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Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs That Are Envy Instilling

Carrara hexagon backsplash tiles in kitchen

Shown Above: Trellis 8 marble kitchen backsplash tile 


With all the time spent in the kitchen, it’s no wonder that it’s a focal point of any home. So, when it comes to designing the space, it’s important to make sure that character and inspiration can be found within it. That’s why today we’re rounding up gorgeous backsplash kitchen tile ideas for you. Scroll through and get inspired for your next client project! 


Sea of Style 

Hexagon kitchen backsplash tiles

Shown Above:  Saint Tropez Daybreak blue glass tile backsplash 


We’d be remiss not to start our list of kitchen backsplash tile ideas with this modern coastal beauty. Fusing together the scenic with the serene, this kitchen backsplash tile design is magazine-worthy. The way the texturized glass backsplash tile plays off the dark tone of the cabinetry creates a moody ambiance that’s just right for a sea-inspired kitchen. With clean lines, and linear open shelving, this kitchen backsplash nails the look. If you are into a modern coastal design, our Saint Tropez glass tiles might be your best choice. 


Getting Geometric

Geometric backsplash kitchen tile

Shown Above: Paraga geometric kitchen backsplash tile 


Is there anything a marble backsplash can’t do for a kitchen? Seemingly not, as seen in this breath-taking backsplash design. The two-tone backsplash tile is made from Thassos marble and blue glass chips. The contrast in materials; opaque white borders meeting iridescent blue square glass centers, make for an eye-catching design. This kitchen space, backsplash tile included, creates a perfectly tied together transitional design that’ll work with the home for decades to come. What could make this even more stunning? Kitchen floors with marble tiles.


A Maze of Marble

Marble backsplash tile for kitchen

Shown Above: Grosetto marble backsplash tile for kitchen 


Stone backsplash meets geometric appeal in this design. Overlapping diamond tile patterns gives off exquisite depth and uninterrupted style thanks to the Grosetto Calacatta Gold tile used. A fusion of tastes; a farmhouse oven hood, modern oven and marble backsplash all come together to create a backsplash tile that is certifiable goals for any interior design project.


A Little Arabesque

glass tile for kitchen backsplash

Shown Above: Silver White Atlas glass tile kitchen backsplash


Need a map to design your next client project? Use the Silver White Atlas glass tile for the kitchen backsplash! All roads point to class with a nice starting point in your overall kitchen design. A perfect arabesque pattern wall tile as can be seen in this glamorous and classical kitchen backsplash. Matching the iridescence and glimmering cadence of the tile against a silver basin sink and marble countertop, lux is delivered in an ever-tasteful manner.


Keep Your Walls Warm & Glam 

backsplash tiles with cable knit pattern

Shown Above:  Specchio stone and glass tile kitchen backsplash


Nothing is quite as cozy as a cable knit sweater is, wouldn’t you agree? Well, imagine this pattern on a kitchen backsplash. Our Specchio tile proves just how beautiful this tile pattern can be as a mosaic backsplash. Used above in this industrial glam design, you can see how flawlessly it fits into the design–adding a more homey yet elegant touch to the otherwise cold details. We’re personally obsessed with the way the design has movement, texture and depth all wrapped up in one. The thassos and glass backsplash tile is perfectly placed for an additional focal point that will make for conversation-worthy moments.  


Infinite Eye Candy

Marble tiles backsplash with infinite circles

Shown Above: Alcamo silver and white marble tile for backsplash in kitchen 


Charm and creative expression made tangible in the space above with our Alcamo mosaic backsplash tile. With circular tile patterns on a loop, there’s an abundance of movement and limitless intrigue. Combining the bianco carrara with silver touches on the facade of this waterjet stone mosaic tile, the result is a level of detail that makes a statement. Absolutely the mainstay attraction in this kitchen, the stone backsplash tile enhances the overall design by grabbing hold of attention and adding an unspoken elegance to the otherwise more farmhouse traditional elements (exposed wood beams and traditional white cabinetry.)

