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Must-See Outdoor Tiles In Backyard Designs

outdoor bar with hexagon black and white tiles

A classy combination of black and white outdoor tiles stylize a residential patio bar.

Summer is here and that means there’s no better a time to spend countless hours outside. We know that we’ll be hanging pool-side, basking in the sun and drinking fruity cocktails (and mocktails!) for the foreseeable future. If your clients are anything like us, then they’re probably starting to itch to redesign their backyard into something more personal and inviting. Which makes it an opportune time to deliver you some outdoor tiles inspiration, doesn’t it? Below we have all the outdoor tile ideas you need to kickstart your next project; from porcelain tile patio floors and tiled front bars to dazzling tile waterlines in pools. Sit back, grab a coffee and scroll into the summertime with us. 

Outdoor Tiles – Patio 

First stop: Outdoors tiles for patio living. If there’s ever a time to create a luxurious staycation, it’s the summer season! After all, who wants to chill outside in blizzards? Not us! Thanks to the beauty and versatility of tile, there are seemingly endless ways to create a true-to-client outdoor oasis. Tiling outdoors has never been easier!


You can use porcelain tiles for outdoor areas, which will not only add a gorgeous statement to the overall design but ensure longevity years to come. What’s more, porcelain tile on patios is a hit since these pieces don’t easily stain and porcelain tiles are non-slip which means you can jump in the pool, then lounge on your patio, worry-free. 


Commercial patio with wood look plank tiles

A resort style outdoor space with Tanglewood Mix porcelain wood look tiles in dreamy neutral tones.


Sweet serenity, found. With the truly limitless styles and materials of outdoor tiles available, there’s nothing that outdoor tiling won’t do to benefit your design. You can find outdoor floor tiles that look like wood to create a rustic, island destination or you can create an urban, industrial chic hot spot with cement look tiles. Rather than using actual wood flooring or cement flooring, opting for outdoor floor tiles that have increased durability, like porcelain tiles or glass tiles, is an essential way to ensure minimal upkeep and a longer lifespan.


Take for example the stunner of an outdoor space above featuring our Tanglewood Mix porcelain wood look tiles. With an ombre of blues, beiges and whites, this patio tile design comes alive underfoot to create a covetable outdoor hangout where overstaying the welcome is commonplace. The neutral furniture and pops of teal throughout complements the overall patio floor tiles which makes an upscale, farmhouse-meets-island time design that’s chic as can be. 


wood look patio floor tiles

Neutral, earth-loving Tanglewood porcelain outdoor tiles cover an outdoor deck, summer-ready.


The real treat to designing patios with outdoor tiles is the way no two spaces will look the same. From tile type and tile lay pattern to the overall furniture of choice, using tiles outdoor gives a multi-dimensional style that traditional patio flooring just couldn’t do! If you had to choose between a fun, pattern tile for patios or a run-of-the-mill cherry wood floor installation, which would you choose? We’re going to say the fun choice! Using patio tiles offers a way for personal expression to shine and make a space that clients won’t want to leave…Even if they can!


Outdoor Tiles – Exterior Tiling Ideas

Thought that the outdoor tiling fun stops at patios? It doesn’t! The next way to use tiles in a backyard or commercial outdoor space is via fireplace, barbecue, and outdoor kitchen designs. We all know the power of having a photo-worthy moment, especially when family and friends gather, so why not spruce up the immediate area that your client will be entertaining in?


After all, s’mores are a treat in and of themselves, but s’mores with a delightful fireplace tile surround? Sweet tooth and eye candy prevails! Or, think about a pattern outdoor shower accent wall tile that makes grilling and chilling have a whole new meaning. There’s seriously no limit on the way you can design and exterior tiling ideas can help you get there seamlessly.


commercial fireplace with metal look porcelain tiles

Modern, chic Aurora cement look outdoor tiles adorn a fireplace in a custom backyard.

The beauty about porcelain, ceramic or glass tiles is that they are intrinsically heat resistant. This means that these outdoor tiles make the perfect addition to a fireplace design. You can create a feature wall fireplace with glass mosaic tiles that will glisten when the sun hits them or you can create a fireplace surround with statement porcelain tiles that will enhance the backyard’s story line. All the while, your clients won’t need to worry about things overheating or the elements ruining their investment years later. 


A beautiful concept of outdoor tiling on a fireplace can be seen in the above design. Using our Aurora collection white porcelain tiles, these cement look porcelain tiles have visual intrigue thanks to their textured bodies and shimmering facade. They add an upscale touch to this contemporary backyard, giving way to an outdoor tiling situation that warrants double takes. 


Parma tile outdoor fireplace

Stunning outdoor fireplace with marble leaf pattern tile (Parma)

Another beautiful example of fireplace tile done right is the above outdoor design. Featuring a stunning mix of calacatta bluette and Thassos white marbles, it creates a sense of intrigue and ombre effect that will delight guests no matter the season. The vine pattern tile also adds a unique, organic touch that blends in seamlessly with its environment.


gorgeous accent wall in outdoor shower with marble tiles

Japanese garden style shower in backyard with the Himiko feature wall tiles emboldening and captivating.


Not just a standard for fireplace tiling, you can use tiles in pool cabanas, outdoor showers and more. Easily make clients feel they’re entering an outdoor garden sanctuary by using statement wall tiles in an outdoor shower design. The best part? You can create a luxury retreat with marble wall tiles that wow and have the space feel like they stepped into a resort far away, when in reality, it’s a few steps from their home!


