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The Cire Collection: High Gloss Ceramic Tiles For Any Space

Imagine taking the beauty of Cire fabrics and applying it to tiles? That’s exactly what we did with our latest ceramic tile collection, Cire. The beauty of this collection is derived from its glossy facade, that reflects light in an artistic way, giving a focal point to any space instantaneously. Cire is a term that dates back to the early 20th century, and tied to an artisan process where calendaring (heat and pressure) created a highly glazed wax finish to the fabric. The result is a shiny, wet look that’s both modern and timeless. Complete with 8 color ways and 3 size formats, each piece within the Cire Collection is bound to find a unique addition to your next residential or commercial project. Ready to experience Cire? Scroll through and see the color ways in action for endless inspiration.

Cire Ocean

The beauty of the ocean is its deeply mysterious coloring and how it seems to bounce the light rays from the sun off of itself playfully. Similarly, our very own Cire Ocean ceramic tile does just that, be it with natural lighting in your living room or commercial lighting in a restaurant. With a devastatingly gorgeous shade of navy blue, each of these tiles create depth, dimension, and of course, incredible shine. Available in a 2.5″x16″ size, 4″x4″ size, and a 3″x6″ size, the options are endless. Just like the ocean itself.

Let’s sail into each, shall we?

Cire Ocean 4″x4″ Ceramic Tile

For those wanting to add a touch of luxury to their home, the Cire Ocean 4×4 tile is the perfect choice. These square ceramic tiles have a high gloss shine that instantly makes any space look more sophisticated. However, what really sets these tiles apart is their ability to work in contrast with other design elements. In the below bathroom, the blue cement tiles on the floor provide a fun pop of color, while the Cire Ocean 4″x4″ tiles give the space a more polished feel. As a result, the room looks like it could be featured in a magazine! Whether used as accent tiles or for a complete makeover, the Cire Ocean 4×4 tile is sure to make any space look chic.

Cire Ocean 3″x6″Subway Tile

How crisp and clean! This kitchen design, with its modern touches, is truly a testament to how well our Cire Ocean 3″x6″ subway tile can work in a trendy home design. A real twist on traditional tastes if you ask us! This bold, navy blue subway tile adds a glossy appearance that creates movement in the modern minimalist kitchen. The result? A true balance between natural wood shelving and the otherwise sterile appearance of a modern kitchen. When you need to find a way to add some personality to your kitchen without going overboard, this tile is definitely the way to go.  

Cire Ocean 2.5″x16″ Ceramic Subway Tile

If you’re looking for a backsplash that makes a real splash, you’ll want to check out our Cire Ocean tiles. With their deep blue hue and unique 2.5″x16″ size, they add a seamless flow to any spot they’re placed. Just look at how they create a sense of depth (much like the ocean itself!) on this bathroom backsplash. We love the way the ocean blue plays against the mid century wall sconces. If adding a little maritime magic to your home is on your list of to-do’s, then Cire Ocean 2.5″x16″ is your ticket. 


Cire Glacier 

A step away from the dark waters of the Ocean, and head into more icy, arctic lakes with our Cire Glacier ceramic tiles. These ceramic tiles are as blue as the freshest waters in the Arctic itself. Turquoise blue stuns on the surface, creating a bold and lighthearted option for any interior space. These ceramic tiles come in 3×6, 2.5X15 and 4×4 sizes. 

Put on your mittens, and let’s explore the icier side of Cire below:

Cire Glacier 4″x4″ Ceramic Tile

Ceramic wall tiles are a great way to add texture and depth to your kitchen backsplash design. The Cire Glacier 4″x4″ tile is a perfect example of this. As seen above, the blueish green tones on the facade of the tile match the kitchen cabinets perfectly, making things burst alive beautifully. Ceramic backsplash tiles are also a great way to protect your walls from splashes and spills. They are easy to clean and maintain, and they will last a long time. If you’re looking for a backsplash that is both beautiful and functional, Cire 4″x4″ ceramic tiles are a great option.

Cire Glacier 2.5″x16″Ceramic Tile 

Looking for a way to add some extra pizazz to your space? The Cire Glacier 2.5″x16″ ceramic tile is carefully crafted to make any space an urban oasis. Look at how it creates a stunning statement wall tile in this modern shower design. Using a vertically stacked tile lay pattern, the blue-green ceramic tiles are remarkably shown.

