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Meet Alfama: Stylish Picket Hexagon Ceramic Tiles

Our Alfama ceramic tile collection is the perfect way to add some sophistication and elegance to any space without overwhelming it or making it look too busy. Every piece in this collection is engrossed in the beautiful history of the Alfama arts district in Portugal’s coastal city, Lisbon. Known for its chic, azuejaolos, or glossy ceramic tiles, the spirit of this traditional style is widely seen in every picket hexagon tile we have. The luxurious glaze and ceramic body are as artistic as the tiles that line the streets of Alfama itself. 

From dark hues to light pastels — every ceramic tile is sure to excite you. Take a stroll through the collection and transport yourself to the seaside of Portugal with us. 

Alfama Pickets Viridian Glossy Ceramic Tile

Spring green is the color of nature. It’s the color of new leaves on a tree, it’s the color of spring grass and sunlit meadows, and it’s the color of the Alfama Picket Viridian tile.

Not only does this tile look beautiful, but it also has a calming effect on the mind and body. When you’re surrounded by this shade of green, you’ll feel like you’re basking in nature’s glory.

Bathrooms have always been a place of renewal and rejuvenation, but with the Alfama Pickets Viridian, you can take it one step further.

Our Alfama Pickets Viridian tile creates the feeling of being surrounded by bamboo trees, making it perfect for anyone who loves spending time outside. 

It further adds a pop of color and just the right amount of contrast to this bathroom design to make it interesting but not too much so that it doesn’t fit well with the clean and crisp white scheme. 

Alfama Pickets Mint Glossy Ceramic Tile

It’s the smell of mint and lavender, the sound of chirping birds and trickling water, and the sight of a cool breeze blowing through your hair. It’s Alfama Pickets Mint, a ceramic tile that evokes all of these sensations at once.

With its light, airy design, this tile is perfect for any room —but especially those where you want to feel calm, peaceful, and relaxed. 

The wonders that the Alfama Pickets Mint tiles can make are evident in the kitchen above. 

The perfect mix of pastel blue-gray and mint green tiles makes this kitchen look like it’s straight out of your favorite childhood storybook.

The Pickets Mint hex tiles create a pattern and vibes that make you feel like you’re in an enchanted forest, while the blue-gray cabinets and white countertops keep everything feeling clean, light, and airy.

Alfama Pickets Bahia Glossy Ceramic Tile

Springtime isn’t over yet!

The Alfama Pickets Bahia ceramic tiles provide a hush, serene-as-can-be aesthetic that will let you enjoy that springtime feeling all year round. 

These hexagon tiles are made from ceramic, making them durable and capable of withstanding daily wear and tear without losing their glossy appeal. Their smooth surface also makes cleaning a breeze, so you can enjoy your new look for longer than you’d think possible!

This bathroom sink is the kind of place where you can really feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders.

Thanks to its serene aesthetic, this bathroom sink design makes it easy to relax and unwind—in fact, it’s hard not to feel transported by the subtle tranquility provided by Alfama Pickets Bahia tiles. The muted tones made from these tiles allow other elements such as the brass faucet and other fixtures to stand out without being too flashy.

Alfama Pickets Navy Glossy Ceramic Tile

Let your hex ceramic tiles do the talking.

Alfama Pickets Navy ceramic tiles are a great way to add a little personality to your space, while also conveying confidence and power. Designed to make a big impression with its dark navy color and white detailing, our Alfama Pickets Navy tile can create an eye-catching kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall that will make people stop in their tracks.

Case-in-point of this impression-making tile can be seen above. Our Alfama Pickects Navy tiles transcend the conventional boring tile look and become something else entirely – a work of art, a statement piece, simply a stunning way to finish off a space. 

Used as both a backsplash and accent wall, the Alfama Pickets Navy tile paired with gold hardware and crisp white elements bring about a unique look to this space. 

Alfama Pickets Blue Glossy Ceramic Tile

The Alfama Pickets Blue ceramic tile is a dream.

It’s like a cool breeze on a hot day or the first bite of ice cream after a long winter. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in one place, and then some.

The Alfama Pickets Blue ceramic tile is soothing, easy to love, and perfect for any style of interior. It’s the kind of tile that conjures up images of aquamarine waters and clear blue skies— all the things that make us happy.

Shower like you’re at the beach, without the sand on your feet. 

This contemporary shower design with Pickets Blue hex tile is a perfect way to make any bathroom feel like a little slice of paradise. With its light blue color and cool pattern, this tile will make even the most mundane bathroom feel like a lush retreat from the outside world.

And we can’t help but love the spotlight above as it mimics the sun without leaving us sunburnt. 

