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Want to Design With Glass Tiles? Read This For Inspiration

What can make any gorgeous design even better? A pop of color with glass tiles! These natural beauties come in a variety of colors which make it virtually impossible not to find the perfect match for your next client or renovation project. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our Color Palette collection to include more shades of color and shapes for you! 


Excited? Explore the Color Palettes latest style additions and grab some inspiration below! 

Blue Glass Tiles 

Go ahead, get blue…In a good way with blue tiles, of course! There’s a reason that blue is one of the most loved colors; it signals trust, courage and is intrinsically mood-instilling whether it’s to soothe or energize. 

Of course, there’s also the sheer volume of blue glass tiles that are available to choose from as well. You can enjoy a coastal kitchen design with light blue penny round glass tiles and white cabinetry; alternatively, you can make an embolden statement with a royal blue master bathroom floor tile. Depending on your design project, there are countless options to choose from. 

Let’s go over some ways blue glass mosaic tiles can bring a sense of individuality to your next project:

Dark blue glass penny round tiles bathroom

Shown Above: Color Palette Cobalt Blue Penny Gloss glass backsplash tile 


Want to add a color pop to your modern bathroom? Take a cue from the above design and use a bold penny round glass mosaic tile. The cobalt blue glass tile adds a stunning depth to the wall while the high gloss shine bounces light off the surface creating energized movement. It’s the perfect focal point that doesn’t overwhelm and can be used as a feature wall tile or shower accent tile, too. 


Dark blue herringbone glass tile shower

Shown Above: Color Palette Cobalt Blue 1×3 herringbone gloss glass tile on shower wall 


Craving a more glam statement in a shower design? That’s easily achievable with a bold, blue herringbone glass mosaic tile. As seen above, pairing a dark blue glass tile with brass accents, the result is a gorgeous upscale shower wall tile design that’s truly beautiful. With a herringbone pattern tile you can get a chic style in no time.


Dark blue brick mosaic tiles kitchen backsplash

Shown Above: Color Palette Cobalt Blue 1×3 Brick Gloss glass mosaic backsplash tile in small home bar


Say hello to a home bar that is cheers-worthy. Guaranteed to make the wine splashes worthwhile and more fun, a cobalt blue brick glass mosaic tile is the way to go. As seen above, this subway tile inspired mosaic creates a bold statement in an otherwise traditional design. This backsplash glass mosaic tile is the perfect way to draw the eyes inward and keep the conversations going with the wine flowing.


light blue penny round backsplash tile

Shown Above: Color Palette Aqua Penny Gloss glass mosaic backsplash tile 


Seeking to get a more coastal feeling in a space? Enter: blue glass tiles the color of the clearest, Caribbean seas. With a presence that offers the same shimmery appeal as the ocean under daylight, light blue glass mosaics captivate as a backsplash tile option. Such is the case with the aqua blue penny round tile in the above design. With a transparent body, and high gloss finish, these circle glass mosaic tiles sparkle and shine all the while giving you that long-wished for coastal style.


light blue herringbone glass shower tiles

Shown Above: Color Palette Aqua 1×3 Herringbone Gloss glass wall tile in shower


If you want to create a welcoming aesthetic in your next shower design, try out a herringbone glass mosaic tile. As seen above, a light blue glass mosaic tile can invigorate a space, giving it a tropical oasis vibe which is ideal for any home or commercial project. The shower wall glass tile can also create the illusion of more space which is a win for any small space bathrooms.


medium blue brick glass tiles

Shown Above: Aqua 1×3 Brick Gloss gloss wall tile


Mix up margaritas and mojitos in style with a bright, blue backsplash glass tile. High gloss blue glass tiles can add a definite eye candy feeling to any design; be it modern, contemporary or transitional. Using a brick pattern glass mosaic tile adds a general flow to any home bar or kitchen.

Gray Glass Tiles 

Though many may think “Gray? Gray sounds so bland!” We’re here to argue the contrary. Just as versatile as traditional white, the soft, neutral hue that is gray tile can boost depth in any space and add a touch of understated warmth. 

There’s so much you can do with gray tile which is why it’s a covetable color, and the ultimate in neutral design styles, in our opinion. You can add a gray feature wall tile to an otherwise white master bathroom and instantly create a focal point in the space. Alternatively, if your client is less comfortable with bold statements,  you can use a herringbone gray glass backsplash tile in a kitchen to evoke a sense of movement and make a creative design without the drama. 

Here are a few ways that prove gray is the definitive chameleon in design:


Gray glass tiles on shower wall

Shown Above: Color Palette Pewter gray herringbone glass shower tile 


Sleek, stylish, savvy. This seemingly monochromatic bathroom plays off gray as the main color extremely well. Creating a major splash in this master bathroom? The gray herringbone glass tile. This bathroom feature wall mosaic tile adds a sense of movement and modern intrigue in the room, which guests are sure to appreciate. Plus, it’s not overwhelming, giving off a soothing vibe that’s perfect for taking an end-of-day soak in.

