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Design In Full Bloom: 3 Breath-Taking Tile Collections For Spring

As we end the second month of 2021, we look forward to the new beginnings that early spring will bring. There is always a sense of renewal and rejuvenation as we kiss goodbye one season and move into the next. Spring, also, is the perfect time to begin to renovate and redesign residential or commercial spaces that have gone stale. With the hope for restrictions to ease within the warmer months, it’s the best opportunity to create welcoming spaces. We’re happy to announce that we have 3 new, beautiful tile collections to help you do just that for your clients. Scroll through and be endlessly inspired.


Atlantis Collection


Modern bathroom with vanity and decorative tiles

Shown Above: Atlantis Deco ceramic tiles bathroom backsplash

The first of our newest tile collections is Atlantis. For those with a penchant for romance and sparkle, the Atlantis collection is the embodiment of such whims. The collection fuses together the understated beauty of stone look tile in elegant ceramic body with subtle placements of intricate, shimmery details to produce an everlasting love of design and captivating appearance, no matter the placement.

The result of these two contrasts mingling together on the surface of the rectified, ceramic tiles is a diverse collection made to be paired. These beautiful ceramic tiles come in a variety of sizes: 12×40 field tile, 12×24 stone look ceramic tile, and a stone look mosaic tile.


Atlantis White Ceramic Tile


Atlantis White Tile In Bathroom

Shown Above: Atlantis White ceramic tiles in spacious bathroom

Captivating with its serene, simplistic beauty, the Atlantis White ceramic field tiles create a timeless appeal with their traditional hue.


Atlantis Ocean 


Atlantis Ocean Tile in Bathroom

Shown Above: Atlantis Ocean blue ceramic tiles in spacious bathroom

Mimicking the expanse of deep, blue seas, the Atlantis Ocean blue ceramic tiles are a way to bring in a subtle pop of color without overpowering your design. Think bathroom backsplashes or fireplace surrounds.  


Atlantis Smoke


Atlantis Smoke Tiles In Bathroom

Shown Above: Atlantis Smoke gray ceramic tiles 

With the natural beauty of cloudy skies, the Atlantis Smoke gray field ceramic tiles are a great match for any space that craves a more moody touch.


Wondering how to incorporate these mystical ceramic tiles into your next project? Allow us to show you.


Use Atlantis Collection Tiles In A Bathroom 


Atlantis Smoke gray ceramic tiles bathroom backsplash

Shown Above: Atlantis Smoke field ceramic tiles in bathroom

If your bathroom project craves a dream-worthy statement, that’s possible with the Atlantis Ocean blue ceramic field tiles. You can easily take the Atlantis Ocean Mosaic and place it on the floors of your bathroom, creating a durable yet chic style. Then, mix together the Atlantis Ocean ceramic tile and Atlantis Ocean Deco ceramic tile on the walls to create a bit of texture and intrigue. Not for a monochromatic look? You can play around with all pairings in the collection to find the best fit.


Use Atlantis Collection Tiles In The Shower

The shower is a central component of any bathroom’s design, and the Atlantis collection is sure to leave its mark when placed here. You can easily use the Atlantis ceramic mosaic tiles in our collection for a shower accent wall that has a slight sparkle and then tone things down with a porcelain floor option. The result? Sheer magnificence. 


Shown Above: Atlantis Ocean blue ceramic tiles feature wall

Shop Atlantis Here


Jumanji Collection


Jumanji Pearl in Modern Bathroom

Shown Above: Jumanji Pearl white porcelain tiles bathroom design 

The Jumanji Collection is inspired by the endless beauty of the flora and fauna that coats the floors of jungles. We took the rich vibrancy intrinsic to that environment and captured it on porcelain tiles. Each of the porcelain tiles in this collection represents elements coming together to form a truly one-of-a-kind design. 

The goal was to create an overarching theme that tied together the everlasting intrigue of nature with contemporary living standards. 

The result is two stunning colorways in a variety of sizes–12×25, 12×48, and a mosaic.


Jumanji Black Porcelain Tile


Beautiful Jumanji decor porcelain tile in bathroom shower

Shown Above: Jumanji Black Tropic Deco porcelain tiles in contemporary bathroom 

There is the ever-bold and audacious Jumanji Black porcelain tile. Made up of a truly moody color spectrum that instantly makes a statement upon first glance. These bold, black porcelain tiles are captivating and can create endless depth.



Jumanji Pearl Porcelain Tile


Jumanji Pearl Tile in Modern Space

Shown Above: Jumanji Pearl White Collection in open floor bedroom

Then there is the Jumanji Pearl which has an undeniably divine elegance about it. Light, airy and in direct contrast to its counterpart, it stuns with an irresistible shine and neutral tone. 