Alfama Pickets Rose Glossy Ceramic Tile

Perfect balance between energy and relaxation, the Alfama Pickets Rose tile is sure to pump up any room while also leaving a calming effect once you’re done admiring the vibrancy of its hue. Guaranteed to invigorate any space, this tile will suit any room, no matter how large or small. 

It’s no secret that we love a good bathroom. And this one really takes the cake.

From the heartening vibe of the white textured tiles paired with some earthy tones of wood and brass to the cheery shade of our Alfama Pickets Rose ceramic tile, there’s no denying that this bathroom is on another level of oomph.

Alfama Pickets Gold Glossy Ceramic Tile

Make a splash with the Alfama Pickets Gold hexagon tile.

We know for a fact that gold is the best color on earth. It’s blingy, it’s shiny, and it’s just so gosh darn fancy. That’s why we designed our Alfama Pickets Gold tile to look like a replica of gold bars—because who doesn’t want to feel extra? Best used as an accent, this tile is sure to make any room sparkle and shine.

It’s true: Alfama Pickets Gold hex tile makes anything look more luxurious and sophisticated.

In this bathroom, the Alfama Pickets gold ceramic tiles were used to accent the sink and make it pop. The all-white theme doesn’t do much to draw attention to itself, but with a few tiles of Alfama Pickets Gold on the wall, this design has a whole new look that screams old-rich.

Alfama Pickets Ceramic White Tile

If you’re searching for the right tile to bring the spa experience into your home, then look no further—our Alfama Pickets White ceramic tile is the right tile for you.

This clean-lined, simple tile is sure to make any room feel like a relaxing retreat. It’s easy on the eyes and has a timeless quality that will make it an instant classic

Spa-tacular! We love our Alfama Pickets White glossy ceramic tile because it’s simple, but in a good way.

With its sleek, modern design, and soft white color, this tile will definitely make you feel like you’re in the lap of luxury. 

Alfama Pickets Gray Glossy Ceramic Tile

With its not-too-strong color, our Alfama Pickets Gray offers a cool neutral color that provides the ideal backdrop to any room scheme. It works well with both light and dark colors, so it’s perfect for brightening up dark spaces or giving lighter rooms some depth.

A bathroom is a place for refuge, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of your busy life. You want to be able to step into your bathroom and feel like you’re walking into a warm, inviting cocoon—not a dark cave. 

With our Alfama Pickets Gray tile, you can add a lightness to your bathroom that will make it feel like an escape from the real world, while still retaining a sense of calm and serenity.

Alfama Pickets Black Glossy Ceramic Tile

Add a sense of drama and spice to any space with our Alfama Pickets Black tile. This tile adds the perfect amount of edge with its soft black finish that is both elegant and mysterious, while the sharp picket shape exudes a sense of intrigue. 

The proof is in the bathroom sink above- a sure head-turner with its vivid and unexpected design. The mixing of pastel pink and our Alfama Pickets Black tile creates a high-contrast design that will be sure to turn heads. It’s the perfect way to add flair to your bathroom space that will keep you staring at it for hours on end. 

Alfama Pickets Muslin Glossy Ceramic Tile

We know what you’re thinking: how can a tile make me feel refreshed and revitalized?

That’s the magic of this tile. It’s not about the color or its luscious lightness, it’s about what it does for your space.

The Alfama Pickets Muslin tile has been designed with a subtle yet striking scheme that adds dimension to any room in your home. Whether you’re looking for a splash of color or want to add some extra pizzazz to your living room, this tile is sure to be a conversation piece.

Nothing is more refreshing than a sink designed with Alfama Pickets Muslin tile. This tile is so zen, it’ll put you in a meditative state by just looking at it. And we did our best to bring out all of its natural beauty with a vibrant orange paint job that definitely breathes new life into this design. This sink will surely take your breath away, in a good way!


Alfama Pickets Silver Glossy Ceramic Tile

For the uber-classy, yet still understated homeowner, we present the Alfama Pickets Silver ceramic tile. This sultry tile adds a dash of understated luxury to any room,

It’s the perfect way to add panache to your abode without making it look like you’re trying too hard. It’s elegant, but not ostentatious.

Sometimes, all you need is a little contrast to make things pop. The Alfama Pickets Silver ceramic tiles provide a great contrast with the white tub and create a luxurious atmosphere in this bathroom. Although it’s already visually stunning on its own, the Alfama Pickets Silver tile doesn’t distract from the rest of this bathroom’s design elements. It’s neutral enough that it’ll work well with most color schemes or design styles. 

Do you love our new Alfama tile collection as much as we do?

We can’t wait to see what you create with our new ceramic hex tile collection. And don’t forget about our other collections! We’ve got tons of options for every style and taste. Check out our website today for more!

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