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A Quick Guide To Mudrooms and Tiles To Use In Them

moroccan stone kitchen floor tiles blueMoroccan entryway tile floors (Pantheon Blue and White Tile) create a unique oasis for mudrooms, both delighting and inspiring guests.

While we’re sure that you’ve come across a few mudrooms in your time, there’s a chance you wondered “What’s the point of these spaces, anyway?” Sure, they look super pretty and add a decorative flair to any home. But, aside from this, they also provide key organizational features and tidying up abilities that help keep any home’s interior a little less chaotic. Today we’re getting in deep with mudrooms; from what they are, how they should be styled and various designs to inspire you. Ready to welcome some clean style into your next design or home? Read on!

What are mudrooms?

Contemporary mudroom shines with bold, statement decor accents. Using a blue wood look porcelain floor tile (Urbana Wood Blue) and contrasting with a dark painted door, the result is a truly eye-catching design.

A mudroom, simply put, is a functional entryway. This space usually is found at the side of back door of a home and provides homeowners/guests a space to remove their shoes, backpacks, purses and other potentially dirty items (umbrellas and rain boots, looking at you.) Mudrooms often feature storage, seating (cute benches!), and coat racks for easy hanging. 

The designers of this space crafted an awe-instilling modern farmhouse design using timeless elongated octagon tiles (Pacific Rim Wooden Gray tile) as a backsplash in this mudroom-laundry room combination.

Some homeowners though, take things one step further and add a laundry room set-up to their mudrooms. Yes, complete with a washer, dryer and hamper! (We like how these homeowners think.)

What are the benefits of having a mudroom?

Mudrooms are primarily used as a way to keep a home tidy, and organized. They offer a great first impression to guests, family members and homeowners alike. Instead of tracking mud, rain, dirt, or any other earthly elements through the main entranceway of the home, these mudrooms act as a first line of defense and alleviate potential messes. Think about how many pet owners have to handle the headache of post-walks with paw prints in their main hallway? These side or back entrances keep things more neat. 

Gorgeous geometric wood look floor tiles (Urbana Wood) in a modern living room that add a surprise element that enlivens the space.

Moreover, they also help to isolate floor clutter. Since they do act as a buffer between inside an outside, the space is a great reminder for inhabitants to take off their dirty shoes, wet coats and sandy bathing suits to avoid tracking in any of the remnants through the living room or dining room. It gives a slight nudge to do the courteous thing without having to ask once (or three times.)

The mudrooms are a great way to alleviate item misplacement problems. How many of you have ever went to leave your house and only then realized, you couldn’t find your keys?! Probably a lot (if you’re like us.) This is why the concept of storage in the mudroom works so well. You can leave your mail on storage tables, keys on distinguished hooks, and shoes in storage bins. 

Lastly, mudrooms can increase home value. We’re sure with the current market, this is a dream to hear to you (or your clients.) Built-in mudrooms serve as a real-estate attraction and potential buyers often look for them in a home — it’s seen as an added perk.

What should be added to a good mudroom design?

Any great mudroom design has a variety of key elements that, when put together, create a striking design that has form, function and style. Below we go through each main component to help get your wheels turning on your next design!



First and foremost, mudrooms are known for one key element: storage. The goal of them is to help rid clutter and as a result, it goes without saying, creating storage of some sort is absolutely needed. While there are many types of storage that you can opt to use, it’s important to consult the overall vibe of the space. For example, if you’re going for a more Bohemian Chic interior, adding wicker baskets below a bench is a great way to achieve this. Alternatively, you can opt for a bench-shoe rack combo if you’re designing with a more modern minimalist style in mind. The truth is, whichever design style you choose, make sure that the storage solution matches the family or homeowner’s needs. 


If the goal is to remove shoes before stepping foot in the main areas of the home, clearly seating is a must-have in mudrooms. Mudroom seating can range from bookshelf with a bench to a classic real wood bench (like the above.) Just like storage requirements, the main thing to do is consult who will be using the seating. If your client’s have children, or dogs, it may be in your best interest to seek a larger mudroom bench with storage that’s durable to keep up with the ongoing activity between dog walks and back-to-school season.

Durable Flooring

Star and cross wood look tile (Pantheon Collection)  inlay in a mudroom.

When it comes to choosing mudroom floors, the key is to keep things durable. After all, between guests, pets, and kids tracking in everything from mud to rainwater…Things can get messy! You want to make sure that your design keeps wear and tear in mind.

