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Monaco Collection: Timeless Look with a Modern Twist

Inspired by the glamour and opulence of famous Monaco, Mir Mosaic introduces the latest glass mosaic collection of the year – Monaco Collection where timeless elegance meets with contemporary. This electroplated glass mosaic collection is a great touch to any room using a distinctive yet never aging style by blending traditional shapes with a modern flare.

Whether it be commercial or residential none of us want to create spaces with a solid and boring décor. But even though we like being different and showing off our personality most of us end up making tentative choices in our tile choices when it comes to change. Monaco Collection tiles stay right in the middle of bringing a contemporary feel and being timeless enough to stand the test of time even after many years. These bright and elegant glass tiles will be an ideal backsplash choice to accent an otherwise boring room without ever becoming out-of-date.

   Moneghetti Marine

The Rich and Famous Monaco

A tiny country steeped in rich architectural and cultural beauty with stunning Riviera landscapes and brilliant attractions… Monaco is the jewel of the Mediterranean that has always been the district for the rich and famous. Mir Mosaic inspired by the rich and famous Monacan style delicately created each one of the Monaco Collection tiles in such a way that they are timeless while exuding the discreet luxury. Four stunning patterns and three colors are created for the collection to show this delightful combination of charming and contemporary style just like its namesake, Monaco.


 Monte Carlo Marine

Redefined Shapes

The tiles in the collection are comprised of three stunning colors (white, grey and blue)in four different patterns. Each color is used with the combination of grey to give the shapes a more dimensional and dramatic look.

Moneghetti pattern tiles are interpretation of classical subway tiles in a modern way to create movement on your walls with an artsy touch, bringing a new perspective to the traditional subway shape.

Wave like pattern in Monte Carlo pattern is designed to give the Mediterranean feel with its flowing pattern and softer lines throughout the tile.

On the other hand is the Riviera pattern tiles that are more than just a hexagon. The combination of two colors in each option creates an illusion and drama without overwhelming your space.

Finally comes the Condamine pattern tiles which are herringbones framed with a grey touch to enhance the classical look of a herringbone and make each tile piece stand out even more.

All four patterns are the re-designing of the classic yet most popular traditional patterns with a small touch of the modern created with glass materials of exceptional quality.

                                                             Monte Carlo Gris

Keep up with the new

When making tile choices in our décor, most of us sort of fear for change and hesitate to adding a different touch to our home because we believe our choices may not appeal to others. That is why we feel safer to go with the ordinary instead of going beyond the ordinary. However we forget to ask the most important question; ‘How can I make my space look the best while reflecting my personal sense of style?’

In home décor, we often overlook the fact that we are the ones to decide on the feeling and functionality of our space and our homes is the representation of us and should be decorated as such. Tiles play such an important role in interior design and setting the feel of your home.


Monaco Collection tiles offers stunning four patterns to define your space in your own unique way and let you incorporate contemporary elements in your designs without the fear of a big change. If the combination of contemporary but timeless is what you are looking for, consider Monaco Collection glass tiles in your next remodeling project and bring distinctiveness to your design. Don’t forget that “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.

  Monte Carlo Marine

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