Marble can make a great option for outdoor showers thanks to their natural beauty and sophistication. Few materials are as timeless and luxury-instilling as marble is. While it may require a bit more upkeep than aforementioned porcelain or glass tiles, marble feature walls or showers can make an incredible splash and impact on an outdoor tile design.


Outdoor tiles – Bar and Kitchen

Picture this: Drink in hand, sun above, pool splashes heard in the near distance, barbecue teasing the senses, and a cocktail shaker rattling. Sounds pretty sweet, right? This image can become your next client’s reality with outdoor bar and kitchens. The ultimate in any backyard design, outdoor bars can create an at-home destination that will have friends gathering weekly and stylish outdoor kitchens make family dinners all the more enjoyable. 


terrazzo look ceramic tiles bar

Confetti style terrazzo inspired ceramic tiles (Terra Speckled Blue) create a sense of visual intrigue on a contemporary bar surround


When decorating an outdoor bar, there’s only one rule to follow: Make it pop! There’s no wrong way to decorate a home bar for backyard chilling. The real fun starts when you make it a focal point of the entire design. While kids can splash around all day, parents can find a time-out themselves with cocktails safely enjoyed at home. With that in mind, make the design as eye-catching as you’d like. Think: floral pattern floor tiles on the deck paired with a bright subway tile backsplash or a bold geometric tile wall accent with a colorful tiled front of bar. 


backyard bar with blue mosaic tiles

A commercial outdoor bar in an island resort featuring glistening blue mosaic tiles for paradise- approved drinking.


One of the ways using outdoor tiles in a bar area comes in handy is in commercial designs. With the sheer volume of glass tiles or mosaic tiles at your disposal, you can create as striking as a design as you please. First impressions count, especially when guests are paying to be transported away from their day-to-day lives and a bar area outside is the key to doing this!


Whether your outdoor bar is located in a metropolitan area or the Caribbean, you can devise a tiled bar front that stuns in a simple way. Just take inspiration from the commercial feature tile design on the bar above. With deep, blue mosaic tiles lining the front of the bar, it’s a destination that matches the tropical oasis that surrounds it; palm trees and all. When the island sun hits the glass mosaic tiles, the result is a thrilling focal point that guests are sure to love. 


modern kitchen with diamond pattern tile floors

Arrow pattern outdoor floor tiles (Dardanelles) in a backyard kitchen that creates a sense of movement and covetable style.


The fun doesn’t stop at outdoor bars in the backyard or exterior space, oh no. Cook up a cool design, literally. You can get crafty as can be with gorgeous outdoor kitchen floor tiles. Using a statement pattern tile in a design is a sure-fire way to add a decidedly cool touch with minimal effort. Plus, there are so many styles that you can choose for floor tiles;  marble arrow tile patterns (like above), herringbone glass tiles, or geometric porcelain tiles. The only thing you need to do is design the space and place the tile. 


A creative outdoor kitchen backsplash featuring an oval mosaic stone tile (Raindrop 1) that glamorizes and excites the space.


What can make grilling and chilling all the more fun? An outdoor backsplash tile to match! Using a feature wall tile that stands out is an easy way to get an outdoor design from lackluster to impactful in no time. The best part is that you can define your style instantaneously with an outdoor backsplash. Whether your space seeks a more modern edge or a more natural element, you can achieve that by the type of tile you use. 


A marble wall tile with pattern can be used to create a rustic accent, like the outdoor space above. The exterior tiling here showcases a medley of neutrals; a dark wood oven hood and cabinetry that plays off the wood look marble tile of the backsplash. There’s a sense of warmth that the space exudes, making it homey and welcoming, even for an exterior space. 


Outdoor Tiles – Pool 

Make a splash figuratively and literally with pool tiles! If there’s one area that can make any backyard come alive, it’s the pool. Since it’s the central attraction for guests during scorching hot summer days, making sure it’s beautiful and captivating is key. This is easy to achieve when using pool tiles for waterlines, surrounds, and inlaid placements. The only thing you have to do? Figure out how you want to use your imagination to create the pool!


outdoor pool with aquatic theme

Aquatic theme mosaic mural art paints the bottom of a residential unground pool.


One of the most imaginative ways to create with inlaid pool designs is with mosaic tiles. Using colorful glass tiles to configure mosaic mural art on the bottom of an inground pool makes for a swoon-worthy style. You can let your inner artist shine and paint the scene of your client’s dreams with the spectrum of color tiles. With their glossy and deeply pigmented facades, the mosaic chips will glisten under the sun, adding movement and intrigue as the water flows throughout the day.


outdoor pool with blue mosaic tiles

Sparkling, glistening orchids bloom in this mosaic tile mural in a commercial inground outdoor pool.


These mosaic mural scenes combine durability, functionality and durability.  With myriad colors and endless inspiration, these glass tiles know how to dazzle and create a photo-worthy backdrop for all backyard happenings. 


monochromatic pool with mosaic tiles

Mosaic glass tiles (Stella MIX48-593) on pool steps creating a monochromatic, summer-approved style.

 Want to make a sleek, classic pool tile design? That’s easy to do, too! Choose a color family, blue is the most traditional for pools, and then use mosaic tiles in variations of the chosen hue. 


For instance, the gorgeous, refreshing inlaid pool tile above uses sky blues, ocean blues and cloud whites to create a peaceful respite for clients all summer long. Pair with blue mosaic waterline tiles and you’re good to go!


To mix things up a bit, try out sea green tiles to adda sense of depth and luxury!


There you have it; all the ways to use outdoor tiles in a backyard space. Did you see any you like? Feel free to sign up to be a dealer today and let us help you with your next outdoor tile project! Sign up here.


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