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Spotlight on Stylish Shower Tile Designs

Gorgeous herringbone glass mosaic tile accent wall in a contemporary, sleek steam room design. This shower tile creates an instantaneous sense of style in the master bathroom.

Showers. The place we all go to escape the day, unwind before we head to bed, and pretend to be a rockstars to an audience of shampoo bottles. As it’s known, the shower is a vital area in any home and as such, should be welcoming, individualistic and enjoyable. That’s why our aim today is to give you an endless scroll of inspiration for shower tile designs that will help make your next project a hit. Below you’ll find designs from wood look porcelain walk-in showers to blue mosaic tile traditional showers. We have you covered all in on spot. 

Zellige Tiles Captivate In This Quirky French Country Bathroom

Nothing says unique as does a geometric floor tile paired with a handmade ceramic wall tile (Silk Mizu) adorned with a claw foot tub. Oui, we’re obsessed. 

A classic shower/tub combination can never do you wrong and this French country inspired bathroom is living proof of that sentiment. This beautiful master bathroom stuns head-to-toe with its nooks and crannies of individualist design touches. With a bathroom floor tile that has a bold, geometric pattern, the space is given dimension and an astonishing story arch. Then, to make things even more stunning, the wall tile behind the clawfoot tub is comprised of shimmering, zellige ceramic square tiles. This feature wall tile design balances the bold floor tiling work and adds to the true appeal of French country style; perfect imperfections. 

Geometric Marble Wall Tiles Accent This Contemporary, Light-Loving Shower

Easy on the eyes and intended to mesmerize, this space showcases the true impact a bold marble tile can have on a space. With our daring Marmara Darandelles equator and Thassos marble tile, this walk-in shower is of epic proportions. 

Featuring a hinged glass shower door, this walk in shower creates a definitive line between two key areas of the bathroom; the toilet and the shower. While the room is on the smaller side, it proves that walk in showers are a safe bet when styled properly as they make use of space strategically. Thrown into the design and really the true stunner, if you ask us, is the equator marble pattern tile found on the shower walls and bathroom walls. This marble accent tile creates dimension and the appearance of more space which is a total must-have in smaller bathrooms.

White Subway Shower Tiles Meet Stone Sophistication In This All White Design

There’s a reason that white tile bathrooms are a regular design request; they are fresh, clean, timeless and classic. Such is the case in this gorgeous transitional guest bathroom with marble floor tiles extending into the shower floor matching traditional white subway tiles on the wall.

All white interiors with tile are like the ice cream sundaes of the design world. They are forever accepted as a classic and never get old. Plus, they sweeten any situation instantly. That’s exactly why this small space bathroom remodel using subway tiles on the shower wall, marble flooring and a chic calacatta gold mosaic niche excites us. Finding a balance between being livable and lux, it creates a noticeably laid back yet effectively classy aesthetic. Using our Tuscany Collection’s Livorno marble mosaic tile in the niche helps to shake the shower wall design up a bit and give an unexpected geometric touch. This arabesque tile offsets the monotony that subway tile may lend to and further enhances the marble bathroom.

Dazzling Shell Mosaic Shower Tiles With A Framed Mosaic Mural Design

Marble bathrooms, move over, and meet this shell mosaic tile masterpiece. The walk-in shower, complete with a shower bench, steals the show in this ensuite remodel. Using our Daytona Beach shell tile as the shower wall tile and creating a framed accent wall design with pearl tiles, it’s one for the books.

Some may shy away from walk in showers, with the idea that there isn’t enough room to sit and relax, like in a good ole’ shower/tub combination design. Or, they think that it may be too modern for their tastes. Well, this design turns all that on its head. With a glamorous shell mosaic tile adorning the shower walls, and the mother of pearl mosaic art as a focal point, it’s far from modern or sleek; it is dreamy, romantic and luxurious. What’s more, the addition of a shower bench provides all that you need to unwind with ample shower shelves to store personal items.

Framed Argyle Tile In Shower Design Creates A Victorian Fusion Ambiance

Pattern tiles do exceptionally well in showers, but in some cases, clients may not want a statement shower tile to coat their shower walls or shower floors; in that case, using a framed accent tile design is a workaround. This beautiful modern-meets-victorian shower proves striking a balance is easy with a marble accent wall (Arrezzo tile) and marble mosaic floor. 

Made with a victorian-inspired appeal, this spacious shower design is both soothing and stylish. With a reflective, polished large format tile along the perimeter of the shower, it’s spaciousness is enhanced and ability to create a lightness in design evident. The argyle diamond marble tile wall adds a timeless twist and gives a moment of artistry to the otherwise standard design. Paired with the copper hardware, the bathroom has a modern day victorian aesthetic that has attainable luxury all over it. Plus, the simple shower ledge and and bench create a cozy nook for unwinding. 

Pattern Floor Tiles Lead Into A Traditional Tub/Shower Design That’s Timeless

Just because something is a classic, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Taking this message to heart, the small bathroom above uses the ever-popular shower and tub combination and adds a momentary impact for entry with a marble hexagon floor tile (Noma.)

