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Old-Meets-New Kitchen Tile Designs Full of Character

Gorgeous old meets new kitchen design with a chevron marble tile (Arcadia) that contrasts the bold, emerald green cabinetry.

Old meets new kitchen tiles are trending this year, and we have to say, we’re loving it! 

Appealing to those craving something traditional yet not routine, these kitchen tile designs are eye-catching (especially fitting if your client wants to give their home a decidedly modern touch.) 

Today we’re rounding up a list of gorgeous old-meets-new kitchen tile designs perfect for 2022 design trends. We keep true to the classics, with a touch of chic thanks to modern flair.

Old Meets New Kitchen Tile Designs

Trending in 3D

Quaint, charming and modern this kitchen design wows with our White Pillow tile.

The bold impact of geometric backsplash tiles is something to behold. An awesome example of this is our undeniably unique 3-D White Pillow ceramic tiles that work well with an austere kitchen to create a majestic statement wall. The 3-D effect from the kitchen backsplash tile is simply breathtaking, making an overall design that’s both functional and striking. 

Wooden It Be Nice

Golden basketweave backsplash tile (Copper Mesa)  creates a remarkable statement in this modern-meets-classic design.

So you love the wood look and farmhouse style? You’re in good company. Make any kitchen a farmhouse-chic without the maintenance with our metal Copper Mesa tiles. The beautiful wood accents of this kitchen with the basketweave metal tile is sure to please even the pickiest of homeowners! 

It’s got a rustic farmhouse look, sure, but it’s so much more than that! It ties the overall design together with a warm, organic feeling. Hello, modernized twists on old designs.

Loving Livadi

Fresh, clean and bright modern meets vintage kitchen with chevron backsplash tiles.

Simple but timeless look that’s classic yet still fresh and current- these qualities are what this old-meets-new kitchen is made of. The chevron patterned kitchen backsplash tiles add some dimension to the space without being overwhelming or over-the-top. With a marble backsplash like our Livadi tile, any space can get that instant timeless feel with a base layer of elegance to build off of. 

Penny of Surprises

Bold blue penny tiles with their classic appearance contrast the contemporary style of this kitchen for supreme old-meets-new ambiance. 

Want to turn heads in your next kitchen project? Turns out, a risky statement for some can be a total stunner for others. One of the most emboldened choices for interior designers is a bright blue tile like our Cobalt Blue Penny Gloss tile. We think it’s time to rethink what it means to be tasteful with your kitchen backsplash and welcome the bold into old-meets-new kitchen designs.

Going Geometric with Chevron

A gray tone, feminine chic kitchen design has modern appeal with sleek countertops.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this divinely gorgeous backsplash tile and the intricate detailing that, in the end, amount to an eye-catching yet subtle pattern. A true display of vintage twist done right; the basin sink and victorian hardware complement the design storyline in an exquisite way. The space is classy, upscale, and timelessly crafted.

Marble Golden Hour

Beautiful Calacatta gold 4×12 polished subway tiles create a truly modern twist on a classic in this home.

Never is there a more apt old-meets-modern design than one with marble.

Known as a “golden marble,” Calacatta Gold has been used in constructing some of the world’s most memorable monuments, cathedrals, and castles for centuries. With Calacatta Gold marble, any kitchen becomes a monument to your client’s culinary prowess. This timeless marble is beloved by architects and interior designers for its elegant appearance and durability. Used in a modernized kitchen, with sleek cabinetry and floating shelves, the result is a sure-fire way to make this 2022 tile trend impactful.

Rustic Beauty

Bold elements come together to fuse together old meets new in this kitchen. From the golden sink to the sleek monochromatic dark blue cabinetry and countertop, it stuns.

Like a fashionista with impeccable taste in clothing, this kitchen pulls off an eclectic look with the perfect amount of class and trendiness. Putting together contemporary materials like resin, glass, and stone, our Copper Kettle mosaic tile for this kitchen backsplash takes on a fresh look that will absolutely instill envy in anyone who lays eyes on it. 

Stylish Wooden Stripes


A farmhouse chic kitchen with a modern twist thanks to the porcelain, low maintenance tiles used in the space. 

This farmhouse design gets an old-meets-new twist with our Tanglewood wood look porcelain tiles. With the floor-to-ceiling matching tile situation, it is a great example of taking a classic and flipping it on its head. It hits the rustic-chic aesthetic needed for a farmhouse kitchen but gives it the modern ease of maintenance with easy to clean kitchen tiles made from porcelain.

Soft Sophistication

Vintage industrial touches contrast beautifully and boldly in this kitchen.

Let’s face it: there’s no better way to bring a touch of class and finesse to a kitchen than with a marble. But, marble is too sophisticated…too classic for a modern home, right? 

Nope! Not in new-meets-old homes and not with our Cortona tiles made from Calacatta gold marble. This beautiful kitchen backsplash tile combines the soft sophistication of gray, marbled tile with the modern, sleek look of wood aesthetic to create a kitchen design that’s both edgy and elegant. The result is a perfect blend of two design elements that will make anyone rethink what they can accomplish in their kitchen. 

Gray Garden Vines

Modern meets midcentury in this eclectic kitchen design with pattern marble backsplash tiles. 

