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Shower Tile Niche Designs That Make Any Bathroom Beautiful

This lux bathroom has a shower tile niche design that creates a contrast against the statement wall tile.  

When it comes to designing a shower, there’s a key component that can sometimes go unnoticed; the shower tile niche! Today, we’re going to breakdown how to use tile to craft a unique look for shower niche tiles. We plan to shake things up and inspire you with a dozen plus gorgeous shower tile install designs! Scroll on, and learn more.

Classic Shower Tile Niches  

Some designs are classics for a reason. They stand the test of time and can ebb and flow with any design trend that arises. Such is the case for the following shower niche designs. From subway tile niches to blue and white mosaic tile niches, there is something for those of you seeking a more transitional feeling in their shower design.

A linen look subway niche is a balance of cozy and timeless as proven by the above monochrome shower.

The shower niche situation above, using a fabric look subway tile, this niche design is bold, endearing, and timeless. Using our Graphite Linen glass mosaic tile, this space is given instant moodiness, a modern edge, and uncapped dimension all the while remaining cozy thanks to the fabric look of the tile itself. What’s more the seamless use of the gray mosaic tile through the tile niche with a simple white shower niche border proves to be completely seamless and contemporary. Gorgeous!

A little country, a little green. This shower niche design is the perfect fusion of the two! 

This country chic shower niche tile design is a testament to the way ceramic tiles can create a captivating and intriguing design. Using a gorgeous white subway tile on the main shower walls, the design is a certifiable classic. Pairing the ceramic subway tile with our Plume White ceramic tile and matching sage green ceramic pencil liner, the shower tile niche stuns. With a glazed finish and subtle crackle appearance, the handmade-like touch elevates the overall country aesthetic. We’re all for it!

Blue and white marble tiles create a striking accent in this shower tile niche and wall tile design.

The bathroom’s shower tile design above showcases how timeless blue and white designs can be. While the shower’s walls are made with a seamless white subway tile, the accent wall and shower niche are made from marble blue and white hex tiles (Korfos). The result? A classic shower niche tile situation that is both endearing and captivating– A perfect fusion of upscale artistry that balances the bathroom interior out.

All shell tiles? Oh yes! This classic shower tile niche design is complemented by covetable sparkly, shell tiles.

Using naturally luminous and intrinsically stylish shell tile (Daytona Beach), this steam room puts its shower niche design front-and-center. These sparkling mosaic tiles in this shower design prove that it’s a great way to add a luxury treatment to even the smallest spaces. They offer depth, design, and creativity in the best way. Using various tones of shell tiles and pairing with a sophisticated marble feature wall tile in the shower, you get a space that wows.

Modern Shower Niches 

Glossy hex tiles create a modern design that wows in this shower tile niche design.

There are endless modern shower niche ideas to run with, but one that has our contemporary cravings fulfilled is the above shower design. Using a beautiful navy blue glass tile (Saint Tropez Twilight), and contrasting it with large format, polished white porcelain wall tiles, it creates a spectacularly stylish shower that wows. Not to mention, the hexagon tiles offer a covetable modernized feeling with their striated facade. Almost painterly, they are fashionable and exquisite, putting the shower niche on full display in this home!

A color shower tile niche adds a much-needed something to this otherwise white shower design. 

If you want to create a welcoming yet modern aesthetic in your next shower niche design, try out a herringbone glass mosaic tile. As seen above, our Espiga Air glass mosaic tile invigorates this shower design, giving it a push of visual interest and a definite statement that is ideal for any home. The shower glass tile also creates a fun illusion of movement against the white subway tile which is a win for any small space bathrooms.

Glitzy Shower Tiles 

Small scale gold chevron mosaic tiles create a very polished and prime look for this bathroom’s shower tile niche.

Seeking a scintillating shower tile that wows? Go for a jewelry box-approved gold mosaic tile with the ever-inspiring Espiga Gold tile. As seen in this glitz and glam-approved shower design, it gives the space a luxe touch that is chic and upscale. While it may seem like gold mosaic tiles can be overbearing, this is proof that when used as an accent tile, especially in a shower niche design, it makes for a great addition. We love the way it breaks up the design storyline and really provides a decadent shine against the gold marble wall tile. 

