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70’s Inspired Interiors With Colorful Tiles

A gorgeous 70s inspired interiors teal backsplash tile (Satin Quetzal) adorns this bathroom. Complementing the statement black marble sink with brass hardware, the space is given a modern-meets retro vibe that is a perfect sneak peek into what’s ahead!

Get ready because we’re bringing some 70s disco fever your way! Today our spotlight is on the eclectic, and bold interiors of the 1970’s. Using MIR tiles each of the designs below create a retro chic style combined with an updated feeling. Scroll through and put on your dancing shoes!

When it comes to interior design trends, there’s usually some expectation as to what will be: mid century modern interiors, modern farmhouse styles, and art deco inspired interiors, are just a few examples of interior design styles that seemingly crop up without fail every few years. 

There’s one decade of interior style, though, that rarely does. That’s the interiors of the 1970s. For years, this decade has been categorized as ‘ugly’ and a ‘mess’. This, based on the myriad of color mashups, pattern preferences and maximalist design inherent to the style. 

Yet, it’s making a comeback…and in a more modernized, tasteful way. We have to admit: We’re here for it and fascinated by it. 

Before we hop into inspiration, let’s go over the main staples of what defines a 1970s home interior design:

70’s Inspired Interiors Staple 1: Mix-and-Match Patterns 

With 70s interiors, your focus should be on mixing and matching patterns. If there ever was a time to dive into a maximalist design mindset, now would be it! Finding comfort in complementary (or contrasting!) patterns can elevate any design and steer into the retro territory it needs to go. For instance, you can take a herringbone backsplash tile in the kitchen and pair it with a bold cement pattern floor tile to create an exquisite kitchen tile design that’s in line with the decade’s look.

Using a bold blue pattern wood look floor tile (Urbana Wood Blue), this homeowner’s kitchen was given a retro twist that bridges the gap between bold colors and mixed patterns effortlessly. The result? A phenomenal display of the trend.

It’s also worth noting that using mixed patterns can add instant depth, and dimension to any space leading to an instantaneously impactful design. This is especially effective design idea for smaller spaces that crave the illusion of more square footage. Trust us, it’ll be easy to dress your design for throwback success by using a multitude of tile patterns!

70’s Inspired Interiors Staple 2: Bold Colors 

If there was ever a motto that encompassed 1970’s interior design, it was go bold, or go home. From the iconic mustard yellows, harvest oranges, and jungle inspired greens…Color was not shy during this decade, and that translates over to modern day interpretations of the style as well. When using colorful tiles for this trending interior style, don’t be afraid to go a little out of your comfort zone and offer clients a matte orange subway tile or a vibrant yellow penny round tile for bathroom floors. 

70’s Inspired Interiors Staple 3: Lots of Plants 

Biophilic interiors are all the rage in 2021 (as noted in our 2021 tile trends post) and there’s reason for it; plants inside are a way to add a sense of serenity, happiness and bliss. People love taking care of their plants and watching them grow. This was a trend in the 70’s and we see it popping up all over this year.

Plant lovers unite! This is your time to truly shine. The golden ticket to a 1970s interior is embracing that ever-so-sought-after jungalow interior style. You know the one, made popular by the synonymous instagram account (Jungalow). Think hanging plants, little succulents in every corner, fig trees adorning mudrooms…The list is endless. To step things up and make a more permanent installation, consider using a leaf print marble tile, floral print tile, or jungle inspired wall and floor tile

70’s Inspired Interiors Staple 4: Geometric Touches 

Creating a geometric approved oasis with a pattern tile (Shape 6 Tile), this homeowner’s kitchen is 70s inspired interior in its purest form. With unique shapes, bold colors and a stylistic touch, the backsplash tile creates a quirky-yet-cool aesthetic.

If there was ever a time that was obsessed with soft geometric designs, it was the 1970s. During this period you could find oval television sets, sunburst woven rugs, rounded counter tops, and curved arches throughout most residential and commercial designs. Translating that into a modernized style, interiors today can take advantage of geometric touches through inset tile floors, colorful tile borders in the living room or bedroom, and unique mosaic tile murals in mudrooms

So, how can you translate these key points into a tile design that blends into your groovy space? Allow us to provide myriad inspiration of 70s inspired interiors using tile that wow. 

