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2022 bathroom trends to love (and the tiles to match!)

Showcased above: the organic 2022 bathroom trends featuring our Boca shell mosaic as a backsplash tile.

While it feels like we blinked and 2021 came to a close, we know that’s not the case. As we enter another year, we look forward to uncovering new design trends and styles! Today, we’re going to explore all of the best bathroom trends that 2022 will offer. From a rise in wet rooms to using texture tiles, get ready, because there’s some serious beauty coming your way below.

2022 Bathroom trends: Wet Rooms 

If there’s one bathroom trend to get excited about, it’s the first one on our list: wet rooms! This year, we’ll see more and more of them popping up in designs everywhere. These beauties are multifunctional and luxurious, so we’re not complaining about their growing popularity. They allow for homeowners and guests alike to have a spa-like experience in their daily lives. Thanks to the unique setup, they not only create the illusion of more space (yay open floor plans!) but they also allow for easy cleaning. Can we get a hurray?! 

Bathroom wall and shower tile: Verona Weave

This elegant wet room is a great example of this upcoming 2022 bathroom trend done right. Melding together the beauty of timeless marble tile along every wall in the room and pairing it with a bold black porcelain floor tile, the result is depth and dimension. The frameless glass panel opens up to the at-home retreat with a pure white soaking tub, small wooden table or chair for resting items and a bold brass shower head with matching fixtures. *Chef’s kiss*

Wet room wall tile: Stellar White Deco | Design by: Shelter Custom Built Living 

Moving towards a more neutral interior design, this wet room comprises of texture, tonal contrasts and metallic wonder! We’re just dazzled by the monochromatic storyline that seamlessly flows throughout and pairs up perfectly with the brass hardware. The use of an upscale textured decorative porcelain tile makes the shower design pop instantly. The flow of texture shower wall tile into the cement look shower floor tiles below create a truly wonderful sanctuary for the home. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the way the long built-in shower bench adds to the overall sanctuary appeal! Just gorgeous!

Shower border tile: District Dark | Design by: K Carson Interiors 

What happens when a touch of artistic quirk meets timeless texture? This wet room happens! With a gleaming, unique mosaic glass tile border hugging the curves of the shower design, instant impact is felt. The use of this artistically sound glass shower tile makes a fun pop in the otherwise timeless and traditional wet room design. We’re loving the use of brushed metallic hardware paired up with a limestone large format wall tile to create a sound design that has staying power well past 2022!

Statement shower tile: Noor 

Using a wood look marble accent wall in this walk-in shower/wet room, it has texture, color, and dimension. The tile gives just enough homelike feeling to make a sanctuary of a shower. But then, to add a subtle twist to the style, there’s a white marble floor tile that seamlessly mixes into the design to offset the more rustic vibe with a more timeless, sophisticated one. 

Wet room shower wall tile: Houlakia | Design by: Shower Tile and Design

Featuring a hinged glass shower door, this wet room creates a definitive line between two key areas of the bathroom; the toilet and the shower. While the room is on the smaller side, it proves that wet rooms are flexible in their approach. Yes, many crave an open floor plan, but you can get a similar effect even in smaller homes or prefab homes! They are a safe bet when styled properly as they make use of space strategically. Thrown into the design and really the true stunner, if you ask us, is the marble pattern tile found on the shower walls. This blue marble accent tile creates dimension and the appearance of more space which is a total must-have in smaller bathrooms.

2022 Bathroom trends: Textures

Next 2022 bathroom trend? Texture tiles. We love a good textured situation in a design, and this year, it’ll be all the rage. With such an assortment of options, you can go as minimalist of maximalist as you please. So, whether you want to have a texture-on-texture bathroom tile design or simply place a statement tile shower, the end goal will remain the same: uncapped visual interest.

Backsplash tile: Atlantis Ocean Deco

In this contemporary bathroom, monochromatic tile combinations fit just right. Mixing together a bold, tropical blue ceramic tile on the bathroom vanity wall and a matte cement look tile on the rest of the bathroom, there’s texture, visual interest and undeniable glamour. The elegant sparkle on the texture tile creates a luxurious touch that allows the wall to dance when the light hits it. While some may shy from using one prominent color in the design, in fear it may overwhelm the space, using an ethereal blue like this adds a sense of lightness and beauty, in balance. 

Feature wall tile: Kasai Notte Kintsu

Black wood look tiles are a bold addition that can prevent plain and dull interiors, instantly. They act as the driving force in any design, and while some may feel black tiles can be overwhelming when used as a bathroom wall tile design, it’s the exact right amount to add depth and dimension to the space. Moreover, the textured black wood wall tile can create an artistic appearance worth applying. 

Texture backsplash tile: Jumanji Pearl Deco Textures

This gorgeous texture porcelain tile is a designer’s dream for 2022 for good reason! Not only does it feature a strong natural variation in texture, thanks to the 3-dimensional pattern, but it complements the current trend towards organic textures and natural colors this year! The off-white tone works extraordinarily well as a backsplash tile in the bathroom above and complements the modern hardware perfectly.

