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Our 5 Favorite Tiles for Your Next Remodeling Project

If there’s one thing that tiles have going for themselves it is their endless creativity. With so many styles, finishes, shapes and materials, they truly are a holy grail for any design. That’s exactly why we want to turn the spotlight to versatile tiles that we know you’ll love to design with. From beautiful natural stone mosaic backsplash tiles to decadent subway bathroom wall tiles, our list covers the top 5 tile styles that will get your creative juices flowing and the many applications you can use each tile for. Ready to dive in? We figured. 😉


Our Top 5 Favorite Tiles For Your Next Renovation Project


Let’s first get into some inspiration with our top selections for tile!


Noor Wood Look Marble Tile


The first of the statement tiles we have for you today is the Noor Wood Look tile. This beauty can look like dozens of roses or the stump of a tree, depending on your prerogative. The stone tile has a captivating timelessness about it and works well in myriad settings. Create wood look kitchen floor tiles or wood look porcelain backsplash tiles with this versatile style. No matter what, you can’t go wrong. Explore some inspiration for this tile below.



Noor Wood Look Porcelain Tile in Shower Wall

Shown Above: Noor wood look tile shower wall


You can use the Noor wood look tile in a shower. Create a gorgeous feature wall to draw the eyes in and pair the other walls with a large format porcelain tile or subway tile for a balanced look. You can also use Noor tile on shower floors to create a sense of depth below the feet. Truly a versatile shower tile pick that will define any design.


Noor Wood Look Porcelain tile Feature Wall Bathroom  Stone tile with roses

Shown Above: Noor wood look tile feature wall in master bath | Noor Tile with dried roses 


Noor tile is also a great choice for a space that craves a twist on traditional wood. Define a master bathroom with a wood look  tile feature wall, as seen above. This patterned stone tile is the ultimate in savvy and style, making a great first impression for guests and homeowners alike. Truly a spa like atmosphere achieved with versatile pattern bathroom wall tiles.


Noor Wood Look porcelain tile feature wall

Shown Above: Noor wall tile feature wall in commercial space


The final idea for Noor tile is in a hotel lobby. Use this durable, pattern tile on commercial feature walls to create a warming and trendy sensation. It’ll be the perfect backdrop for an interior tile design that wants something special that will last through the years.


Kasai Notte Kinsu Porcelain Tile


 The next favorite here at MIR is the Kasai Notte Kinsu Porcelain Tile. This black and gold patterned porcelain tile is a stunner. For any space that is seeking a more contemporary, artistic look, the Kasai Notte Kintsu porcelain tile delivers. With its deep black color and contrasting textural porcelain tile body, it instantly creates a storyline in any design. The crackled wood look and exposed lines create movement and intrigue. This 10×60 porcelain tile can be used on walls, fireplaces or floors, residential or commercial.



Kasai Porcelain tile Shower wall   

Shown Above: Kasai Notte Kinsu black porcelain tile shower wall in bathroom


This accent tile will be space-defining with its unique pattern and texture. The Kasai Notte Kinsu porcelain tile is the standard in creating a stand-out shower design. Use this black porcelain tile for an infusion of eastern design influences on a shower’s accent wall. You can pair the black pattern shower porcelain tile with a dark gray large format porcelain tile with a cement look, as shown above, to develop a well-rounded appearance of modern taste.



Kasai porcelain tile fireplace living room  black porcelain tile fireplace in living room

Shown Above: Kasai Notte Kinsu black porcelain tile fireplace in living room


Use the Kasai Notte Kinsu black porcelain tile on the fireplace surround to hone in on a decorative detail and make a focal point that will not go unnoticed. This durable porcelain tile is a versatile option for any space that craves texture. 



Shown Above: Kasai Notte Kinsu black porcelain accent floor tile 


Another area to use the ever-beautiful Kasai Notte Kinsu black porcelain tile? As an accent floor in a residential home or commercial lobby. This striking pattern tile with its gold and black body make for a distinguished look. Break up a room and give guests something to talk about with a bold tile!


Kasai Notte Kinsu black porcelain kitchen tile

Shown Above: Textured black porcelain kitchen backsplash tile 


Last but not least, the Kasai Notte Kinsu porcelain tile can make waves of movement on any kitchen backsplash. With its strong appeal and definition, any kitchen can be transformed with this black porcelain tile. Use as a backsplash tile in a modern space to add a touch of organic feeling that won’t go unnoticed.