When it comes to delighting the eyes, an easy way to do that is with a bathroom floor tile that is bold and eye-catching. That’s exactly what the designers of this space knew when they wanted to lead into their classic shower tile design. While the Bianco Carrara and thasssos marble floors create an instant “wow” factor, guests will find a beautiful gray subway tile adorning shower walls. This shower wall tile situation complements the marble tile floors perfectly and makes a cohesive, transitional design that will last for years to come.

True Luxury Discovered In This All Marble Shower Tile Design

Creating an effectively timeless and chic design, this shower tile situation is enhanced with a rain shower head, herringbone marble accent tile and all out Carrara marble subway tile walls. Superstardom in the world of marble tile showers achieved.

There’s just something so undeniably chic about all marble tile showers, isn’t there? From their unique, multi tonal hues, thanks to natural variations in veining, to their myriad tile styles, they make an instant impact in design. This master bathroom shower design showcases the true beauty of marble tiles perfectly. Using a marble subway tile on the shower walls and a marble mosaic tile in the shower niche, the gray tone has both class and style for longevity. We also love the way the designer used a marble shower bench to really tie the whole design together!

Amazing Floral Marble Mosaic Wall Tile In Shower Design With Brass Accents

Proof that marble can be easily upgraded for a more artistic feeling is this shower design that utilizes a floral pattern marble tile as an accent wall. Our Pietra Floreale adorns the design, bringing focus directly to the dimensional design for guests to admire.

When it comes to designing a shower that’s classic with a contemporary twist, pattern marble tiles are an easy way to achieve this goal. Using a floral pattern tile or geometric pattern tile as an accent wall or feature wall in a shower design not only results in an awe-inspiring design but makes for an interesting first impression (which, of course, you want!) Case-in-point is the way this walk-in shower with a built-in shower bench uses a floral stone mosaic tile in its design. The paper white and mugwort blue marble mosaic tile has a geo chic floral pattern that complements the gray and white marble tile on the shower floors and bench. Clearly a case of modern-meets-marvelous done right.

Classy Pattern Marble Accent Wall In Shower Paired With Traditional Hardware 

A framed accent wall in this walk-in shower with a barrier free glass door entry is a prime example of how a touch of pattern can do no harm in a master bath remodel. Elegant yet eye-catching, our Alcamo marble tile stuns in this space.

Everyone loves a good twist on traditional design and this shower design achieved just that. Pairing traditional white marble on the shower walls and shower floors in this space, the result is a classic and timeless inspirational look that soothes the soul. To mix things up, though, a stunning silver and white marble pattern tile is used as a shower accent tile to definitively break up the otherwise all-marble design and welcome in visual interest.

Wood Look Porcelain Tiles Create Cozy Scandinavian Chic Vibes In This Open Shower 

Wood look tiles in a shower design? Oh, yes, it can work. This Scandinavian inspired embraces the meaning of hygge to the fullest by using organic, white wood porcelain tiles (Oregon Rustic Bianco) on the bathroom floor and walls in the shower. The result is a cozy nook for some serious R&R. 

Many times, when we think of a monochromatic bathroom, our minds race to all white bathrooms or black tile backsplashes with matching bold black floor tiles. Such is not always the case. You can achieve monochrome style in a bathroom tile design by using wood look tiles on the walls and floors. Adorning the shower tiles in this Scandinavian sanctuary is a matching white wood floor tile and wall tile. The complementing tiles create a seamless design that’s both up-to-date and homelike.

Deep Blue Geometric Wood Look Tiles Create a Mod Style Shower Tile Design

Color pop meets contemporary geometric design in this boy’s bathroom shower. Using our Urbana Blue wood look porcelain tile on both the shower walls and floors, creativity and style runs rampant in this guest bathroom renovation. 

Shower. tile designs don’t have to be dull, you can get as creative and artistic as you want, just like this geo chic design showcases with its bold blue porcelain tiles. The bubbly wood look tile provides a sense of texture to enliven the aesthetic while the geometric pattern paired with hues of blue create an undeniably adventurous touch. This shower works well in a child’s bathroom where it can transition through the years and add a playful element in the process.


Metallic Steel Porcelain Tiles In A Sleek, Industrial Inspired Shower Design

This shower design has a covetable metallic porcelain tile (Stellar Steel Deco) adorning the shower wall and bathroom backsplash to create a show-stopping aesthetic. Shimmering and shining under the lights, this gray porcelain wall tile makes any guest stop in their tracks. Plus, the contrast of a white marble floor makes an even bolder impact.

For those with a penchant for industrialism in design, a bold metallic porcelain tile can do well in a shower design. As seen in the above design, it adds an urban approved aesthetic to the bathroom that is perfect for industrial chic interior design styles. Plus, the textured pattern tile adds a refined ornamental touch to the walls which gives this minimalist space a sense of excitement.

Mix and Match Materials Create an Uncommon Aesthetic In This Homey Shower 

Creating a rustic-meets-transitional design is easy, as this shower with a hinged glass door proves. Balancing a chevron shower floor tile with a wood look porcelain wall tile, it is visually pleasing without overwhelm that one may think comes from mixed materials.

