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Meet Micronesia: Our Lux Marble Mosaic Tile Collection

What do you get when you fuse together the beauty of marbles with intricate shapes? Our Micronesia marble mosaic tile collection. All new for 2022, each marble tile in this collection exudes luxury and captures its own individualistic appeal. The perfect balance of artistry and timelessness come together to create must-have for any bathroom backsplash, […]

Our 5 Favorite Tiles for Your Next Remodeling Project

If there’s one thing that tiles have going for themselves it is their endless creativity. With so many styles, finishes, shapes and materials, they truly are a holy grail for any design. That’s exactly why we want to turn the spotlight to versatile tiles that we know you’ll love to design with. From beautiful natural […]

Everything You Need To Know About Mosaic Tiles

In the world of tile, if there’s one style that has stood the test of time (literally), it’s mosaic tiles. These beautiful tiles have traveled through centuries, leaving an imprint wherever they were placed. While times have changed, one thing remains true; mosaic tiles are a design staple and a must-know when it comes to […]