Shine Bright In Silver

metallic backsplash tiles in kitchen

Shown Above:  Alma Diamente Silver metal look backsplash tile kitchen 


Bold, beautiful and bright; silver diamond tile backsplash tiles can truly enhance any kitchen space with an instant touch. An elegant facelift, these backsplash tiles allow light to dance along their surfaces, making the illusion of more space even in smaller kitchen areas. As noted in this design, the Diamente Silver diamond tile works within the confines of the smaller kitchen area to create a sense of depth and spaciousness. Thanks to the silver foil backing, these backsplash tiles not only divert attention away from the size of the space, but entrance the eyes and leave a sense of alluring elegance in their wake. 


Follow Your Arrow 

marble arrow pattern backsplash tile in kitchen

Shown Above: Comacchio stone backsplash in bespoke kitchen design


All arrows point to sophistication in this design featuring our Comacchio marble backsplash tile. Thanks to the gray veining, this kitchen’s backsplash has a natural ombre that is striking and makes a solid first impression. With gradient movement, visual interest is unwavering. Not to mention the more bespoke elements of the design; an industrial designer stove with matching oven hood and framed kitchen cabinetry promote a hard-to-be-forgotten design. We love the balance between moody, industrial decor and light, modern decor that this space encompasses. A true testament to juxtaposition in the home.


Diamond On Top 

marble tile backsplash with diamond pattern

Shown Above: Pienza calacatta gold marble backsplash in rustic kitchen design 


With its creamy white and golden hues, the Pienza diamond tile backsplash is definitively stunning in this kitchen design. the oversized geometric shape creates a feature wall that will rarely go unnoticed. Plus, the tile stone backsplash tile seamlessly integrates with both the lighter, neutral tones in the kitchen as it does with darker ones to meld together a color story that’s exceedingly original. 


Farmhouse Fresh 

backsplash tiles in modern farmhouse design

Shown Above: Epillet Beige recycled glass tile backsplash 


Farmhouse kitchen with a side of consciousness? That’s what the Epillet Beige recycled glass tile delivers in this oh-so-fresh farmhouse design. This kitchen features all the staples of a modern farmhouse look that is covetable; exposed wood, tin decor, and florals. To add to the heightened appeal is the statement kitchen wall tile. With exaggerated movement and a vine like pattern, this recycled glass tile will not only look good in your next kitchen project but leave an environmentally friendly footprint in its wake. Win-win.


Good Design Grows 

marble tile with vine pattern in industrial chic kitchen

Shown Above: Bahariya vine pattern kitchen backsplash  


Defining the kitchen space above is the Bahariya vine tile that works with the other elements in this design to give an industrial farmhouse interior that’s simply magnificent. The cool, neutral tones of the Crystal Sand, Thassos and Cinderella gray marbles of the tile add a softer touch against the more masculine, structured metal hardware. The result? An inviting, industrial interior finish.



A Softer Note

swirling marble backsplash tiles in modern kitchen

Shown Above: Sofia Calacatta Gold waterjet kitchen backsplash 


Swirling into the kitchen’s overall chic look is the Sofia waterjet stone backsplash. This gorgeous tile is made from calacatta gold marble and is a fusion of feminine movement with creamy beige, white notes. Styled with cabinetry defined by sleek, clean lines and symmetrical pendant lighting, the space itself is proof that a luxurious waterjet can fit into a more functional kitchen space, no questions asked. The perfect accent wall tile to keep intrigue and spirits high no matter the time of day. 


Touch of Brass for Total Class.

marble pattern backsplash tiles with brass oven hood accent

Shown Above: Edgemore marble backsplash tile 


When creating a space that’s a fusion of new and old, it’s vital to have a tile that will work alongside all other elements. That’s exactly what Edgemore backsplash tile does in this kitchen. Creating a more livable expression of an art deco interior, this kitchen design craved something that would be luxurious yet not over-the-top. Adding a floral marble tile with a marble wood look body adds a hint of warmth to the otherwise upscale space. 


As you can see, using kitchen backsplash tile in your design is a sure-fire way to tie together the overall space. Whether your goal is to create a feature wall focal point in the kitchen or to create a transitional wall design that blends seamlessly in–all can be easily achieved with tile. Want to explore even more designs? View our kitchen tile gallery today

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