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Bring the Clouds to Earth with our Cloud 9 Collection

When it comes to romantic rooms in your home, sure the bedroom and master bathroom probably are the first areas that come to mind. But we all know that the way to nearly everyone’s heart is through their stomach! So, it makes sense that the kitchen is the next mood-inducing room in the house.

If you want to bring some romantic mood into your kitchen, Cloud 9 Collection is at your service!

The line combines lovely silhouettes with wispy opaque palette. We have carefully curated this line to bring unique cloud-like effect into your dwellings.

There are three beautiful patterns to choose from: Atlas, Stratus and Hexagon. Also 3×9 subway tiles are available for those who want to keep it simple and classy. All shapes are presented in four moody yet calming colors: Silver White, Amber, Blue and Grey that create depth and tranquil atmosphere at the same time keeping the space airy and light.

     Blue Atlas


Dreamy and romantic touches in a kitchen bring beauty, elegance and they make your kitchen a welcoming room for cozy dinners and family gatherings.

Aspired to make your spaces more welcoming, we have brought the Cloud 9 Collection into existence so that you can transform any bare wall into a cozy setting.

Soft swirls of the hand poured glass in this exceptional collection is a perfect way to dress up an otherwise ordinary kitchen to bring that warm and pleasant feeling that we all long for.

         Silver White Stratus


When it comes to the bathrooms – whether small or large, we all ask for a relaxing and calming escape, right?  Keep in mind that the visual appeal of a bathroom is the key element in creating the desired spa-like effect and this is why tiles play the most important role in a bathroom setting.

With the undulating patterns and romantic subtle hues in Cloud 9 Collection, its is so easy to evoke a spa-like atmosphere in any bathroom. Not to mention the functional quality, these glass tiles are an ideal choice especially for high-moisture areas due to their waterproof and stain resistant qualities.

Whether you use these beauties around the tubs, inside the showers or behind the mirrors, once you have them installed you will find yourself looking for excuses to spend more time in your bathroom!

      Amber Atlas

 Blue Hex


Applications are no longer limited to kitchen and bath backsplashes. Cloud 9 Collection can be integrated into any type of commercial and residential setting, wherever you wish to convey a delicate, inviting interior. Although tiles are suitable for inside floors with low traffic, wall applications are recommended for better results.

       Amber Stratus


In this busy world, getting some serenity has become even more desirable and valuable. What if we could achieve this through our home design that could help us relax and unwind for a better recharge? If that is what you are looking for, let our Cloud 9 Collection tiles transform any of your spaces into a calming retreat with a touch of romance for even a more balmy feel!

      Blue Stratus

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