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Cersaie 2021: The Most Inspiring Tile Trends To Watch

Among the tile trends seen at Cersaie 2021 in Italy, was a more bold take on terrazzo tiles like the ones seen as kitchen floor tiles in this midcentury modern home.

For those not in the tile industry, there’s something just as exciting as Christmas morning for us at MIR: The Cersaie Trade Show and Exhibition. This annual show is the epitome of a tile lovers dream come true; tile retailers, tile designers, architects, and interior designers gather together under one roof in the ever-chic country of Italy to view (okay, drool) over upcoming tile collections. As the site so effortlessly puts it, “Cersaie is the foremost international event for designers of ceramic and other surface coverings and bathroom furnishings. The show’s importance is demonstrated by the presence of more than 112,000 attendees, half of whom are international visitors from all over the world.” 
While we know this year, for many of those in the industry, getting to Italy to attend the show was not possible given limited travel. So, to help remove your FOMO and give you a taste of the show, we’re delivering a tile trends report along with actual images from Cersaie. Scroll on, and we hope you have a good time *virtually* attending with us!

Floral Tiles Are Growing

As you may have noticed, floral tiles were pretty much popping up everywhere the last year or so. With their bold, beautiful styles, it goes without saying why; they offered a sense of serenity, beauty and exquisite flavor to any interior at a time when it was needed. This design trend found its way seeping into feature tile walls in commercial spaces,  bold kitchen backsplash tile designs and even making wondrous fireplace surround tile applications. 
For those who grabbed onto the trend and ran with it, you’ll be happy to know that after the MIR team attended Cersaie in Italy this month, the tile trend still rang true. In fact, it got even better (we’re not kidding!) 
The biophilic trend of 2021 looks like it’ll evolve into an even stronger presence in the interior design and tile industry into 2022. The floral pattern tiles are evolving. There are more dimensional textures creating a wallpaper look. There are a variety of finishes that make for a startlingly spectacular appeal (hello, metallic glimmers!) 
So, even if the winter months may call for us to hold back on traveling (but let’s be optimistic, eh?), the truth is these floral tiles are a great excitement for a natural yet on trend ambiance in any project.
Blue Who? Green Takes Over

Blue tiles will always be beautiful, but it seems like their moment as a standard color chioice for interior design is slowly coming to a plateau. To be honest, we’re okay with that, because the next transitional color that’s taking its place has us all green with envy! Yes, we’re talking green tiles. Whether it be sea green mosaic tiles, sage green subway tiles or emerald green ceramic tiles, they are coming in hot for 2021/2022 tile trends according to our sightings at Cersaie. 

From the rich jewels of Emerald green to the earthy, soothing appearance of Sage, there is wide variety and the color scheme continuously grows. Nothing really emulates the beauty of a green tile bathroom or kitchen backsplash as does green tile. As mentioned above, biophilic design is all the rage as more people are working from home and crave a natural touch in their daily lives. What color to better reflect the natural, outside world than green?! It is the color of leaves, grass, caterpillars and four leaf clovers!

The green tile trend works particularly well in bathrooms, and given increased public interest in sustainability, the style doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere We can see the use of green tiles in jungalow inspired spaces; complemented by bamboo, Chinese evergreen, spider plants, and all types of ferns as plants best suited to the bathroom climate.

It’s easy to instill energy into your clients home with green tile, we promise. Use bright shades to bring interest into key living spaces.  Use green ceramic tile for areas that benefit from tile’s extra durability, such as the front of a kitchen island or bar, and also add a unique design feature.

Marble Tile, Scaled For Style

Marble fever is striking again this year, but this time, it’s coming with a twist! This coming fall into the new year, we expect to see the scale of marble tiles enlarged and color schemes emboldened. Why does this make us happy? Well, marble tiles are always in vogue, and to see them growing means we can see more exaggerated veining which is a win-win in our opinion!

Be on the lookout for a few key elements of these newly produced marble look tiles and natural stone tile: river-like veins that are free-flowing with movement and clean edges, as well as angular, more frenetic and high-contrast marble veining patterns. The dramatic effects are felt in either design and the larger scale of these tiles help to create a seamless interior design style. To us, this is one of the ultimate tile trends to take note of.

You can use these large scale stone tiles to create a floor-to-ceiling tile bathroom or sleek, contemporary kitchen backsplash. Since the look and feel of stone remains sophisticated and stylish, it’s a guarantee that your client will be able to enjoy the longevity of these gorgeous tiles in years to come. With an elegant, timeless and luxurious appeal, bathrooms, kitchens, showers and fireplaces can all get a marble upgrade, instantly.

Terrazzo, But Bolder

When it comes to a tile option that is just plain fun, terrazzo look tiles are sure to top the list. They have colorful bodies, a confetti like appearance, and can shine in any space— be it a backsplash tile design or bathroom floor tile project. For this reason, we were happy to see terrazzo front-and-center at the Cersaie Tile Show this year and are happy to report it will gain strength through 2022 (woo!)

For obvious reasons, terrazzo is popular with trend-setters in design thanks to the modern, artisan appeal. The repetitive chip patterns, can help bring a light-hearted playfulness to any design and add an element of youthful excitement to the rooms it’s placed in.