This home’s owner gets to channel a modern day flapper with the bold white marble and brass shower niches!

What could be more glitz and glam than a nod to the roaring twenties? Bold, beautiful and bright; our eastern white marble and brass tile can truly enhance any shower space instantly. With their art deco-approved touch, these shower nich tiles allow light to dance along their surfaces (Thanks to the use of white marble!). As noted in this design, our White Nouveau tile works within the confines of the overall shower design to create a sense of upscale beauty. Seriously, this niche tile and shower wall tile design would have all the flappers dancing!

A fusion of neutrals with a hint of gold makes this shower niche tile design covetable as can be!

Honing in on a fusion of eclectic elements and a beautiful neutral palette, this tub-and-shower tile design featuring our Ritz Gold Tile is a fair display of using glam decor properly done to create design longevity. With its cement look soaking tub and contrasting beige stone tile, the mix of light grays, beiges, and golds come together to form a pulled-together-yet-casual ambiance ideal for long post-work soaks. The shower niche tile in this design creates an extremely luxurious touch thanks to its gold shimmers. Its tied-together appearance with a geometric chic touch makes the design one for the books!

All white marble tile designs hold a special place in our hearts, and this one tops them all with a seamless carrara shower niche tile!

Fusing together the scenic with the serene, this shower design is magazine-worthy. The way the texturized marble feature wall tile (Diana) plays off the overall light, white ambiance is just right for this glam-worthy primary bath design. With subtle sparkle from the white marble and shell tile, and marble shower niche tile, this design is flawless.

A sparkling feature wall tile design is complemented by a deep shower niche that is perfect for storing bath time essentials.

Last up, our ever-eye-catching Cordoba Silver glass hexagon tiles; a quick way to make a jewelry box design that will have jaws dropping and eyes popping. With its silver polished finish and multi-hue facade, this hexagon glass tile truly tops the ranks with its beauty. The reflective qualities of the glass, combined with the mix of white hues in this room, are a great way to amplify the feeling of light and space in your next bathroom project!

Rustic Chic Shower Tile Niches 

The worn-in wood look tiles create a captivating contrast in this rustic chic shower design!

Who said rustic can’t be chic?! Not this amazing shower niche and shower wall tile design featuring our Tanglewood Mixed Planks! As seen in the shower design above, the wood look plank tiles add a rustic feeling with their mixed sizes and unpolished finishes. The result is a shower that truly embraces the timeless aesthetic wood look porcelain tiles offer matched with country-approved ambiance. 

A truly modern twist on a rustic chic shower design, this geometric shower tile complements the wood look tile perfectly.

The above shower niche showcases a more modernized version of rustic chic thanks to its structural decor accents and geometric marble niche tile. Our Trellis 18 tile adds a heightened sense of sophistication to the room, and works in tandem with the wood look wall tile. We’re obsessed. 

Neutral, natural and beautiful, this shower niche tile design looks like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers!

Rustic chic tiles also work extremely well in a bathroom’s shower design for modern farmhouse, as seen above. Using a sophisticated Carrara marble large format tile on the wall around the floral tile shower niche, the space is light, bright and beautiful. More than just adding an elegant touch to the farmhouse inspired look, this floral wood look tile also creates an artistic storyline.

Geo Fabulous Tile Niches 

With its classic coloring, and marble touches, this shower tile design instantly creates a storyline that is a hit.

Not for simple? More for statement making pieces? Try our Alcamo geometric marble tile instead! It can deliver a classic marble tile feeling for bathroom instantly with a more modern twist. This design alone showcases that pattern marble tiles provide timeless, seamless beauty. 

Contemporary bliss. This shower niche tile design has a modern edge complete with a double shower look.

Contemporary style abounds in this minimalist, polished shower tile design. Using a shower niche ledge, the modernized space captivates using our geo chic, Espiga Gray glass mosaic tile. This glass mosaic tile shimmers and shines under the movement of the double rain showerehads, and we are all for it!

In all, we hope this post has left you feeling inspired and ready to install a shower niche for your next design project! If you’re ready to dive in and get even more inspired for your client work, head to our gallery and see myriad of tiles in action. 

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