add dimension or as stunning accent wall in a living room! There’s so much that can be done to truly make the most of the tile, the avenues of exploration are up to you.



Terrazzo Time

 terrazzo floor tiles


Shown Above:  Terra Multicolor Speckled Tile on floors in hotel lobby 


Enhance the storyline of your design with ever-beautiful terrazzo look tiles. These gorgeous, multicolored tiles leave much to be desired with their playfulness. An ultimate hit in any space, be it for a bathroom floor or hotel lobby, these ceramic tiles are sure to leave a mark.


For example, you can even use these eye-candy designs in a kids bathroom to add a sense of fun and joy to their daily routine! 



hexagon tiles


Alternatively, you can spruce up a midcentury modern kitchen with the hexagon wall tiles as a nod to the colorful styles during that era. No matter what, you can’t go wrong with them.


Making Bold Statements

black hexagon floor tiles

Shown Above: Tuxedo Park black hexagon bathroom floor tiles 


Fancy a floor tile that makes a bold statement? The Tuxedo Park black hexagon tile is the perfect choice. With its deep, black color and fun, geometric tile shape, it’s easy to make a design that’s photo-worthy. With a honed finish, it makes a great bathroom floor or kitchen floor tile thanks to its less slippery surface. 


Aside from just floor tiles, you can use these black hexagon tiles as a feature wall tile in a small powder room to create dimension and shadows. You can also dress up a fireplace surround with these honeycomb tiles and make a modern marvel through the seasons. Choices are endless.




When it comes to using hexagon tiles, there’s no limit to the amount of designs you can think up. These twists on traditions will stun and create any style you can desire. Want to see more? Explore all our tiles here.

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