Plus, with its unique, detail-rich composition, these terrazzo look ceramic tiles can be placed most anywhere; be it a residential home or commercial space, like a hotel lobby. You can dress up the tiles with monochromatic furniture in said lobby or you can create dimension by playing along with the color palette of the tile itself. For example, as seen in the display room at the Cersaie show, pairing a bold terrazzo floor and wall tile with a contemporary gray couch, emerald green chair, sleek coffee table and house plants, the space is enlivened and cool.

Oh, and we’d be remiss not to mention one of the updates we’re seeing with terrazzo; It’s more of an aggregate style. What does this mean? Larger-scale colorful flecks. The bold color and enlarged scale gives the 2022 terrazzo tiles a chunky, colorful appearance that’s basically traditional terrazzo on steroids.

The New Neutrals 

Next on the list and seen in all its beauty are neutral interiors. Seems like they may not be a trend but a timeless go-to for designers? Well, we’re here to push you to think again! Coming in hot for Fall 2021/Winter 2022 tiles are new neutral interiors. Ones that combine chic standards of living with classic contemporary decor to create a beautiful space.

In fact, there’s even a name behind this neutral tile trends; Wabi Sabi. A Japanese style characterized by simplicity and ties to nature. This in complete opposition of what has been popular in interior design in the past years (think Art Deco and Maximalism). Wabi Sabi is an interiors trend that brings calm to any home and strives to achieve balance using authentic materials and products.

The color palette for this delicately zen design choice consists of beige, white, gray and brown. This palette is easily achievable by way of tile. Use a Japanese inspired wood floor tile and pair it with a white glossy glass subway tile in a kitchen to create an oasis primed for Wabi Sabi success. Or, make a mudroom tile design with terra cotta feature tiles and pair it with white floor tiles. Endless options to create a balanced sanctuary.

Creative, Colorful Ceramics

Much to our delight (and we’re sure to yours, too!) colorful ceramic tiles are still going strong and more popular than ever! We’re positively in love with the vast scale and assortment of ceramic tile colors that we saw at the Cersaie show. (If we’re honest, it’s hard not to happy dance that these are on the tile trends list for 2022.) No longer were these beloved wall and floor tiles in the traditional hues of choice; like a light blue tile or mellow yellow tile. Instead, there were dapper colors that, in truth, could find perfect placement in 1970s inspired interiors in 2022. 
There were pops of the rainbow all over the show. From retro-fitted salmon pink tiles to grass inspired green tiles, it seemed everywhere we looked there was a new burst of life. This comes as no surprise, since nothing stuns quite like a bold colored ceramic tile does. There are so many ways to design with this traditional and timeless choice. As seen in the space above, using a fashionable pink 3×6 subway tile in a restaurant display and pairing it with another trending tile, floral print flooring, the result is an ever-insatiable design full of quirk.

Alternatively, you can create a midcentury modern design (above) that transcends the time-space barrier with the ultimate in modern twist. Statement tiles don’t have to be overly lux to make an impact. Instead of using a black ceramic tile, you can use a bold green backsplash tile instead. You still get the same depth, but without the same level of darkness. A win-win for statement-making designs.

More Metallic, Please 

There’s definitely a shimmering tile trend on its way into the interior design and tile industry: Metallic tiles. For us, this couldn’t be anymore exciting! Metallic tiles can totally change the look of any kitchen or bathroom backsplash by adding a shiny glow to the space that’s covetable and star-worthy. 

Across the show, we saw a myriad of metal look tiles and real metal tiles; from golden hues, to metal accents, and shiny finishes. Truthfully, they were as breath-taking as they sound! When it comes to choosing metallic tiles for your client design, there’s plenty of options to indulge in. You can style a space with shiny and sleek large scale metallic tiles for a  more modernized feel, use hammered metallic tiles for a handmade touch, or mix it up with penny tiles or hex shaped metallic tiles for a geo chic design. Limitless options. 

Different Dimensions

We’re drifting into new dimensions! (Okay, not literally, but still fun!) This year at the Cersaie show, we saw plenty of amazing 3D tiles and every single one was just as pretty as the next. For those that aren’t as familiar with 3D tiles, these bold tiles can create a sense of dimension in a space and drive visual interest for any room. 

…Which is exactly why we love them so much! Bold, beautiful and contemporary, they add a truly amazing spin on classic tile formats. For example, when subway tile is made into a 3-dimensional tile format the result is a modern twist on a timeless classic. At the same time, intricate woven 3D marble tiles give a visual effect that’s both space-expanding and sophisticated. 

If the goal for your next design is to add space; using 3D tiles will not only give you that, but will keep your client on trend. Consider using the 3D tiles for bathroom backsplashes, fireplace tile surrounds or  accent walls in a shower. Designing with these upcoming tile trends definitely just got even more fun. 

If you want even more tile options for the upcoming 2022 tile trends, be sure to check out our on-site tile design gallery to keep getting more inspired. If you see something you love, be sure to email: info(at)mir-mosaic(dot)com for more information on purchasing!

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