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Explore our all new 2022 patina tile collection

Patina tiles, like those in our latest collection, sure know how to put on a show in any space they are placed! (Patina Green 18×48 Tile)

Old world charm made anew. That’s the way we’d describe our latest, gorgeous patina tile collection. With a metallic look facade, these tiles tease the eyes into thinking century-old secrets are embedded into their very existence. While we know that’s not the case, your guests won’t, which makes them an elusive and exquisite design concept for any residential or commercial space. If we’ve piqued your curiosity, come travel through faux time with us, and explore the inner workings of our latest 2022 tile collection.

What is ‘patina’? 

Derived from Latin, the word ‘patina’ translates to ‘shallow dish.’ While it may seem like an off-base definition for the word; allow us to elaborate. Back in ancient times, most homewares were made from copper. Initially, they were entrancing with their bold, brassy tones and caught the eye immediately. Yet, over time, the luscious surfaces would age and garner a greenish film. The result was a fading, darkening of the surface. 

Though it’s a sign of age and most things age poorly, the magic of patina homewares is that the aging actually added to its aesthetic. It gave an antiqued feeling reminiscent of treasures or time passed with history unknown. 

Far from simplistic, our patina ceramic tiles can create a space-defining presence thanks to the various spectrums of color available. 

What are ‘patina tiles’? 

Taking the essence of the word, and reimagining it into modern-day production, patina tiles are just that: new tiles with an old look. They are metallic look tiles that have a slightly worn facade likened to the weathered metals of the past. 

A fresh and clean bathroom design featuring a white crackled patina tile (White Patina Deco) that wows.

They give off a truly unique, one-of-a-kind element to any interior. Yet, thanks to modern printing advancements, many patina tiles are made from porcelain or ceramic. So, with all that beauty, comes longevity and easier maintenance, unlike metals themselves. 

Cobalt Forged Tiles

Dazzling like stars in the depth of the midnight hour, our Forged Cobalt line is made from fiercely blue patina tiles. Deeply rich and shimmering, these ceramic tiles will truly delight anyone’s eyes. They have graphic lines that create a sense of movement and visual interest unmatched. Welcome texture with a touch of decadence with Forged Cobalt patine tiles.  

A sleek modern restaurant uses our Forged Cobalt patina tiles on the wall to create a moody accent that defines the space and complements the natural wood and leather accents perfectly. 

With its industrial appeal, the 18×48 Forged Cobalt tile can find a natural home in residential or commercial spaces almost seamlessly. Making for a delightful view for guests in the restaurant above, the patina tiles are a beautiful addition to the open commercial space. The tiles showcase the way they can blend in with a cohesive theme yet still create a statement that’s appreciated. With definite character and well-defined lines, it adds a touch of luxury and depth to the space, which is a nice balance to the light floor runner.

Taking delight in this residential home, the Forged Cobalt patina tiles create a contemporary-meets-industrial chic backsplash tile design that demands attention. 

See? Proof of this patina ceramic tile being a chameleon is its beautifully seamless transition into a contemporary bathroom design. With sleek edges, a shapely facade, and an almost inherently futuristic feeling, it works for residential homes with crisp aesthetics. That’s the case in this his-and-hers master bathroom where the tile is exhibited as a bold backlash tile. Homeowners can feel confident that the ceramic tiles will always provide a shimmering reflection in the early morning hours thanks to the metallic look.

Patina Green Tiles

Providing the most realistic inspiration to true patina, our gorgeous emerald green line is made from decidedly chic green patina ceramic tiles. With an antiqued appearance expected of well-worn copper, these tiles have a textured facade made from organically formed lines or gold spots to reflect the time in the elements. Statement pieces that will define any area immediately.

A gold and green patina tile creates the ultimate in wabi-sabi interiors in this bathroom design. (Patina Gold Green Deco Tile)

With stand-out looks and to-the-touch texture, our Patina Gold Green tile sure knows how to spice a space up! It can create a miraculously unique bathroom tile backsplash design just as easily as it can create a dashing fireplace tile design. Truly a melding of elegance and rustic appeal, this tile makes for a bespoke detail that won’t go unnoticed. Take for instance the way it so effortlessly works in the above guest bathroom. The glimmers of gold complement the brass hardware while the emerald green gives a joyful, luxurious ambiance. A spectacular sight to see!

A feature wall design in this industrial zen bathroom makes for a most individualistic appeal. (Patina Green Tile)

Whilst it still has the same golden glints that our Patina Gold Green Deco Tile has, the 18×48 Patina Green Tile has a more subtle, industrialist allure. Its weathered appearance creates a bold aesthetic that instantly draws the eyes towards it. This is primarily why it works so well in the space above as a feature wall tile! It has all the edginess and grit needed to fit in with the modern industrial design of this bathroom. 

Patina White Tiles

Keeping things light and bright, our White patina tiles make for a nice break from the darker styles shown above. They’re the perfect addition to any interior that craves a light-loving, fresh, clean ambiance with a textural appeal. With their weathered look metallic tile bodies, this line brings to mind freshly fallen snow on an arctic tundra or antiqued mirrors from the victorian ages.

All-white tile interiors get a run for their money with our textural white patina tiles as displayed in this sleek bathroom design.(Patina White Matte and Patina White Deco Tiles)

White interiors can get a unique twist with our Patina White Matte and Patina White Deco tiles! These white patina tiles have natural shading, which gives them both an eclectic appeal and instant depth not usually seen with other white ceramic tiles. Plus, both come in large format tile sizing which makes them a perfect pairing for contemporary or minimalist modern interior design styles. So whether you’re looking to create a clean aesthetic in a bathroom, as seen in the space above, or want to design a kitchen backsplash tile that is classically chic, these patina ceramic tiles will deliver, guaranteed.

Frost white patina tiles with graphic lines create a timeless treat as a feature wall design in this master bathroom. (Patina Forged White Matte 18×48 Tile)

Much like its dark blue counterpart, the Patina Forged White Matte tile exudes all the artistry and textural character that the Forged Cobalt tile does. With decidedly chic graphic lines that captivate and tell a visual story, this 18×48 ceramic tile makes for an exquisite touch in any space. As proven in the Japandi inspired bathroom above, these tiles work well to contrast the colorful floor tiles. The result is a balanced, peaceful design with an immediate ‘wow’ factor. 

Patina Patchwork Tiles

Fun, colorful patina tiles decorate this funky fast-casual restaurant’s wall.

With a quirky, artistic edge, we bring you the boldest offering in our patina tile collection: patina patchwork deco tiles. These exquisitely artisan chic tiles are able to create a transformative appeal in any space; be it a bathroom wall or kitchen backsplash. Their multicolored appearance is both spritely and fun. As seen in this lively fast-casual restaurant, the feature wall tile makes a definitive splash that is sure to surprise and enthuse guests!

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