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Meet Micronesia: Our Lux Marble Mosaic Tile Collection

What do you get when you fuse together the beauty of marbles with intricate shapes? Our Micronesia marble mosaic tile collection. All new for 2022, each marble tile in this collection exudes luxury and captures its own individualistic appeal. The perfect balance of artistry and timelessness come together to create must-have for any bathroom backsplash, kitchen, or feature wall tile design. Scroll through and get to know Micronesia up close and personal today.



White with a twist! Our Nauru tile is an artistic tile if we’ve ever seen one. Made from a medley of luxurious materials, this showstopper will breathe life into any all white tile design by default. It compreises of Royal White, Thassos and Shell to make this seemingly modern yet timeless tile design. With a braided mosaic tile embedded into the double lantern shape marble mosaic tile; we promise, it’ll make the best first impression…

White marble tiles in a geo chic pattern create a dashing design in this living area. Paired with natural accents, it’s like a well-accessorized outfit coming together perfectly. Even with a textured contrast!

Case-in-point of this impression making tile can be seen above. Used in a a residential living room, Nauru creates a stellar wall tile design that eases the space into an attainable luxury feeling. It’s sooting, it’s serene and it’s stylish. All three things are what you want in a glamorous modern mosaic tile and she delivers, guaranteed. P.S: Love the way this designer used natural touches totally in line with 2022 tile trends, read more on that here.


Sultry and metropolitan chic, our Micronesia Mariana tile is like jewelry for any space. Crafted from the most decadent of tile materials, this gold and black marble mosaic tile is poised to make an appearance. With the ever-so-bold craftsmanship, this marble mosaic is made from Nero Marquina, Calcatta Gold, and Brushed Brass. Exquisite and unique, it can embolden even the most conservative spaces instantly giving it luxurious new looks.

There’s no doubt black marble is a stunning, timeless choice for a sophisticated bathroom, kitchen, entryway or other room of the home. Seen in this magnificent master suite bathroom, the use of the Mariana brass and marble tile creates a visual aesthetic that doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Dripping with straight lux appeal, this master suite bathroom is nothing short of miraculous. While loaded with classy touches, the use of brass and black throughout creates depth and dimension. The use of the Mariana tile here plays along all the bathroom decor touches. A great feature wall tile option that will make for the most pristine and royal of baths, if you ask us.



Fierce, fun, floral. The Kiribati marble mosaic tile checks out each of these adjectives perfectly. The bold wood black and dolomite marbles come together to create an inspired, updated version to the classic black-and-white tile design. With a floral center and crafted black marble into leaves, the result is a mesmerizing and biophilic approved tile for all spaces.

The bold pattern of Micronesia Kiribiti tile is destined to be another designer-favorite from our line in 2022 with its wooden black marble presented in a sophisticated, interlocking pattern.

Nothing stuns more than an intricate Wood Black and Dolomite marble tile does. This space proves that true with its use of our Kiribati tile–a geometric marble tile with floral center that creates a mesmerizing aesthetic to all who view it. With naturally occurring bold black color variations, due to the marble used, the result is a multidimensional design that provides a statement tile design to the primary bath design. Definitely an effective way to create a spatially sound space with astounding first impressions.


Our Palau micro mosaic tile is far from delicate, yet just as astounding as swirling snowflakes in the winter sky, With a classic duo of marbles, Calcatta gold and Thassos, the tile design is a pure delight. It provides a calming, serene-as-can-be aesthetic for any all white or neutral interior while still providing pattern play that’s central to design in 2022.

Elegant and luxurious our Palau white marble tile offers a natural gray veining in a white marble to accentuate the beauty and simplicity of this living area. Complete with a snowflake-like pattern, it’s just dazzling! 