Gray glass tiles shower niche

Shown Above: Color Palette Pewter gray glass penny round mosaic tile in shower niche. 


Contemporary style abounds in this industrial chic shower. Made with cement look porcelain tiles, and seamless grout lines, you can instantly see the versatility of this color between the this design and the aforementioned one. Using a gray glass penny round tile in the niche, the walk-in shower gets a highly reflective touch which bodes well with the otherwise matte interior. The result is an upscale shower tile situation that keeps affordable luxury at the top of mind, giving a truly state-of-the-art experience for guests and homeowners alike. 


Gray mosaic tiles shower wall

Shown Above: Color Palette Pale herringbone glass tile in shower 


The spectrum of grays is far from limited. There are stormy grays, as seen in the last few projects, and there are light gray glass tiles as seen above. This range of options is exactly why glass tiles are a gorgeous choice for every renovation project. You can’t not find the perfect match! 


The glass tiles in the above design are calming and soft. Playing with a feminine touch, the high gloss glass tile captivates the eye. Plus, the herringbone pattern of this light gray glass mosaic tile in the shower gives a modern flair to the entire design. 


White and gray glass bathroom tiles

Shown Above: Color Palette Pewter Penny Gloss gray glass floor tile 


One of the other best features for glass tiles? It’s durability. As seen in the design above, a gray glass penny round floor tile can be used in a shower to create a timeless appeal. Thanks to the penny round mosaic tile grout lines, traction is high which is perfect for a wet area like the bathroom. Creating a stark contrast to the white penny round wall tile, this space is clean and crisp with a modern feeling.


White Glass Tiles

Crisp and clean, white glass tiles are the ultimate in timelessness. With the ability to create a light and bright design wherever placed, it’s with little wonder why these beautiful tiles are as classically loved as they are. 

Coming in a multitude of formats, sizes and shapes, white glass tiles can make a bathroom, kitchen, pool or fireplace a central, gleaming focal point. What’s more, you can get creative as can be in your projects with white mosaic tiles. You’re free to make a design that blends together, like an all white kitchen backsplash tile paired with white cabinetry, or make a modern contrast with a black and white tiles setup that wows.

Let’s go over some ways white glass mosaic tiles can bring a sense of alluring shine to your next project:


white herringbone glass tiles wall in bathroom  

Shown Above: Mirage White 1×3 Herringbone Gloss glass backsplash tile with white grout in bathroom


Infuse freshness into a bathroom tile design with a white herringbone glass tile. With a high gloss facade and unique pattern, these white glass tiles can add a soothing, transformative feeling to a space. Just look how the small scale herringbone pattern brightens the bathroom backsplash above. Paired with a matching grout color, the tiles have seamless movement.


brick glass tiles white fireplace

Shown Above: Color Palette Mirage White 1×3 Brick Gloss glass fireplace tile in living room 


Define any fireplace design with a white glass tile. As seen in the living room above, an all-white glass subway mosaic tile can make a for a surprisingly fresh aesthetic. With an iridescent appearance, it adds to the overall living room design, giving off a soothing and contemporary feeling. 


Black Glass Tiles

Emboldening and charming, black glass tiles are bewitching. With the ability to create depth and movement wherever placed, these glass tiles make for an impactful statement in any room. 

With a seemingly uncapped number of styles, and shapes available in the ever-moody tone of black, you can find backsplash tiles, floor tiles and outdoor tiles to your liking. Feel free to make a monochromatic space that’s awe-instilling with a mix of black porcelain tiles and black glass tiles or use black tile as an accent wall in a shower for depth.

Let’s go over some ways black glass mosaic tiles can bring a sense of alluring shine to your next project:


Black herringbone shower glass tiles  

Shown Above: Shadow 1×3 Herringbone Gloss black glass tile shower wall in bathroom 


Classically chic, black glass tiles are high gloss and high class. Thanks to their intrinsic depth and bewitching bold aesthetic, they can create an ambiance of upscale luxury instantly. As is the case in the above design which features a glossy black herringbone mosaic tile. With a modern finesse, these black tiles can really add depth and sheer elegance wherever placed, be it as bathroom floor tiles, shower tiles or backsplash tiles.


Black penny round backsplash glass tiles  

Shown Above: Color Palette Shadow Penny Gloss penny round glass tile backsplash wall 


Black glass mosaic tiles can instantly transform a space into a marvel with their bold bodies. Creating a focal point has never been easier, as seen in the bathroom backsplash tile above. Using a brilliant black penny round backsplash glass tile in a bathroom instantly infuses a sense of covetable style. Plus, the glossy glass tile surface will add a luxurious twist to the room overall. 

Now that you have all the inspiration on hand for our latest additions, are you ready to explore the full Color Palette collection? If you are (and we hope that you are!), explore all tiles here

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