Cire Basil 

Earthy green tones find their home on our Cire Collection’s Basil ceramic tile. With an enigmatic sage green, these lovely ceramic tiles can add a welcoming touch to bohemian interiors for a jungalow feeling or even 70s inspired retro kitchen backsplashes. These ceramic tiles come in 3″x6″, 2.5″X15″ and 4″x4″sizes. 

Explore the greener side of the Cire Collection below:

Cire Basil 4″x4″ Ceramic Tile


The Cire Basil 4″x4″ tile is as modern as they come. The green color works perfectly in any interior design. Just look at how it seamlessly adds a subtle color pop to this home’s bathroom! The sleek lines and glossy finish make it the perfect choice for a contemporary space. And, because it’s made of ceramic, it’s also lasting. So, if you’re looking for a tile that will add a touch of style to your home, the Cire Basil 4×4 is a great option.

Cire Basil 3″x6″ Ceramic Tile


Who doesn’t love a vertically stacked subway tile? Using the Cire Basil 3″x6″ tile, this mid century modern bathroom has an almost too beautiful appearance. We love the way the sage green color of the square ceramic tiles work against the unique stone sink with a brass faucet. Flawless and fun!

Cire Basil 2.5″x16″ Ceramic Tile

The Cire Basil 2.5″x16″ Tiles offer a never dull green pop to any interior they are placed. Just take a look at how endlessly captivating this modern industrial kitchen design is. The earthy green helps to give the black cabinets a bit of life, adding a welcomed contrast to the design. Plus, the ceramic wall tiles and backsplash add an extra layer of durability and easy-to-clean finesse – perfect for the busy chef or anyone who loves to entertain. They are seriously a great way to add some personality to your space, we promise.

Cire Mint 

Just like a cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream, our Cire Mint ceramic tiles are sure to delight the senses. With their cheerful shade of light green, these tiles add a touch of playfulness to any space. Whether used as an accent wall tile or as the main focal point for a backsplash design, our Cire Mint tiles are sure to leave a lasting impression. Available in three sizes — 2.5″x16″, 3″x6″, 4″x4″ — our Cire Mint ceramic tiles are perfect for any project. Your taste buds (and your guests) will thank you!

Cire Mint 4”x4” Ceramic Tile

There’s something about mint green that just screams “relaxation.” Maybe it’s the cool, refreshing color or the fact that it reminds us of springtime and fresh beginnings. Whatever the reason, we can’t get enough of it! That sentiment is proven true in this powder room where our Cire Mint 4”x4” ceramic tiles make a micro backsplash tile design that wows. With a cool aesthetic and high shine, it makes immediate impact.

Cire Mint 3”x6” Ceramic Tile


We’re suckers for a good zen industrial design and this one including our Cire Mint 3″x6″ ceramic tile is no exception. With half the wall tiled in traditional subway tile, it’s a real showstopper. The addition of the minty green tile creates a refreshing pop of color that is both unexpected and exciting. The only thing that could make this room more covetable? A plant to tie into the tile’s natural beauty and adds life in the room, creating a cohesive and stylish space.

Cire Mint 2.5”x16” Ceramic Tile

Elongated subway tiles are all the rage these days, and for good reason! Not only do they add a touch of elegance to any room, but they are also highly versatile. Our Cire Mint 2.5″x16″ ceramic tiles are a perfect example. With their fun-loving mint green hue and glossy appearance, they can be used to create chevron patterns or herringbone patterns instantly. We love the way the designer of this bathroom used our mint ceramic tiles to create movement in the design by way of a lay pattern. So glam!

Cire Moon Ceramic Tile

Aptly named after the moon itself, these gorgeous gray tone ceramic tiles mesh together dark and light spots. The high gloss finish of the Cire Moon tiles craft a moonlit-loving addition to any space as the light will bounce playfully off their surfaces. A perfect companion for powder rooms, commercial bar facades, and so much more. Like the others in the collection, Cire Moon comes in 3 standard size formats: 2.5″x16″, 3″x6″, 4″x4″

Take a trip to the darker side of the moon below!:

Cire Moon 4″x4″ Ceramic Tile 


Like we said, the beauty of the Cire Moon tile is its natural shading; a great option aside from a familiar white. With light and dark hues, the Cire Moon 4″x4″ ceramic tile delivers an impeccable design for most any space. Seen above, this minimalist his-and-hers bathroom sink setup gets a luscious backsplash tile design with Cire Moon. The square ceramic tiles are modern, and the light-gray dark-gray aesthetic seamlessly blends in with the other neutral decor additions. We love it!

