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Rococo Collection: Porcelain Commercial Tiles With French Allure

The new Rococo collection gets its inspiration from the Rococo era when interiors were designed to impress and awe at first sight. Originating in early 18th century France, this style is characterized by a sense of lightness and elegance. This elegance was derived from pastel colors and gold leaf feeling. Each of the tiles in our collection emulate that feeling and will add a French-inspired vintage touch to any space without being too overbearing. You’ll fall head over heels with these porcelain tiles thanks to their opulent aesthetic.

These high-quality porcelain tiles can be used in any commercial (or residential) space—from bathrooms to bedrooms to hallways and more! The combination of its classic design and modern versatility makes it an excellent choice for any project. Whether you’re looking to create a unique feature wall or a truly special bathroom surround, we’ve got some ideas for how you can use Rococo tiles in your next commercial project.

Set the Mood Right with Rococo Tiles for Hotels

Step into the past with your feet, and you’ll never want to leave, Mon Cheri!

Welcome hotel guests with the beautiful facade of the Rococo 24×24 Blue porcelain tile. The romantic look of this 24 x 24 porcelain tile lends an air of mystery, yet instills confidence that it is built to last. Hiding under the delicate exterior is a tile made with strength and durability in mind, perfect for areas with high foot traffic.Striking in its simplicity, the soft blue color of this porcelain tile further adds a sense of calmness, while also being inviting. 

When it comes to French inspired design, some people think of a monochromatic color palette and neutrals, like creams mixed with grays. But the City of Lights ambiance is much more than that; you can use greens or blues! Take this hotel room as an example. The Rococo Green 20 x 40 tile in the feature wall gives a much-needed dimensionality to the space, and its subtle but magnificent green hues make it a magnificent piece in itself. The moody gray walls and flooring add a sense of formality and restraint, while the green, gold leaf style tiles add a more relaxed tone to the space. This creates an interesting contrast between formal and informal, which is what makes this room so special: it’s not just another hotel room; it’s a unique space with its own personality.

Nothing is as luxurious as a hotel room where you can let your guard down and relax. Our Rococo Green tile provides just that, with its moody hues and exquisite style. Just like the plush felt fabric and soft carpeting, the Rococo Green tile is perfect for setting the tone of luxury, comfort, and relaxation in hotel rooms, the aesthetically pleasing  way. 

A case in point is the above hotel room featuring the French allure of Rococo Green 24×24 tile. Made with an open floor plan in mind, this spot is what we call just breathtaking. This uber-modern room is brought alive by the gorgeous Rococo Green tile. And not all tiles can boast such versatility; this one is stylish and elegant enough to grace the bedroom floors, but tough enough to take the wear and tear in the bathroom.

If we had to choose one word to describe this tile, it would be ‘ethereal’. From the bedroom, we’re taking the Rococo Green porcelain tile straight into the bathroom.This hotel bathroom is an absolute stunner with its floor-to-ceiling tile design, thanks to our Rococo Green 20×40 porcelain tile. The look is undeniably enigmatic, with the tile’s iconic green color and elegant lines. It’s also remarkably practical with its non-porous and slip-resistant characteristics. So if you’re looking for something with style, but also practicality in mind then this is the perfect choice for your next project!

Redefine the Retail Design

We’re so over boring retail spaces. Dull and dreary? Pass — that is so yesterday.With our Rococo Green porcelain tile in 24 x 24, you can create a comfortable, unassuming environment that blends charm and functionality – just like the store concept above.The worn-out, gold leaf infused look of the Rococo Green porcelain tile seamlessly blends with the overall chic-industrial aesthetic of this space, creating a cohesive look that’s sure to impress store employees and customers alike.


Everyone needs a bit of tranquility in their shopping trips. Why not start with this porcelain wall tile for your next retail project’s space? Rococo Ivory 20×40 porcelain tile is an excellent option for its minimalist design, giving shoppers a place to unwind, enjoy the views, and relax. Its muted tones and subtle aged design are also sure to please the eye, while its easy maintenance lets you focus on what matters most — serving customers!

Dine, The Opulent French Way with Rococo Green Hex Tiles

From hotel rooms to retail spaces, we’re now also seeing restaurants following the trend of romantic, industrial interiors. A perfect example is this restaurant that features the gold leaf patina look of the Rococo era. One of the staple elements that allowed this space to attain its modern industrial vibe is the Rococo Green Hex porcelain tile gracing its walls.The interplay between the porcelain wall tiles and the wood elements in this restaurant further creates a space that feels fresh yet familiar – a perfect balance for a dining experience that’s anything but ordinary. 

Serene Spa Experience with Rococo Ivory Hex        

There’s nothing like a good soak to soothe the soul. Especially when it’s in a spa with walls adorned by our delightful Ivory Hex tiles. That’s right: our Ivory Hex porcelain tiles are so charming, they can turn a spa into a dreamy paradise where the only thing that matters is taking a long, hot bath or getting the perfect tan. It’s like the spa version of heaven!

Our Rococo Hex tiles also have the best of both worlds: beauty and durability. Featuring a striking hexagonal pattern that is both ornamental and practical, this tile can be used to create an eye-catching feature wall or on its own as a flooring option. In addition to providing incredible visual appeal, its waterproof grade makes it ideal for areas with water exposure — a perfect tile option for spas!

So if you’re looking for a way to express your creativity, sense of style, and love of porcelain all in one fell swoop, look no further than the Rococo tile.

Go ahead: fire up your imagination and see what kind of design you can create with Rococo porcelain tiles!

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