Black and white floor tiles (Pantheon Black and White) in a mudroom.

That means choosing floor tiles that are durable enough to withstand the elements over time. There are so many amazing tile floor options (more on this below!) but some of the best ones to consider are: porcelain tile floors, marble tile floors, cement look tile floors and wood look tile floors. These beauties will give the aesthetic you’re craving with the promise of a long-lasting lifetime.

Hook Racks

The final key item that is needed in a mudroom are hook racks. These functional additions will help guarantee that there will be no lost keys, dog leashes or backpacks! With a variety of finishes and materials to choose from, you can find the best hooks to match the mudroom design’s overall style and create a hyper-organized space.

Tiles To Consider For Your Mudrooms  

Modern white mudroom with hidden storage closet, minimal seating and bold, textured white porcelain wall tiles (Movement) to create dimension. 

What happens when you add a tiled accent wall to a mudroom? Magic! As is the case with this beautiful, sleek mudroom design seen above. While dealing with a smaller space, the designers wanted to give this urban dweller client the impact of a mudroom in their apartment. To do that, they added white porcelain tiles with texture to the walls and pattern tiles opposite a hidden closet. While minimal, there’s just enough space to store rain boots, umbrellas, coats and keys! The addition of a comfy chair tied it all together to make a small-but-mighty design. 

Adorning a rustic chic mudroom-laundry room are gorgeous multi tonal hex floor tiles with a wood look (Royal Wood Collection). 

Creating a sense of rustic coziness in this modern farmhouse home, the designers of this space gave their clients a tailored mudroom-laundry room combo. Using hex floor tiles the space has dimension and a neutral appeal. The wood look tiles have multi-colored bodies that create visual interest and an organic ambiance. Using hexagon tiles as flooring in a mudroom adds a nice geometric element that both livens and excites the overall design.

Elegant pattern marble floor tiles  (Fiore 15) create a luxury mudroom/entryway in this residential home.

Now this design is one for the luxury living books! The gorgeous Calacatta Bluette and Thassos marble floor tiles create an exquisite floor design in this mudroom, resulting in true sophistication and upscale elegance. The designers used the geometric marble tiles to complement the transitional, luxury home perfectly and give guests a grand first impression (mission achieved.) Pairing the floor tiles with a tan leather bench, white leather ottoman and sleek, white console the mudroom is not only pretty, but extremely purposeful.

Swirling geometric marble floor tiles (Picasso 4) create a gorgeous touch in this home’s mudroom.

Nothing stuns more than an intricate Bianco Carrara and Bardiglio Nuvolato floor tile does. This space proves that true with its use of a swirling, geometric marble tile that creates a mesmerizing aesthetic to all who view it. With naturally occurring color variations, due to the marble used, the result is a multidimensional design that provides a statement tile design to the mudroom. Definitely an effective way to create a spatially sound space with astounding first impressions.

Arrowhead geometric marble tile floors (Dardanelles) in a bohemian mudroom.

Mudrooms can still work for the most free-spirited homes, as shown above with this bohemian inspired mudroom that blends together traditional elements with organic ones to create an eclectic look. The designers of this space used a durable, yet style-worthy equator marble and Thassos marble floor tile that has a geometric pattern that stuns. Tying things together, they added a natural wood storage console with space to store key items and a boho-approved wicker storage basket.

Hexagon stone floor tiles (Fairway) in a laundry room with modern farmhouse

Another breathtaking mudroom-meets-laundry room design we adore! Using Bianca Carrara and Wooden Grey hex tiles on the floor in this mudroom, the designers were able to successfully add a homey feeling to this modern farmhouse home. The hexagon tile on floors breaks up the monotony of the color scheme with a two-tone body that ties the whole space together perfectly. This keeps the overall look light, airy and intriguing. Using wicker baskets for additional storage, and neutral, beige storage cabinets there is more than enough space for miscellaneous items to find a home in.

An artistically driven space, this mudroom has an eye-catching mosaic tile art mural on the wall (Alma Collection) with an immediate “wow” factor.

Just when you thought mudrooms followed a similar style pattern, this stunner appears. With a mosaic wall mural, this space is artistically sound and as creative as it gets! The designer wanted to create a minimalist space for their artsy clients and to do that, they added a mosaic tile artwork which will last a lifetime. This floral tile art immediately captures attention and adds a unique touch to the space. Pairing the blue hues of the wall tile accent wall, they used a burnt orange bench to give a color pop that contrasts perfectly in the mudroom.

