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Get To Know the 2021 Fall Tile Trends Today

Fall tile trends inspire this kitchen backsplash design featuring our Cascades line.

Crisp weather. Leaves falling. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte already launched. Fall is definitely here. What better way to complement the seasonal changes than with some fall tile trends? To add a little inspiration to your ever-growing fall-time list, we are going to dive into all the upcoming tile trends of fall 2021 for you below. From blue tiles to gorgeous marble wall tiles, there’s something that will certainly go along with your themes.

All the Fall Tile Trends:

 Vibrant Greens 

If there ever was a time to relish in green, it’s now. This vibrant, decadent hue is popping up all over the interior design industry and we love it. In fact, it’s the color of the year! So whether it’s deep emerald green tiles for jewelry box interiors or sage green tiles to complement 1970s inspired interiors, there’s not a single way you can incorporate it that won’t enhance a space this fall. 

A punch of patina (Patina Green Deco Tile) in this space adds a well-worn aesthetic that’s both classy and timeless, making for a superbly showy powder room design that is  just exquisite!

Intended to create charm and emulate the appearance of antiqued items through weathering, patina tiles are certainly exquisite! With a deep, emerald green hue, the patina porcelain tiles used in this powder room are a truly gorgeous testament to the tile finish and the fall tile trend of green–Unique and upscale. We’re obsessed!

A gorgeous gem tone hex glass tile (Cordoba Emerald) colors this modern shower wall design. We love the ethereal hues and how they work to create a lux yet livable accent wall tile in the shower/ 

A quick way to make a shower tile design stand out? Use green tiles! Such is the case with this  jewelry box shower design that will have jaws dropping and eyes popping. With its crystal, polished finish, and multi-hue facade, this hexagon glass tile truly tops the ranks with its beauty and makes the overall design something worthy of affection. The reflective qualities of the glass, combined with the mix of emerald hues in this stunning mosaic pattern, are a great way to amplify the feeling of light and space in your next bathroom project!

Creating a focal point of beauty, the green mosaic tiles in this modern transitional kitchen are the perfect addition to fall tile trends.

Classically chic, green mosaic glass tiles are high gloss and high class. Thanks to their intrinsic depth and earth-infused aesthetic, they can instantly create an ambiance of upscale luxury and vitality. Such is the case in the above design which features a glossy sage green mosaic tile. With modern finesse, these tiles can really add depth and elegance wherever placed, be it accent wall tiles, shower tiles or backsplash tiles.

Earth Tones 

This next fall tile trend is more than likely expected, especially after we wrote about at length in our neutral tiles for the fall post (check that out here). There’s just something about how browns, beiges, khakis, sage greens, and tans work with the falling leaves and temperature changes. They perfectly complement one another, and with the biophilic trend taking the hearts of many designers, it’s with little shock earth tones are trending fall 2021.

Wood-look porcelain tiles (Oregon Fume) create a long-lasting yet trend-approved design scenario in this rustic-inspired home.

The darker side of these earth tone fall tile trends is just as appealing as the lighter forms. With depth, dimension and intrinsic movement, the use of a dark brown wood-look tile was a sure-fire way to make an impact in this interior design. In place of traditional wood, the designer was still able to give the design project a stamp of rustic farmhouse approval, ideal for fall, with its realistic wood graining and knotting. Plus, thanks to printing advancements, many wood-look tiles offer a worn-in appearance that tricks the eyes into thinking that they’ve been a part of a home for longer than they have been. 

Traditional slate backsplash tile (Picasso) with woven pattern creates an instant facelift in this kitchen. The textured, multi-tonal tiles create a lasting impression that wows.

Interlocking sophistication marks this kitchen backsplash design featuring a fall-worthy earth tone backsplash tile. Thanks to the natural slate material, this kitchen’s backsplash has a gorgeous ombre palette that is striking and makes a solid first impression. With gradient movement, visual interest is unwavering. We love the balance between moody, industrial decor and light, modern decor that this space encompasses. A true testament to juxtaposition in the home.