Bold. Modern. Minimal. If you’re looking for a kitchen design that embodies all of these qualities, then our classic Bahariya tile is your go-to option. Resulting from the union of crystal sand, Thassos white, and Cinderella gray marble tiles, the Bahariya kitchen backsplash tile will surely make your jaw drop- not to mention the all-white color scheme that will make your eyes go wide. 

Together, these elements create a space that’s bright, airy, and welcoming. But what really makes this kitchen design stand out is the fact that it’s bold but doesn’t have any color- a perfect balance of modern, antiqued, and minimalist. 

Diamonds Are Forever

Covetable bright design by SoCal interiors. 

Give your next kitchen project a timeless appeal with the classic style of our Trellis 10 diamond-shaped stone backsplash. The white and gray tones of this kitchen tile complement any color scheme and coordinate with stainless steel appliances. It’s the perfect blend of natural and contemporary design, giving you the look of dignified kitchen design that lasts a lifetime. 

Classic Craze

Ultra chic and brass laden kitchen by:@manderleyhomeinteriors ⁠⁠
Photography: @monicavargasphotos ⁠⁠

What’s the secret to a kitchen design that’s equal parts whimsy and utility? A classic, bold mosaic tile of course!

This kitchen backsplash tile takes advantage of the playful nature of tiles. Made from fun, quirky cuts instead of the rather predictable shapes of squares and rectangles, you definitely can never go wrong with these kitchen tiles. They add a modern twist to an old classic resulting in a truly exceptional space. (Oh, and we have to say, the touch of aluminum lighting pendants with midcentury chic is the ideal cherry on top!)

Leafy Goodness

A leaf wooden marble tile backsplash creates a unique touch in this kitchen design. 

Tired of subway tiles? Try another traditional tile design with a modern twist. These intricately laid kitchen backsplash tiles form small leaves that give off an air of peacefulness and simplicity- giving you the best of both worlds for a truly modern take on centuries-old classic. 

Glass, Glamorized

An Art Deco refresh kitchen that wows

With hints of art deco inspiration on the backsplash and a modern blue on the kitchen cabinetry, this new-meets-old kitchen is a star. The luster of the Saint Tropez White glass tile in the kitchen backsplash installation adds artsy glamor, while the shiny white countertop plays up its simple side. 

Style with Hexagons

Gorgeous hex tile backsplash design in this midcentury kitchen by Stoninngton Bros

Do you love the way traditional barn style homes look, but wish they had a little more of a sleek, modern vibe? 

If so, this kitchen design is going to be your favorite thing ever. Our stunning Elba tiles on the kitchen backsplash are sure to mesmerize, while the wood-laden floor and cabinetry give you that warm, homey feel. This kitchen is certain to satisfy your cravings for traditional classic style with a dash of both polished, contemporary aesthetics. Complete with a pantry ladder? We’re obsessed. 

Mad for Artisan Mod

Retro reigns supreme in this decadent kitchen with marble hex backsplash tiles.

Is it a kitchen or is it a midcentury art installation? You decide!

It’s time to bring out your inner kitchen artist and create a stunning mosaic backsplash- you know, the kind that looks like something right out of a 1960s movie scene. With a perfect union of Bardiglio Nuvolato and Bianco Carrara from our Heights Tile and time-stamped Smeg fridge, this kitchen design makes anyone’s eyes dance with delight. 

Two Is Better Than One (Tile)

A truly classic chic kitchen design with a medley of backsplash tiles that has our eyes captivated. 

Who says one tile design is enough for a kitchen backsplash? This kitchen backsplash proves otherwise. Pairing the classic Chevron tiles with a rather more intricate floral backsplash tile (Dahlia Gold) that gives out a subtle metallic shine, this combination surely creates an ethereal interior that can last a lifetime. What’s more, the rustic oven hood paired with more modern appliances hits all the stops for a balanced vintage-inspired design. 

Movin’ With Movement 

Playful floor tiles create a laid back twist in this otherwise traditional kitchen.

This kitchen is a new-meets-old fiesta for the eyes. It’s the perfect combination of vintage and modern: a simple white stone tile backsplash up against a playful Movement Hex Deco tiles on the floor, creating a seamless flow that is eye-candy for those craving for the geometric beauty of youth and the timeless beauty of classics. 

Modern Coastal Chic

Marble pattern tiles break up the rather traditional design to give a modern focus in the home’s kitchen. Design/Photo: Morris Flooring & Design

The tiles take the center stage, as they should. The backsplash of this kitchen breaks up the monotony of white and wood and adds some visual interest to the rather simple and traditional design. We’re just obsessed with the way our Esther tile has depth, texture, and movement all wrapped up in one. 

Vintage Industrial 

Gold marble diamond tiles make for a momentous addition to this vintage industrial kitchen. 

We’re certainly not the first to say it, but this kitchen design is THE ULTIMATE in old-meets-new designs– it’s a total show-stopper!

The eye-catching geometric shape of the Pienza marble tile is a stand-out in the kitchen design. The cream and gold tones contrast the antiqued look of the vintage industrial stove and oven hood perfectly. Both, together, are the real stars of this kitchen design. They’ve got an industrial vibe that’s incredibly on-trend this 2022, and a traditional feel that matches it. 

We hope this post has left you feeling inspired for your next design project! If you’re ready to dive in and get even more inspired for your client work, head to our gallery and see myriad of tiles in action.

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