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Modern Farmhouse Interiors for Spring That Wow

Modern farmhouse interiors are the perfect addition to any home in spring.

Spring is almost officially here! After many long, cold, dark months, we’re all ready for more sun, color and light. But even though the days are getting longer and warmer, things are still a little bit on the chilly side. The perfect balance? Amazing modern farmhouse interiors that will warm up any room and make it feel extra cozy! Scroll through and stay inspired.

Blue Pops Done Right

Our Pisa Calacatta Gold tile stuns in this farmhouse remodel by Johnston Paint.

You don’t have to live on a farmhouse to get the farmhouse vibes with this kitchen design. The accents of wood throughout is a classic that goes well with the blue cabinets, making this kitchen a veritable fit for the farmhouse design we’re going for and the sunny days that spring brings. And let’s not forget about the crisp balance of all white walls and floor with a sense of depth through marble backsplash tiles. 

Allure of Imperfection

This multi textured bathroom makes a great impression with our Erdine marble tile.

When it comes to farmhouse modern design, the more imperfect, the better. This design is an ode to traditional country design with its use of mixed materials, textures, and worn-in look. A springtime sparkle is also incorporated in the space with the light blue walls, but what makes this design a stand-out is the combination of three different tiles that tie up the look and makes it perfectly imperfect.

Homey Modern Farmhouse  

A chess look backsplash tile (Potomac) completes this cozy, rustic farmhouse kitchen design perfect for the spring.

Say goodbye to winter in style with this farmhouse kitchen design that incorporates stone mosaic tile, which creates a sense of awakening, as if the stone is peeking out from underneath its winter blanket of snow. The wood finish also gives the kitchen a warm, inviting feel that’s modern and contemporary but also has a down-home vibe you can’t deny. 

Into the Woods

With mixed tones and materials, this farmhouse bathroom is fresh as can be featuring our Tanglewood Mixed Planks tile.

Nothing says “farmhouse aesthetic” quite like this bathroom design filled with weathered wood finishing and antiqued looking metal faucet. Walking into this bathroom also feels like a springtime walk through the woods with its neutral and vibrant natural wood look bathroom wall tiles that looks downright pretty and relaxing. There’s no question that this farmhouse bathroom design would be the ultimate go-to design to wow your clients or yourself. 

Whimsical Modern Farmhouse Kitchen  

A gorgeous recycled glass tile (Epillet Beige) backsplash creates a chic, reflective design in this kitchen. 

Capture the feeling of walking into a farmhouse on the first day of spring with this light-themed kitchen design. The light wood shelves add an extra rustic touch that ground you in the earthiness of nature, while the vine-looking tiles on the walls evoke thoughts of new life sprouting up everywhere. 

Light as the Blue Skies

A one-of-a-kind artistic floor-to-ceiling design with bold blue wood look tile (Urbana Wood Blue)

Spring is in the air! Well, it’s in the air in this bathroom at least. This beautiful space is full of earthy, warming colors and materials that are perfect for enjoying the first little bit of warmth we get as winter ends. The blue tiles represent the bright blue skies we see so much of during spring that goes incredibly well with the dark-colored cabinets that create that weathered farmhouse finish. 

Woodsy, Cozy Retreat 


This farmhouse family room is given an injection of sandy warmth with our Moncada mosaic tile as a fireplace surround.

We know what you’re thinking: “Fireplaces are for winter.” Well not this one. This modern farmhouse fireplace design has all the texture and natural materials that are a go-to for farmhouse designs… plus the mosaic wood tiles that will keep the room toasty while you wait for spring to officially start

Dreamy, Cream Stunner

Star and cross tiles (Pantheon White Antico) make an exquisite touch of whimsy in this farmhouse kitchen.

So you want a farmhouse kitchen with a little whimsy? Of course you do- and there’s nothing more gorgeous than a white farmhouse kitchen. That light, airy intrigue catches your eye and draws you in, like a butterfly to the sun. But wait – you can have even more! Like this space, don’t be afraid to add a patterned backsplash tile design that gives a little pop of intrigue and a dash of springtime happiness. 