Cire Moon 3″x6″ Ceramic Tile 

Far from surprising, grays go extraordinary well in a modern industrial design. Whether its a home or a commercial spot (like a bar, for instance). Luckily, Cire 3″x6″ ceramic tile makes a permanent splash in these interiors with its naturally glossy surface and gray tone appeal. These traditional ceramic subway tiles can seriously amplify a space, like the kitchen above, and make it have character it may otherwise lack. From lackluster to industrial loving, Cire Moon subway tiles can deliver.  

Cire Moon 2.5″x16″ Ceramic Tile 

Commercial spaces can become transformed with Cire Collection. We’d be remiss to showcase a prime example of these tiles in action. Using the lovely gray elements of the Cire 2.5″x16″ ceramic tiles, this hotel’s guest bath truly shines. The varying gray tones make visual excitement and movement while the high gloss surface adds an elegant, upscale touch. 

Cire Black Ceramic Tile

If there’s one color in this collection that is a classic, it’s the Cire Black ceramic tiles. With their glossy sheen, and magnitude of moodiness, they make a statement instantly in any interior design. Their silky surface and depth provide a great option for kitchens, commercial lobbies, and powder room accent walls. Cire Black comes in 3 standard size formats: 2.5″x16″, 3″x6″, 4″x4″.

Let’s see the classic elegance of the tile formats below:

Cire Black 4″x4″ Ceramic Tile 

Like the night sky, the Cire Black 4″x4″ ceramic tiles create a captivating sentiment in this rustic modern kitchen. It’s proof of how a black tile may be bold but is far from unsightly. We love the way that the designer used white cabinetry and and wooden accents to let the Cire ceramic tile backsplash pop even more. One for the books! 

Cire Black 3″x6″ Ceramic Tile 

You can create a truly striking design with our Cire Black 3″x6″ ceramic subway tile. Just take a peek at the way this above bohemian chic space had an edgy facelift with the tile. The backsplash and shower tile design creates a light-loving design that creates a magnificent sense of depth to the otherwise smaller space. 

Cire Black 2.5″x16″ Ceramic Tile 


Finally, the Cire Black 2.5″x16″ can give life to a powder room with ease and effortlessness. The above is a testament to just this. With the metallic accents and stone sink reflecting off the shine of the elongated subway tile, the result is endless beauty for years to come.

Cire Beige 

Not all beige is boring! In fact, we’re sure you’ll never think that again once you see the Cire Beige tiles in action. Their multi tonal bodies and shiny surface is the makeover of a beige tile we’ve all been waiting for. Use on bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes or fireplace facades for a classically chic look. This color comes in the same formats as others in the collection:  2.5″x16″, 3″x6″, 4″x4″.


Cire Beige 4″x4″ Ceramic Tile 

Ever thought of beige tile as eclectic? Probably not until you saw our Cire Beige 4″x4″ ceramic tile in the above primary bathroom design! Using these beige ceramic square tiles, the room has class and appeal working beautifully along with the cement look porcelain floor tiles. We’re a fan of how the space is far from dull with its moroccan edge.

Cire Beige 3″x6″ Ceramic Tile 

With a clean appeal, the Cire Beige 3″x6″ subway tile adorns this contemporary kitchen design in the most streamlined way. While the glossy surface adds a sense of movement, the matte gray cabinetry give a bit of depth and contrast that goes a long way. The beige ceramic tiles allow other elements of the design to pop, while still giving some much-needed support.

Cire Beige 2.5″x16″ Ceramic Tile 

Why not go monochromatic with beige tiles? As proven in the minimalist contemporary space above in this studio apartment’s kitchen, all beige can be beautiful. We love the flow of the design with not a single element thoughtlessly placed.

Cire White Ceramic Tile

Where would we be without adding our most beloved design color to the lineup? Our Cire White ceramic tiles have all the beauty you want in a white tile — the light loving, space expanding, style defining looks. The tile comes in 3 size formats: 2.5″x16″, 3″x6″, 4″x4″.

Cire White 4″x4″ Ceramic Tile 

With a handmade feeling, the Cire White 4″x4″ ceramic tiles can be a welcomed addition to any shower or bathroom design. Such is the case here, where the white ceramic tile acts as a decorative backdrop for the shower ledge. 

Cire White 3″x6″ Ceramic Tile 

Crafting an interior that’s seamless and stylish is never an easy feat. However, when you use Cire White 3″x6″ subway tiles, it kind of becomes easier. Why? They have everything you crave in a white subway tile and then some. The unique high gloss sheen and natural shading adds a bit of unexpected beauty wherever they’re placed. 

Want to explore more of the Cire Collection? You can view all the tiles in one space here.

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