Wooden Gray marble floor tiles (Victory Square) used in a coastal chic southern home that adds to the neutral appeal of the space.

Neutral interiors are ever-popular, and with reason, they are fresh and light. Styled in this home’s mudroom are neutral square tiles that add to the overall farmhouse-meets-coastal design scheme. The square tile creates an uplifting, multi tonal design in the space that gives way to a modern twist on a classic wood floor option. 

Distressed wood look porcelain floor tiles (Retro Blanco Hex) create a country-approved design in this mudroom.

Country chic done right! This mudroom uses white washed hexagon porcelain floor tiles to create the look of distressed wood that suites the space perfectly. These large format hexagon floor tiles give the space a durable yet stylish touch that makes a lasting impression. Thanks to the intrinsic durability of porcelain tiles, long-lasting wear is a guarantee. 

Floral marble tiles (Edgemore) create a mudroom floor that is equally beautiful and artistic. 

True romance! This mudroom floor tile has it all; a wood look marble tile and Thassos inset that creates a marvelously chic floral design. A perfect way to create an in-bloom design all year long. Not to mention, romance guests and homeowners alike no matter the season with a bouquet of flowers!

Bold meets beauty in this mudroom floor tile design featuring a cherry blossom porcelain floor tile (Kasai Notte Sakura).

For any mudroom that is seeking a more contemporary, artistic look, our Kasai Notte Sakura porcelain tile delivers. With its deep black color and contrasting textural porcelain body, it instantly creates a floral storyline in any design. The crackled wood look and exposed lines create movement and intrigue. This space above is exquisite proof of just that!

Cute puppy sitting on slate mudroom floor tiles (Picasso) with smile.

Take a more sophisticated approach to mudrooms with a slate pattern floor tile that adds a fusion of fall-approved hues; burnt orange, warming beige and cool gray in an interlocking design. A more organic twist on the traditional mudroom color scheme for a design that offers rustic appeal. 

Black and white tiles create a luxury mudroom entryway (Tuxedo Collection).

Is there ever a way to go wrong with black and white tiles? No way! Especially when used in a mudroom design. These marble floor tiles captivate with their hexagon patterns. The darker flooring adds depth, dimension and a sense of upscale elegance to the space. Plus, it’s perfect to hide stains and wear in high traffic areas such as the mudroom. 

Creating a wood and white tile floor this laundry room-mudroom space stuns (Maghreb).

This white and neutral mudroom combines a pattern tile with blue decor accents to make for a refreshing laundry room and mudroom design that stuns. With the tones playing off each other this space comes across crisp and fresh. With a modern, clean-cut edge, the marble pattern tile floors create an airy design that’s perfect for chores!

Creative floral accent wall tile (Fiore 2) in a mudroom entryway.

When summer comes to an end, you can still bring a cheery ambiance to any space with floral wall tiles. As seen in this space, the use of a white and gray stone tile with floral pattern adds a playful, energetic touch to the residential home’s mudroom. Giving a subtle touch that will stand the test of time, the wall tile is artistically driven and beautifully sound.

Black hexagon tile floors (2″ Nero Hex Honed) create a bold statement in this residential mudroom. 

You can easily make a mudroom as edgy as you wish with bold, black hex tiles. Add a wooden console to offset the hexagon floor tiles and create a more natural, welcoming vibe. In doing so, you’ll be able to create a simple, transitional mudroom design for years to come and clients can update as much as they’d like without worry that the tile will need a replacement.

Japanese inspired wood look porcelain tiles (Kasai Notte Kintsu) in a mudroom.

Using  an accent floor tile in a residential home’s mudroom, the designer of this space delivered a Japandi approved design.  This striking pattern wood look tile with its golden and black body make for a distinguished look. Break up a room and give guests something to talk about with a bold tile!

Marble geometric floors (Dardandelles) in mudroom.

With moody grays and golden whites, this geo chic marble floor tile crafts an exquisite design. With natural stone veins swirling together on the arrow shape tile pattern, the result is a naturally chic look ready to fire up any mudroom interior.

As you can see, mudrooms are both functional and stylish. Creating the right design will help give your clients a home that’s more organized, less dirt-prone and guest-approved. If you want even more options, be sure to check out our on-site tile design gallery to keep getting more inspired. If you see something you love, be sure to email: info(at)mir-mosaic(dot)com for more information on purchasing!

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