Old World Charm

Zellige ceramic tiles (Silk Gure) create a darker color scheme in this kitchen and it works wonderfully.

Let’s now move on to the darker side of modern farmhouse design. This dark farmhouse kitchen design is full of unexpected delights. The shimmery ceramic backsplash tiles are reminiscent of misty mornings of spring. This works perfectly against the pale gray walls and cabinetry the color of an overcast afternoon in April. Tying all this together? The wooden countertops. Overall, this design is just as timeless as it is fresh. 

Neutral Wonderland

Brick look wall tiles (Alicante) create a neutral haven in this farmhouse kitchen.

If you’re looking for a modern, sleek kitchen that still feels homey and intimate like a farmhouse, you’ve come to the right place. This kitchen design combines the warmth and coziness of a traditional farmhouse with the sleek sophistication of modern design. The wood finishes and the intricate wood-like kitchen tile wall give it that classic farmhouse feel while the rest of the space stays crisp and clean. Everything about this design can surely make you feel mellow and light inside, the same way you feel when the flowers bloom and sun shines on spring. It’s like springtime in this kitchen all year round!

A Little Piece of Farmhouse Heaven

Our Piacenza tile cultivates a light-loving backsplash design with its white and gray diamond patterns.

This kitchen design is made to welcome the fresh and new. An ideal space to embrace the nice glow of rebirth and awakening this upcoming spring! We love the farmhouse style and how it mixes the rustic and modern look of this home. The geometric pattern of tile in the kitchen wall adds a touch of elegance to this design, while the rustic look of wood finish makes a space that any farmhouse lover will approve of.

Blissful Sanctuary

Symmetry magnetizes this farmhouse bathroom alongside our Parma Tile.

Create a sanctuary right inside your home with a spring approved farmhouse bathroom design like the above. The dark wood and metal light fixtures are reminiscent of a traditional farmhouse aesthetic that has been around for ages. But what we love the most in this design is how it soothes our soul with the stone mosaic backsplash tiles that mimics the water smoothly running down the steam- talk about spring at its finest. And oh that greenery? A brilliant addition that further gives this bathroom design a fresh, outdoorsy feel. 

Modern Farmhouse Patterns, Anyone? 

Pattern delight! This groovy, spring farmhouse kitchen stands out with our Modena tile backsplash design.

Get ready to see the whole world through rose-colored glasses… or, in this case, through a soft, sweet springtime glow. This farmhouse-inspired kitchen design is the perfect blend of traditional and modern, featuring a light and airy feel with just the right touch of modernity with the  patterned backsplash tile design that brings a fresh, contemporary sparkle to the space.The wide windows further let plenty of natural light in, making this kitchen just as cheery as it is beautiful.

Springtime Show Stopper

A perfect feminine balance of brushed nickel hardware, farmhouse basin sink, and soft sophisticated marble tiles (Pisa).

You know that feeling when you’re walking down the street and you see someone who’s so effortlessly put together that you have to stop and stare for a minute? That’s what this kitchen is. It’s got all the elements of the popular farmhouse interior design with metal fixtures and a gorgeous sink. But it takes things one step further with a chevron backsplash tile design that adds just a dash of modernity and a unique earthy touch that goes well with the neutral colored cabinetry- bringing this fresh energy that can only come with the arrival of spring. 

Modern Farmhouse Approved Beauty

Our Ftelia arabesque white tiles create an expansive backsplash design in this light, cheery kitchen.

A little bit country, a little bit modern, and all kinds of cozy. If you are itching to try out the latest spring colors, this kitchen is for you. The light gray cabinetry and gray-veined marble countertops are complemented by the Ftelia backsplash tiles with an intricate pattern that adds depth and dimension to the space. The result is a dazzling farmhouse kitchen design that looks bright and cozy- perfect for the burst of sunshine we’ve all been waiting for after a long winter.

All of these interiors are proof that you can have all the comforts of a modern home while maintaining the cozy ambiance of a farmhouse…Since you’ve reached the end, we bet you’re full of inspiration and ready to find the perfect tile for your design, aren’t you? If this sounds right, click here to explore all the tile options you can use for your design today!

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