Wood-look tiles are the perfect way to enhance any fall interior. This rose-meets-wood-inspired kitchen backsplash tile (Noor) embraces the meaning of earth tones to the fullest with its organic feeling.  The result is a cozy nook for cooking up all the fall treats.

Earth tone backsplash tiles don’t have to be boring! By using varied textures, materials and tile styles, you can create a noteworthy remodel that will move through time and impress your clients. Take for example this beautiful, statement making tile. Using this wood look tile, the result in the space is a homey configuration that is time-tested. A true delight for trending now, and staying stylish later.

 Fun Loving Color Pops

As a way to brighten the mood, especially with WFH being on the rise since 2020, injecting color pops into a space is a key fall tile trend that seems to be well-received. Picking one or two main colors to really stand out, and well, pop, is a great way to add cheer to any space; be it a tile backsplash, shower wall design or home bar backsplash tile design. Below, you’ll get a dose of this color-loving trend to inspire your own.

A gorgeous home bar gets a bold makeover with blue being the central color palette of the design. Using a marble backsplash tile (Storm Blue) made from Thassos, Pallisandro Azul, and Azul Macuba marbles, the result is a stunning space worthy of never-ending cheers.

Adding a marble focal point isn’t limited to kitchens, baths, or floors! The beauty and expansion of blue marble can be used in spaces as small as home bars to add a stunning, sophisticated feeling. Take for instance the use of patterned marble tile as the backsplash in this home bar design. Using the marble backsplash as a color pop and complementing it with blue cabinetry, the result is an on-trend situation that’s light, bright and all spruced up!

Think pink! This beautiful bathroom uses zellige ceramic tiles (Satin Rose) as the backsplash to create an ethereal, chic color pop that’s both subtle and eye-catching. 

The rose pink zellige ceramic wall tiles add a playful, light-loving touch to this bathroom interior. While not as bold as some of the designs featured, pink, in itself, is a color pop. This one’s a great balance of staying within the trend while catering to clients with more conservative design tastes. The shimmering handmade zellige tile gives both texture and depth, making it a focal point the bathroom. We’re all for this subtle and chic application to the fall tile trends!

If there ever was a cheerful color pop for this fall, it’s orange! This mosaic tile backsplash proves just that. The bright, tangerine orange square glass tile (Citrus Gloss) creates a bubbly and sunshine theme that truly pops in this home. 

Forget what anyone told you about keeping your culinary space neutral. We adore the retro feel of this bright orange glass mosaic backsplash tile in this home. It’s bold, sunny, and it’s definitely fall tile trends worthy with its shiny, color pop facade. It is a little retro and a lot functional, the perfect balance for contemporary living with design staying power.

Classic Blues  

It’s only natural that we top off our fall tile trends list off with a classic. Why, you ask? To further prove its staying power! Such is the case with classic blue tiles. These fiercely space-defining tiles really know how to cocoon a room and make it both comforting and cool at the same time. The color itself has a grounding, familiar essence about it, which likely explains why we’re so drawn to it year after year. With its familiarity yet spatial impact, it is the perfect balance of timeless drama that any interior design needs.

A stunning new blue backsplash tile can empower any design. Such is the case in this master bath featuring our Riviera Marine tile. The blue hex tile adds stunning detail to this chic and sophisticated stone bathroom for longevity. 

The gorgeous glass tile seen here houses the trending classic blue hue as a decadent bathroom backsplash tile design. It imparts a luminous look because of its translucence and uncanny ability to bounce light around at all angles. This, in turn, creates a sophisticated feeling that really brightens up the look of this Art Deco-inspired bathroom. The blue and metallic hexagon wall tile here is a true testament to the power of blue melded together with the unequivocally chic aesthetic of the marble counter and round sink.