How to design with the Jumanji Collection: 


Jumanji Textures Black Porcelain Tile Bedroom Wall

Shown Above: Jumanji Black Textures porcelain tile bedroom accent wall


When it comes to designing with the Jumanji Collection, there are endless possibilities. You can build off each tile in the lineup to make a contemporary, industrial-meets-nature feeling.


Here’s a few mix-and-match options to get your inspirational wheels spinning with one of our new tile collections:


Use Jumanji’s tiles designs in the bathroom

If you want to create a spectacular space that feels particularly exotic, this is easily achievable. Take the Jumanji Tropical Decor porcelain tile (Black or Pearl) and place it on the walls of your bathroom. It looks great as an accent wall behind the bathroom mirror and vanity. Next, take the Jumanji 24×48 Tile (Black or Pearl) and place it on the floors to create a seamless, stone-washed look. 


Use Jumanji’s tiles for a kitchen

In place of more traditional options, why not go a little wild on your next kitchen renovation or redesign? Take the beautiful Jumanji Textures Decor Black 12×48 Porcelain Tile and place it as the backsplash, creating a twist. Then use the Jumanji Pearl  24×48 Tile on the floors to create a welcoming contrast and brighten the space up a bit. 


Use Jumanji’s tiles for an accent wall in a restaurant or hotel


Jumanji Tropical Decor Porcelain tile restaurant wall

Shown Above: Jumanji Black Tropic Deco Porcelain tile on restaurant wall 


Imagine this: Guests arrive at your restaurant or hotel and are instantly greeted by an accent wall that comes to life with its floral collage. Not only does this make an instant impression, it sets up a photo-worthy moment that’s shareable. Presentation and service go hand and hand. Using the Jumanji Tropical Deco or Jumanji Textures Deco porcelain tiles will make an immediate statement in any commercial space. 


Jumanji Black Tile Modern Floors

Shown Above: Jumanji Black Porcelain tiles on living room floor


Shop Jumanji Here


Terra Collection 


Mixed Hexagon Tiles Living Room and Kitchen Floor

Shown Above: Terra Collection on living room and kitchen floor 

The last of the new tile collections is our Terra hexagon porcelain tiles. Terra translates to “land” and in this new collection, the earth’s materials are exactly what we derived our inspiration from. 

This collection is made of myriad inspirations sourced from the earth itself. We found the sophisticated beauty of stone and marble, replicating it into a porcelain form. We took the timeless beauty that is Terrazzo, and reimagined it for modern day appeal with our terrazzo tiles. You can use these terrazzo porcelain tiles for terrazzo inspired floors. 


Shown Above: Terra Collection 

Thanks to the advances in modern day, we were able to shape and cut unique 8” hexagonal tiles that provide all the ease of maintenance we all know and love about porcelain.

Here’s how to envision this spectacular collection in any space: 


Porcelain Hexagon tiles on kitchen floor below table  

Shown Above: Terra marble look porcelain hexagon tiles on floor 


Use Terra In A Hotel Lobby 

Nothing is more bold and statement-procuring than a fantastic lobby design and reception area. First impressions count and the entry into a stay is the best way to make one memorable. Using the Terra Collection, you can achieve this. Mix together Terra White, Terra Black and Terra Grey matte hexagon tiles to create an ombre accent wall that’s sleek and contemporary. Or, use the Terra Blue Speckled as hexagon floor tiles  to create a lively, artistic feeling. 


hotel lobby with hexagon speckled tile

Shown Above: Terra terrazzo look porcelain tile in hotel lobby

Use Terra Tiles In A Living Room

Reinvigorate any residential home with a unique sense of modern art with the Terra Speckled hexagon porcelain tiles. They will instantaneously bring the serenity of an ultramodern design with their varied color palettes. Whether you choose a more classic appeal; such as the Terra Speckled White for a trendy yet timeless look or an eclectic one with Terra Multicolor Speckled for a bohemian chic design, the result will be one-of-a-kind, guaranteed. After all, Terra Speckled was reimagined after the ever-popular terrazzo style that’s having a comeback moment.


Use Terra Tiles For Fireplace 

Create a central point of attraction of any space with the Terra Collection placed on the surrounding fireplace. Instantly enlivens any area with a breathtaking view of artistry. 


Terra Blue Speckled on Bar

Shown Above: Terra speckled blue terrazzo look porcelain tile commercial bar

hotel room

Shown Above: Terra terrazzo look porcelain tile on hotel room floor

Note: Terra will be available in early April 2021. 


Now that we’ve shared with you the newest tile collections…Tell us, which is your favorite of the collections? Ready to peruse them all? Shop the tile collections here.







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