Put on My Boogie Shoes 

A space-defining oval pattern wall tile (Raindrop 1 Tile) creates a truly disco chic entryway in this modernized home. The neutral color palette softens the boldness of the tile pattern and allows it to work well with the plants, pattern rug and black front door. 

With a geometric pattern intrinsic to 1970s design, our Raindrop Tile captivates in this ever-unique entryway. With a neutral appearance and exaggerated presence, it makes a first impression that’s unforgettable. Not to mention, it takes the wallpaper love of the 70s and turns it into a more permanent, modern display. 

Dancing Queen Diamonds

It’s easy to be dazzled with diamond wall tiles (Angolo 1) in a powder room or bathroom backsplash. The simplicity of this statement tile makes any space enhanced and covetable. Plus, the geometric print checks off all the 1970s boxes.

Striking and balanced, this powder room is the perfect fusion of bold and understated. Using our Angolo 1 diamond tile the wall design adds a stand-out style in the overall space. Topping things off with a retro chic mirror, this design bridges the gap between new and old seamlessly.

Night Fever Neutrals

Nothing but neutrals to adorn this beautiful, handmade look bathroom. Complete with sandy beige wall tiles (Silk Collection) and a pattern floor tile it bridges together the perfect combination of style for 1970s interiors.

Somewhere between the semi-ostentatious designs of the 1970s lived a penchant for neutrals. When bold patterns weren’t splattered on people’s clothing or walls, things were more toned down, and classy. The result? Unique, understated designs that stood the test of the time. Such is the case with our Silk tiles. With a handmade look, glaze facade and neutral color, they’re 70s chic done right.

Sunshine of Your Love

When you want to mix-and-match to create a 1970s approved kitchen, just take a hint of inspiration from this gorgeous design! Using a yellow, white and gray mosaic wall tile (Alma) it combines a unique pattern with a spectrum of colors.

Stylistically sound and an homage to carefree days of the past, this kitchen showcases how a multicolored mosaic backsplash can create a fun, summer-loving design year-long. Using a sunshine yellow, a staple of the 70s, the influence of the decade can be seen predominantly in the space.

Isn’t She Lovely?

A fiery oasis takes shape in this 70’s inspired interiors living room. A quaint, ranch style home craved a retro-yet-modern design which led the designer to use a 70’s approved marble leaf-patterned tile (Esther) on the fireplace with more contemporary decor throughout.

Cozying up, but make it retro. Using an earth-tone color palette, unique pattern, and leaf-like design, this fireplace sure is lovely. With all the makers of a 1970’s living room aesthetic, it will make any fall-into-winter night a success.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Creating a kitchen design that is a medley of modern farmhouse and 1970’s inspired is no easy feat; yet, this creative design just that with a geometric pattern tile backsplash (Piacenza)  fused with open shelving.

Inspired by mountain tops (and tunes of the 70s), this gorgeous modern farmhouse backsplash tile is an ode to a decade of groove without even knowing it! The mountain-meets-diamond pattern of this marble tile creates a captivating, central point for the kitchen. We love the way it blends in with the other neutral elements to give a chic, yet quirky wall tile design that works in tandem with the 1970s throwback.

Light Up My Life

Taking the beauty of natural stone, and shaping it into a star and cross tile (Pantheon), this 70s inspired kitchen has the right vibe for a laid-back, cool design. 

Star and cross tile make the perfect display for a 1970s inspired interiors in home design. Using these pattern tiles on walls, backsplashes and feature tile designs is a sure-fire way to light up a space. Giving the space a delicate yet substantial feel that guests and homeowners alike will love!

How Deep Is Your Love?

Flooring meets relaxation in this 1970’s inspired interiors glam bathroom. Using a marble floor tile (Aura White) to lead the eyes into a soaking tub that’s spacious and statement-making, this home creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxing after a long day.

There’s little that a statement marble floor tile won’t do for a bathroom interior design. That’s such the case in this audaciously beautiful residential master bathroom where an intricate floor tile gives the space depth while providing a nice retro-inspired feeling to the space. Mixing together modern updates with beloved retro aesthetics turns the room into a perfect balance of new-and-old.

If you want even more tile options for 1970s inspired homes with colorful tiles, be sure to check out our on-site tile design gallery to keep getting more inspired. If you see something you love, be sure to email: info(at)mir-mosaic(dot)com for more information on purchasing!

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