When your client wants to hop on the rustic farmhouse interior design trend in their bathroom, but wants to make sure that down the line they won’t have to renovate too much, consider using mixed materials for a more transitional bathroom design as seen above. Using a wood look porcelain accent wall in this walk-in shower, it has texture, color (thanks to the blue, white and beige planks) and dimension. It gives just enough homelike feeling to make a sanctuary of a shower. But then, to add a subtle twist to the style, there’s a marble chevron floor tile that seamlessly mixes into the design to offset the rustic vibe with a more timeless one. 

Chevron Wood Accent Wall In Shower Matches Tile Tub Surround For Pleasing Results

Beige tones create a homey atmosphere in this transitional modern guest bathroom. Using wood look porcelain tiles on the bathroom floor and carrying the same tile as a tiled tub surround, a warming ambiance is felt. To break up the traditional wood tiles, the shower accent tile wall has a chevron pattern (Acadia Spiga Bianco tile) statement piece. 

Beige bathrooms don’t have to be boring! By using varied textures, materials and tile styles, you can create a noteworthy remodel that will move through time and impress your clients. Take for example this beautiful, transitional bathroom. Using wood tiles that look like porcelain on the bathroom floors and pairing with a tiled tub surround, the result is a homey configuration that is time-tested. To break things up a bit, the same tone is used as a shower tile accent wall, only with a chevron pattern for a ravishing delight.

Gray Marble Meets Gray Mosaic Tiles In This Modernistic Shower Design

This master bathroom easily acts as a place for respite with its mixed gray color scheme. Using luxurious marble large format tiles on the wall behind the tub, a glass mosaic tiled tub surround and marble floor tiles, there’s not a thing this design can’t do for clients!

‘Til now, we’ve seen many amazing walk-in shower designs and shower/tub combinations, yet, this will be the first example of true luxury: a separate shower with a tub next to it. This large master bathroom remodel creates a modernistic storyline in design thanks to the varied hues of contemporary gray. On the walls, large tiles find their place, giving a seamless appearance needed in a more modern bathroom. Then, the tiled tub surround uses a stacked mosaic glass tile that reflects light, creating almost a jewelry box design. To make things better, the shower design itself is a walk-in shower with step that continues using the large format tiles for an endless appearance. 

Steam Room With A Shimmering Glass Mosaic Feature Wall 

Herringbone glass mosaic feature wall tile (Espiga Gray) creates a chic touch to this steam room that has a wooden chair and shower ledge for storage. It makes a spa like shower design that’s easy to waste the day away in!

Serve up a spa design with a steam room shower design like this one in no time. All you need to do is find a stand-out mosaic tile for a feature wall, create a spacious shower ledge for storage, and add matching rain shower heads for a luxurious experience. Trust us, the lack of tub won’t be missed, when your client can sit under a stream of water and be whisked away daily in their sanctuary. Using a stylish herringbone glass tile, the feature wall in this shower adds a hint of color and covetable movement. 

Glossy Herringbone Glass Tiles Create Color Pop In This Standard Guest Room Shower

Creating a slightly bold moment in a guest bathroom was easily achieved in this tub-shower combination design that features a white and blue tile design. Using white subway wall tiles in the shower, a classic, timeless form is evident; however, to break it up, a glossy, light-loving herringbone glass tile (Monaco Condamine Marine) is added to make a bit of fun.

Budget guest bathroom designs don’t have to stick to using only subway wall tiles and glass mosaic floor tiles–No, you can add a splash of color and an immediate statement, as seen in the room above, by incorporating a pattern glass wall tile or tile tub surround. The appeal is that you get to add a color pop to break a design up and create a clever surprise for those that are visiting. 

Classic Penny Round Tiles In Hip Minimalistic Modern Shower Design

Pairing gray penny round floor tiles with white penny round wall tiles, this walk in shower is contemporary cool. Featuring a sleek shower screen, there’s positive movement throughout, creating a sense of spaciousness even if the bathroom is on the smaller side!

What makes for a design that has seamless appeal? A clear shower screen and coordinating floor and wall tiles! The frameless screen here allows the focus to remain on the copious contemporary gray penny round tile, and lets the white penny round tiles flow organically into the shower wall. Plus, we’re fans of the natural touches of wood on the bathroom vanity and arched mirror that adds warmth and life to what could otherwise be a cold, modern space.

Modern White Metallic Porcelain In Spa Shower Design 

A metallic white porcelain tile decorates this seamless walk-in shower that’s endlessly spacious and exquisitely cool. The shimmering style of the porcelain wall tile (Stellar White Deco) complements the bras shower hardware to make a romantic, ethereal and contemporary glam interior.

A beautiful example of romantic, contemporary glam done right, this bathroom design features a textured metallic porcelain tile that works in tandem with the shower’s brass hardware. Creating a luxury bathroom remodel that is monumentally impactful. The way the wall tile works with the marble floor tile in the shower is a testament to its posh ambiance. 

Now that you’ve reached the end of our inspirational shower tile post, how do you feel? Excited and ready to take on your next bathroom interior design project? We sure hope so! In the event you need just a bit more visit our website’s gallery inspiration, please go ahead and which is filled with even more designs to stir your creative juices. 

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