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A Soft Touch Brought with the Silk Collection

Silk, the queen of textiles… Silk has always been the choice for royalty and luxury since the moment Chinese Empress Shiling Ti discovered it in her tea cup. From royalty of the past to the present, silk is still the most sought-after fabric in the world with its one of a kind lustrous texture. Owing to its royal look, it is also a perfect choice in home decor in many ways.

Fascinated by the shimmering beauty of silk, Mir Mosaic created the Silk Collection tiles to give home interiors the royal feel of this beautiful fabric. Although we expect to see silk and other fabrics typically as window treatments and rugs, Mir Mosaic brings the same shimmering effect on your walls with ceramic tiles. 

With soft and silky earth tones, the collection features our newest ceramic tiles that don’t only enhance your walls but can also handle high levels of moisture and humidity easily in any space.

Silk Shiro 2.5” x 8” & 4” x 4”

Silk Collection features classic dimensions of rectangle and square tiles with a delicate texture and glossy finish. Traditional shapes are rejuvenated with a new silky appearance, morphing into a fresh new product for our customers.

Who said we can’t have more than one type of tile? Pattern lovers can play with the tiles by simply mixing and matching the two shapes of the same colors or lay subway tiles in different patterns to get a more interesting look while still keeping the minimalist vibe.

However you mix it up, you really cannot go wrong!

Silk Midori
Silk Mizu 2.5” x 8”

Comprised of 5 colors – Silk Collection has four neutral tones that will complement a wide range of countertop and cabinetry colors for your style. Whether you use it for a backsplash design or an entire accent wall, the glossy surface of each ceramic tile is highly reflective that especially small bathrooms and kitchens can benefit.

White, black, soft blue, soft purple or soft green. All have that misty shimmer to evoke the soft texture of silk you can almost feel. If you’re going for a decor to calm your senses, we’ve got you covered with the Silk Collection!

Silk Gure 4” x 4”
Silk Shiro 2.5” x 8”

The black color is also an option for the ones who crave a little touch of drama. Want to punch up your space with unexpected black tiles? It’s especially noticeable in all-white kitchens or bathrooms when tied with beautiful rose or gold accents. It’s modern, sophisticated and doesn’t even show dirt. Who can deny the elevated aesthetic of this bathroom?

Silk Daku 4” x 4”

You may think that appearance isn’t everything. After the dramatic first impression, a tile has to offer a reliable and durable surface to be long lasting, right?

When it comes to material, ceramic tiles are known as being extremely easy to care with no requirement of special cleaning unlike natural stones. Not to mention the fact that ceramic tiles are also water and stain resistant. 

Silk Collection brings out ceramic tiles that are durable enough to handle high levels of moisture and humidity. They are great choice for especially kitchens and bathrooms since tiles don’t harbor germs. When aesthetic is combined with durability, what more could we ask for?

Silk Midori 2.5” x 8” & 4” x 4”

In kitchens and bathrooms, if there is one simple detail that transforms the space, it is the tile for sure. Whether you like the contemporary or traditional, Silk Collection is well suited to fit any personal style for a truly unique design. 

Where ever you chose install, you‘ll be surprised to see how ceramic tiles can arouse such a luxury feel in your home!

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