The beauty and elegance of our Palau marble mosaic tile can be used in smaller bathrooms to add a stunning, sophisticated feeling.  Take for instance the use of this patterned marble tile as the floor tile in this design. Using the perennially pretty marble floor tile as a pattern pop and complementing it with a brass side table, the result is an on-trend situation that’s light, bright and all spruced up!


Our Palikir marble mosaic tile is like light mists on early spring blooms. With a gorgeous contrast of statement marbles, Blue Celeste and Thassos, the tile itself shines as a central point for most any space. A great way to add a subtle pop of color to laundry rooms, living rooms, bathrooms and more. Definitely one for the minimalist or scandi chic lovers out there!

A little blue never hurt anyone. Our Palikir blue celeste and Thassos tile offers this minimalist living area a luxurious texture with undeniable dynamics. Perfectly paired with Scandi chic decor and furniture, this space is snow day approved.

The proof is in the design above which shows how our Palikir marble mosaic tile works in favor of the overall hygge-approved design with its texture, pattern play, and stylish twist. It adds a neutral and natural contrast to the otherwise gray space, resulting in a gorgeous balance that is soothing.



With a 3-dimensional, double square pattern, the Yap marble mosaic tile is as impressionistic as you’d imagine a marble tile to be. The blend of Thassos, Royal White, and Shell marbles come together to create a contemporary design that can be used in nearly any space. With a square pattern, you can create bold diamond designs by laying diagonally with the final result being ultra chic.

The spa-like primary bathroom achieves the perfect serene environment thanks to the use of our Yap white marble tile placed on the wall behind the tub. This feature wall tile picks up the neutral shades in the interior while providing a diamond tile pattern that wows around the free-standing bathtub.

Case-in-point of laying the Yap tile with a diamond pattern is shown above in the feature wall tile design. This primary bathroom uses the marble waterjet tile pattern to create a stand-out design. The dimensional tile has a chic appearance that complements the white wash decor and bath rub perfectly. Clearly a case of modern-meets-marvelous done right for any space.


With a gorgeous wood look, our Chuuk marble waterjet tile is a true masterpiece. Combining together Wooden Grey, Athens Grey, and Thassos marble, there’s a perfect fusion ideal for any neutral interior design. With the inset of thassos marble creating a border around the Athens Grey and Wooden Grey chips, there’s dimensionality that’s seamless.

The Chuuk tile, with contrasting neutrals, gives off an atmosphere that’s both cozy and serene thanks to the Thassos marble tile chips bordering the wooden grey marble and Athens gray marble. A sweet combination that is bound to create the perfect balance as a floor tile.

As seen above with our Chuuk tile, this space is all about form and function. Thanks to the tile’s bit of texture, the bathroom floors pack a pretty punch that’s exactly what this neutral design needed. Adding depth and appeal that connects the space to a more organic ambiance is completely striking.


With a mixture of circular tile chips and square tile chips our Kosrae tile is geometric perfection. The pattern weaving in and out with a maze like form creates endless visual interest that’s a sure-fire way to spice up any space.

Using the Kosrae tile on the floor and pairing it with touches of organic decor, the result is a space that’s functional, and stylish.

Fanciness prevails in this neutral bathroom comprised of our Kosrae marble waterjet tile. While the overall design is peaceful and zen contemporary, the use of the statement floor tile gives it the bathroom a bit more oomph. In the end, it truly shows how this tile can break up even the most minimal of spaces to breathe a sense of luxury into it!


The boldest, darkest tile in the Micronesia collection is the Takatik marble mosaic tile. Styled from a blend of polished  and honed Easter Black marbles, the result is an intricate maze design that has movement. The use of alternating finishes creates a unique dynamic that makes it naturally exquisite.

This bathroom backsplash tile is worthy of its bold statement thanks to the use of our Takatik marble tile that makes it so gorgeous!

This tile will not only work to create an ethereal interior but will last through-out the years with some TLC. Its beauty is shown, case-in-point above in the way the bathroom uses the maze pattern to create a stand-out backsplash tile design.

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