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From Murals to Pools – Alma Collection is A World of Design Possibilities

Alma Collection: Inspiring Glass Mosaics

 Have you ever wondered what makes glass tile so versatile?

Glass mosaic tiles have always been incredibly useful in a variety of settings, from kitchen walls to showers, big commercial spaces and pools. With their unmatched shine and durability, the color options for glass are basically endless.

Now glass tiles come in many more shapes and sizes than before, even in custom murals and designs to ensure there is a perfect choice for any style. That being said, glass tiles are well-suited for almost any space both as an indoor and outdoor decorating solution.

In Alma Collection, we offer hundreds of different glass mosaics to give you endless customization options, almost in any color you can imagine. As this wonderful variety makes it even more exciting to design, let’s have a closer look at our Alma Collection and discuss the ways you can incorporate glass tile into your space.


Sparkle Your Home

The most popular home use of glass tile is still in bathrooms and kitchens. From backsplashes to shower walls, glass tiles enhance the beauty of your home decor with the ability to reflect and diffuse light, unlike any other tile material. The transluscent properties allow you to see the colors all the way through and add an unusual depth which helps the space look more open and bright.

Ronda Gold

While glass tiles are an affordable way to make your home look more expensive, their durability ensures that they look great for years to come. Because glass tiles can withstand moisture and splatters, they are perfect choice for the ones who have cleaning and easy maintenance as their main concern. The smooth an nonporous surface of glass makes the material itself super easy to keep clean. All you need is a little glass cleaner and a cloth! You can easily let your walls shine with Alma Collection with very little effort in maintenance.

Unexpected Shapes and Colors

Glass tiles now come in many more shapes and colors than the ones you may remember on grandma’s old bathroom walls. Glamour series in our Alma Collection allows you to pick tiles in a variety of shapes, such as diamonds, weave patterns, herringbones and pennies. Different shapes allow your eyes to view rich designs, so be sure that you’ll end up with a wall that definitely stands out in your home!

Weave Emerald

What about the classic square ones? Whether your style is modern or traditional, tried-and-true square tiles are always versatile and well suited for home decor.

Alma Collection has solid and mixed color options as well as exciting gradients in square formats. We’re seeing a plenty of vibrant color options and beautiful color blends to change your expectations and refresh your eyes.

With the richness of color and harmony in Alma, get ready to see walls that evoke strong emotions!

Glass Tiles in Commercial Spaces

The use of Alma Collection tiles isn’t limited to bathroom and kitchen use. Glass is especially a good design choice when considering high functional needs as well as unique designs in commercial settings.

Due to the heavy traffic and dirt they are exposed on a daily basis, materials used on commercial walls must be extremely durable and easy to maintain. With water and stain resistant properties, glass tiles can withstand all these messes and can last for a lifetime.

Mural Artwork

Custom murals are always eye-catching and the ‘wow’ factor is undeniable.

Alma Collection Artistic Murals give you the chance to pesonalize your decor basically transfering any fine art or graphics permanently onto mosaic tiles. Custom made artistic murals can be used on backsplash walls in your home, will remain intact over time and last a lifetime.

How about turning your inspiration into an artistic work for your space? For a more personal touch to commercial settings, custom murals may be your company’s logo, a custom shape or even picture of your choice, as a classy way to brand your space.

Luminous Pools

Except for some luxury hotels, many swimming pools are not decorated with glass mosaic tiles as their main covering material. Instead of inlaid tile, we usually see pools decorated with glass tile above their water line, usually just a 6 inch strip.

However due to more affordable prices and aesthetic goals, glass tiles are rising trend for pool decorations today. As glass becomes more popular every day, Alma Collection offers a huge variety of glass tiles that are suitable for your pool applications being frost proof and resistant to fading, staining and discoloration.

Glass mosaics don’t only add immense beauty but also represent the most durable surfaces for pools and spas when installed properly. Waterline, pool steps, edges or pool interiors… There is no doubt that glass tiles create the most mesmerizing effect as they mirror the light and make the waters come alive!

Whether you are going after a creative design or classic pattern, you’ll be surprised to see how many varities of glass tiles are offered in Alma Collection. Solid colors, beautiful gradients and artistic murals… Visit our products section to see the full collection and start with picking your favorite one!

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