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Celebrate National Pet Day With MIR Collections Furry Friends

It’s National Pet Day! You know what that means, right? It’s one of MIR Collection’s favorite days! We love our pets and our pets love our tiles. So, it felt only natural to roundup all the times that they were looking real cute lounging or playing on them. 

It’s with little wonder why they choose our tiles –  we have plenty of pet-friendly tile options that can help keep your four-legged friends safe and out of trouble (ahem, dirty paws.) From non-slip surfaces to easy cleaning, these tiles that are all equally mesmerizing and functional will surely fit both your needs and theirs. 

When this cat decided to stop playing with her ball and instead spend her time rubbing up against our Tacoma Park marble hexagonal tiles, we knew that we’d already won this cat’s approval.

Cats are notoriously picky about the types of surfaces they like to rub their fur on, so when we saw this cat’s reaction to our tile design, we knew it was a surefire sign that we were onto something good.


You’ve heard of a dog being a man’s best friend. But have you ever heard of a dog being your interior designer?

Well, this little guy might just be that for you… if you’re having a hard time choosing the perfect tiles for your space. And we can’t blame you, we’re having a hard time too choosing the best out of these gorgeous geometric waterjet tile options! But one thing we know for sure, all of these tile options can give that curb appeal for every room in your house. 

We don’t know what it is about our Picasso 1 Tile, but our pooch can’t help but smile and beg for treats while sitting on it…And we’re pretty sure that’s just a dog-approved thing.

Luckily for us (and you!), our perfectly textured slate tile isn’t just stylish—it’s also able to hide the dirt that our pets sometimes leave behind while running about. Thanks to the multicolor surface! We think it’s a matchmade in doggo-tile heaven and definitely one for the National Pet Day books.

This little guy (MIR”s very own Nugget!) loves a good tile moment. He loves it even more when the tile reminds him of his ancestor’s territory – jungles. That’s exactly what our Jumanji Black Textures Deco Tile does for him. 

Just look at the textured black and bold, earthy black color! The best part? You’ll love this tile as as pet owner! With its porcelain body, it’s low maintenance, easy to clean, and won’t scratch. That means your pets can have all the fun they want and you have peace of mind. 

Plus, these tiles are non-slip, so your reptile babies can explore their surroundings in comfort and safety. Just think of all the amazing things they’ll see when you let them loose with these new tiles!

Just when you thought that tile options for your pet-loving home were limited, you get here and see this gorgeous moroccan inspired floor tile. As seen here, it’s 100% dog-friendly, and that’s a good thing – for once.

Our star and cross tiles are intricately designed, and fabulous. You’ll be so excited to show off your home—even your pet friendly entryway with these beauties. Your guests will be stunned by the detail, and you can bet your dog will always be loving on them too. 

This kitty likes to keep it classy with marble tiles. 

If you have a chic and cool cat (pun intended) then our Carrara 12×12 marble non-slip tiles  will make for a great addition to your home! We promise that your kitty will purr with delight and you swoon with awe as she lounges around awaiting her next catnip play time. 

What’s more, the gray marble veining creates the ultimate visual interest  to any room—we’re sure that your guests will comment on them immediately (and repeatedly). That’s a good change from them seeing pet fur or scratches!

Two is better than one, but three? That’s the BEST. Especially for this fur baby.

Just look at how gleaming these white subway tiles go beautifully with our honeycomb mosaic tile flooring and that bit of gray wood-finish tiles for the entrance. This pooch can’t get enough of this tile that he’s practically begging us not to leave the room. 

I mean, look at that face. How could we resist?!

Pets are just like people. Sometimes they really want to be alone, and this bathroom is the perfect place for that. (I mean, who doesn’t love a double shower situation?1 He’s a smart cookie!).

This masterfully tiled bathroom with our Stellar White Herringbone flooring gives your pet a surface to stretch out on without getting cold. And the textured gray tiles give them an undoubtedly cool place to rest their paws when they’re having some alone time. Just make sure that they don’t get too comfortable and leave when it’s time for your own alone time!

For the lazy pup in your life, give them a place to curl up while you’re busy doing laundry. The soothing design of the gray geometric floor tile (Trellis 19)makes it the perfect place for them to rest while waiting for you to finish folding. 

And when you’re done, they’ll be ready to follow you wherever you go!

Made from slip-resistant natural stone, these Fiore floor tiles will surely make your home feel like heaven for your furry friends who love to run around the house. No more slipping or falling—just a smooth dashing surface that’s guaranteed to make your home feel a lot more extravagant. 

Our Alcamo floor tile is pug-tastic! It’s the perfect option for anyone who wants a non-slip, easy-to-clean floor, but also wants to get paw-fect looking tiles to spruce up your home. 

It can go almost anywhere—the kitchen, bathroom, living room, hallway—and will look great at every turn.  You’ll also love its modern design that is sure to make your home feel like a million bucks! Just make sure to keep up with sealing, since natural Bianco Carrara marble tile can wear down with age. 

Our Kasai Sakura Tile Floor not only looks stunning, it feels stunning. Walking on this floor is like treading on a precious piece of art that you just want to reach down and touch.

It’s the perfect way to add some subtle style to your home, with the design letting you express yourself without being too over-the-top. And to top it all, your bunny friend will surely adore you for picking this tile out. She’ll feel like she’s hopping through springtime fields with flowers!

Don’t you wish you had a zebra as a pet? Well, we all do!

And, if you want to give your room an animalistic and exciting makeover, consider adding a custom mural to your walls. It’s an easy way to create a unique interior design, and it will transform the look of your home.

This custom mosaic tile mural will turn your living room into a savannah and make it look like you have a real zebra in your home.

So there you have it. Just a few of the countless tile designs you can choose from to make your house look like the palace it is for your pet. And the best thing about this selection is that it gives us the option to choose what’s perfect for us and our pets together, without sacrificing any of the visuals or functionality of our home. 

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