Sikinos Natural Stone Tile 


Next on our list for versatile tiles is the Sikinos natural stone Tile. This beauty is inspired by the beautiful island of Greece. A hexagon mosaic tile made from Dolomite, Leyte Blue, and Thassos marbles.


Natural stone tile bathroom feature wall

Shown Above: Sikinos natural stone tile feature wall bathroom


Skip wallpaper and reach for Sikinos white patterned stone mosaic backsplash tile instead! With its contemporary-meets-classic appeal thanks to its marble body and hexagon shape, it makes for an exceptional tile feature wall in a bathroom. Place behind the wall of a freestanding tub and instantly grab attention of visitors. Blue and white hexagon mosaic tiles are a way to add a unique element to your design without risk.


Natural Stone Tile Backsplash Kitchen

Shown Above: Sikinos natural stone tile laundry room wall 


Laundry room is a bit lackluster? Liven it up with a unique hexagon natural stone tile like the Sikinos. With its airy blue and white palette, you can create an undeniably crisp and fresh design that will make any laundry day more exciting. Proof that patterned white wall tiles are super versatile. 


Piacenza Natural Stone Tile 


For those who love marble tiles, our Piacenza diamond stone tile sure delivers. As classy and sophisticated as it is trendy, this patterned tile is one-of-a-kind. It offers a sense of fluid movement and the dark gray versatile tile also creates a fundamental focus in any space. Use this diamond mosaic backsplash tile or floor tile to cultivate an unmatched beauty.


Natural Stone Diamond Tile Bathroom Wall  Statement Tiles Wall

Shown Above: Piacenza natural stone tile bathroom wall 


Geometric tiles like the Piacenza diamond natural stone tile can create intrigue and dramatic dimensional design on a bathroom wall. This geometric pattern can elevate an otherwise understated ambiance and give it a pop that will not go unnoticed. Plus, the classic gray tone tile adds a neutral feeling that can work in most any bathroom, large or small.



Natural Stone Diamond Tile Backsplash in Kitchen   Diamond Natural Stone Tile Backsplash in Kitchen

Shown above: Piacenza marble waterjet mosaic tile backsplash in kitchen 


Patterned marble tiles like Piacenza are stylish, sleek and classy. There’s no better way to add a sense of liveliness in a kitchen space than using a waterjet marble patterned tile for backsplashes! This luxe stone setup will not only reduce the appearance of any accidental spills or splashes…It’ll give a modern-meets-timeless look all will enjoy.


 Pantheon White Antico Natural Stone Tile


Natural Stone Tile Cross pattern kitchen backsplash

Shown Above: Pantheon natural stone tile backsplash 


Inspired by the Roman building itself, our Pantheon tiles deliver the same structure and sophistication expected. These natural stone waterjet tiles are cunning and cool. With a pattern tile body that creates intrigue and star-cross tile format, movement is guaranteed. Use star and cross backsplash tiles in a design project for an instant hit.



Natural Stone Tile Cross pattern kitchen backsplash  Cross and Star Tiles Backsplash Kitchen   

Shown Above: White and gray star and cross marble backsplash tile in kitchen 


Want to create a transitional kitchen space that stuns? The Pantheon marble tile can do that. Pair the pattern tile backsplash with cabinetry that mirrors the darker hues in the natural stone tile for a timeless appeal. More into farmhouse chic like above?  Try the Pantheon White Antico waterjet tile on for size. Pair with a white wash oven hood and exposed wood beams in a kitchen for a rustic farmhouse tile look that bridges the gap between new and old. Sensational, guaranteed.


What makes tiles a great choice for renovation projects? 


There are so many reasons that tile is a great choice for your next project. 


 First and foremost, there are endless materials for you to choose from. Let’s review this now: 


Porcelain tiles. Porcelain tile is the ultimate in versatility. This durable, low maintenance option can create covetable spaces in no time. Porcelain tile backsplashes can emulate the style of marble with stone look porcelain tiles or create a trendy, terrazzo inspired on floors of a residential or commercial space. This material can also create the appearance of wood with wood look mosaic tile floors. This tile alone offers a large distribution of styles that can cover  backsplash tiles, kitchen floor tiles and bathroom tile needs. 