Bold, dramatic, and intrinsically beautiful, swirling glass subway tiles in classic blue have some profound ethereal properties about them. As seen in this classically gorgeous bathroom interior, the backsplash tile (Blue 3×9 tile) sets the scene for a wondrous display of color.

For those who crave a more subtle statement, the classic blue subway tile is the perfect way to hop on the classic blue tile trend. There’s a bespoke beauty about glass subway tiles; they have a natural ombre and color wave to them that make it near impossible to be mesmerized or dazzled in their presence. The beauty is showcased above in this luscious modern transitional guest bathroom that uses classic blue 3×9 subway tiles to add character and charm to the design effortlessly.

Plus, blue and white mix mosaic wall tiles, like here, can complement almost any color scheme, and the contrasting tone can help brighten moody spaces. While shown in a bathroom, these 3×9 tiles can be great for use on walls in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen backsplash areas or other accent walls.


Adding a pop of color in a kitchen or bar area has never been easier than with a bold blue glass mosaic tile backsplash! As seen here, the blue backsplash tile ( reflects light into the kitchen bar, giving off a bright and welcoming aesthetic. 

Putting on a show in this sleek, transitional home bar is the classic blue mosaic backsplash. With a micro subway tile pattern, or brick mosaic tile pattern, as you may be familiar with, this tile creates a cheers-worthy vibe. In addition, the small-scale mosaic tile doesn’t overpower the space and adds a trending touch of the color to make it fresh, bright and open. A win-win, in our opinion!

 Moody Grays 

The next on our fall tile trends list would be moody grays. Deeply divine, and enigmatic beauties that add instant depth and character to nearly any interior they are placed. They can create astounding contrast or blend in seamlessly, depending on the level of darkness. This spectrum of gray tile colors lends itself to being used in myriad interior design styles; from modern farmhouse to industrial chic. Scroll to see them in action. 

As seen in this kitchen, dark gray metallic porcelain tiles (Stellar Steel Deco) can be the ticket to a covetable contemporary-meets-industrial design. The gray backsplash tile design adds a metallic shimmer and spices up the design with playful tricks as the lighting hits its knotted accent and dimensional lines just right.

Dark gray tiles, contrary to popular opinion, are not all gloom and doom. They can be decidedly chic and feminine when used in tandem with more romantic decor accents. Case-in-point for this trending fall tile color; this magnificent old Hollywood meets industrial chic bathroom design. The use of a glorious texture porcelain wall tile in the bathroom adds dimensionality and interest, while the floral arrangement and shimmering silver sinks tone things down for a more jewelry box aesthetic.

An elegant facelift, the subway backsplash tiles (Silver White 3×9) allow light to dance along the surface of this kitchen design, making the illusion of more space even in smaller kitchen areas.

On the other hand, using a light tone foggy gray tile, you can craft a more elementally sound space ideal for cooking. This chic and modern kitchen combines a beautiful subway tile backsplash with a victorian inspired stove. The result? A contrasting color palette with dramatic touches that keep the look clean! Not to mention, the addition of the glass tile was a gorgeous way to introduce texture to the space without compromising the streamlined, cohesive interior look.


Shown here is a transitional farmhouse kitchen that utilizes the beauty of glass mosaic tiles as a backsplash. The gray and white backsplash tile creates a light and bright ambiance that adds spaciousness easily (Cascades Graffiti).

Is there anything a moody gray backsplash tile can’t do for a kitchen? Seemingly not, as seen in this breath-taking backsplash design. The two-tone backsplash mosaic tile is made from glass and stone chips. The contrast in materials, opaque white meeting iridescent gray, make for an eye-catching design. This kitchen space, backsplash tile included, creates a perfectly tied-together transitional design that’ll work with the home for decades to come. What could make this even more stunning? Kitchen floors with complementary gray tone tiles.

When it comes to using fall tile trends in your project, there’s no limit to the number of designs you can think up. These truly incredible tile designs will stun and create any style you can desire. Want to see more? Explore all our tiles here.

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