Natural stone tiles. One of the most decadent and sophisticated options for tile is natural stone. It’s with little wonder why, this tile has been around for centuries, coating the ceilings of Roman churches with mosaic tile mural art. This material has a naturally chic appearance and can instantly create a classy atmosphere wherever placed. Plus, natural stone has inherent variations due to its veining. Carrara marble tile is extremely different from Nero Marquina marble tile, for instance, which allows designs to be tailored to taste. Use natural stone Calacatta floor tiles of hotel lobbies to create an exquisite experience or use wooden gray hexagon mosaic tiles on a feature wall in a residential bathroom. The options and marble types are limitless. 


Moodboard with floral tiles

Shown Above: Gorgeous natural stone tile with gold floral pattern and hexagon tiles in moodboard layout


Glass tiles. With their reflective bodies, glass tiles are tied with stone for being a long-lived tile material. These versatile tiles have a range of bold, beautiful colors that can create an ethereal like atmosphere in any space. There are stained glass mosaic tiles, watercolor glass mosaic tiles and metallic glass mosaic tiles all of which are just as striking as the next. What’s more, glass tile backsplashes bounce light off the surface, giving the effect of more space, naturally, which is perfect for small space design projects. This material can also work well in the bathroom; hexagon glass mosaic tiles on shower walls create a captivating and modern appearance. 


 Ceramic Tiles. Ah, ceramic tiles. These beauties are truly unique. Ceramic tiles, like porcelain tiles, are clay-based, and come in a number of fun variations. The major selling point for these versatile tiles comes down to their handmade look and glazed or unglazed bodies. You can find trending zellige tiles for kitchen backsplashes that add a slight shimmer or a decorative ceramic mosaic tile which can work well on a shower wall. With red or white bodies, these ceramic tiles are truly timeless and add delight in any design placed.


As you can see, the sheer volume of material options make for a truly uncapped number of design projects with tile. That’s precisely why tile is versatile. 


What to look for when selecting tiles for a renovation project? 

When it comes to finding the right tile to use in a project, there are several questions you should consider before locking one in. Those questions are:


Room Size. Knowing your room size will help you decide which tile to choose. For example, mirror mosaic tile backsplashes will work well in a small space kitchen or bathroom that craves depth and movement. Whereas, you can use a stunning natural stone large format tile to create a decadent, spacious master bathroom in a luxury home.



Shown Above: Contractor measuring room size for tile installation 


Texture and Pattern. Keeping in mind the style of texture tile or pattern tile for a space is another key thing to do. First assess the area that you’re placing the tile. Do you want to add a touch of texture? If it’s bathroom floor tiles, you may, for added traction. Do you want to create a replacement for wallpaper? Pattern tiles in powder rooms or living rooms, for instance, can do this.


Grout. The key thing to know here is how much grout do you want in your design? If your space has a more modern, sleek look, then you’ll want to aim for less grout lines and go for versatile tiles that will enhance this. A large format tile can work in this case. Alternatively, if you’re designing a shower floor, the need for underfoot traction is vital. You’ll want more grout lines and should choose glass mosaic tile floors or porcelain mosaic tile floors.


Tile Size. Finally, consult the size of the tile. Knowing the space and filling it with an appropriate tile size will make a world of difference. If you’re dealing with a small space project, a large format tile may overwhelm it. Alternatively, large format porcelain tiles can work well on the facade of a building. Grind down and get an answer.


Why tile trumps other flooring or wall covering options 


While we’re sure you have a feel for the reasons that tile outperforms wallpaper and traditional flooring options, we’ll cover this a little more in-depth now:


Wallpaper wilts. While wallpaper can be a beautiful option, longevity and maintenance are not its strong suits. Where you may have to replace wallpaper frequently, pattern ceramic tile feature walls or floral natural stone tile backsplashes won’t wilt, or fade over time. You invest once, clean weekly and replace grout every 12-15 years and you have a gorgeous design to stand the test of time. 


Wood floors scratch and rot easily. Wood flooring is a way to add warmth and a rustic feeling to the home, yes, but there are many downsides to this material. First, wood flooring is not very durable and can scratch easily from furniture to pets. The result is having to refinish on a semi-regular basis. Second, wood flooring can be prone to rot. This leads to heavier maintenance or replacement entirely. That’s why a more versatile and less needy option is wood look porcelain floor tiles. They provide the same warming ambiance that the real thing does without the upkeep. 


Go on, explore your favorites!

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