Shower accent tile: Sofia  | Design by: B&F Ceramics

One of the texture tile combinations that will soar in bathroom 2022 is a statement marble tile paired with a cement look tile. While marble tile tends to have a sophisticated style that lends itself to classiness, cement look tile has an undeniably urban feeling. Using this combo, the bathroom shower above showcases how the two complement one another perfectly. While the bathroom’s overall wall tile is dark and moody, the shower accent wall tile is comprised of white marble with a swirling pattern–The result is a perfect fusion of upscale artistry that balances the bathroom interior out.

Bathroom wall tile: Stellar Steel Dimension

Contrasts in a primary bathroom is always a good idea. It not only adds a unique storyline to the overall design, but keeps things interesting. This bathroom utilizes the magic of contrasting tile combinations with a sleek, 3-dimensional wall tile and a shower accent tile in a deep, moody black. The space winds up having a futuristic appeal with a total “wow” factor that guests in the home will surely delight in.

Shower wall tile: Picasso 9 

Texture marble tiles sweeten any design situation instantly. That’s exactly why this small space bathroom remodel using pattern stone tiles on the shower wall, marble flooring and a chic brass accent excites us. Finding a balance between being livable and lux, creates a noticeably laid-back yet effectively classy aesthetic.

2022 bathroom trends: Old-Meets-New

Next up is a trend that’s perfect for those who love fusions! It’s old-meets-new. That means using classic design staples and pairing them up with more modern, or 2022-approved decor pieces. Seriously a great option for those clients that love a more transitional appeal in their home or space.

Feature backsplash tile: TakaTik

Bound to make an impression, this bathroom showcases the exact goal of old-meets-new. Using a traditional maze style gray marble tile and pairing with more contemporary hardware, it screams transitional. Added as a backsplash tile design behind the concrete basin sink and sleek round vanity mirror, this interior that’s both edgy and timeless. The wall tile acts as a nice, more durable option as opposed to traditional wallpaper. With staying power and elevated appearances, this tile selection not only adds a dimensional touch but will be worth the investment in the long-term.

Backsplash tile: Cordoba Silver

When it comes old-meets-new, it would be an oversight not to add in penny round tiles! These mosaic round tiles stand the test of time, and with consistently new variations being added to the style…They are prime for 2022 bathroom interior design trends. Just look at the way these variational penny round glass tiles create a magnificent bathroom backsplash design in this space! Pairing this traditional glass tile style with a marble countertop and contemporary round brass mirror, it 100% meets this year’s trend of melding together the new with the old.

Wet room wall tile: White Nouveau 

A touch of art deco, anyone? Well, this year with old-meets-new trending, it’s basically the most lux go-to you can envision. This stunning shower wall tile design proves just that. It uses an art nouveau-inspired brass-and-white marble design that’s perfectly aligned for the tending style. Pairing it with matching brass hardware, the shower stuns. 

Backsplash tile: Merletto Beige 

With the ability to be both dramatic and serene, there’s little wonder why marble tiles make it to the list of old-meets-new. These inherently beautiful materials have the ability to create a soothing atmosphere. The result? Adding a cherry on top of nearly any 2022 bathroom design. As seen in this guest bathroom, lux floral marble tiles are paired with a textured, modern sink to enhance the space, making even the smallest rooms seem luxurious

2022 bathroom trends: Organic Touches 

Well, if there was ever a time to indulge in natural, organic touches it’s in 2022! The ‘livable’, biophilic spaces are alive and well, with an approach to creating a serene naturalistic environment for homeowners and guests alike. 

Backsplash tile: Stax Gray

With stone and metallic mosaic backsplash tiles creating a textural experience with a natural edge, this bathroom design evokes all that is coveted in 2022: natural beauty. Thanks to the addition of a wide, stone sink, the melding of organic touches craft a curated, timeless space that brings the outdoors, indoors.

Backsplash tile: Crystal City

Made with a naturalistic appeal, this bathroom design is both soothing and stylish. With a polished pattern marble tile backsplash, the design is enhanced beautifully. The octagon marble tile wall adds a timeless twist and gives a sense of natural wonder that works in tandem with the carved rock sink and stone tiled vanity. A true expression of this 2022 bathroom trend in full effect.

Backsplash tile above: Hemingway Circle penny round tile 

A nature-inspired bathroom showcases that a penny round marble tile can create a statement that flows seamlessly in the above design. Using a penny tile, this bathroom’s backsplash not only beautifies the environment but works well with organic, plant touches.

Backsplash tile: Diamente Gold

Who doesn’t love a lux, golden touch in design? With its fusion of organic elements, from dried grass to a stone sink to patterned gold tiles, it makes a statement. Utilizing a diamond pattern tile on the backsplash is a sure-fire way to get the 2022 stamp of approval and keep things stunning. A total win-win, in our opinion.

2022 bathroom trends: Oversized tiles

Supersize, anyone? That’s exactly what you get in 2022 bathroom designs. With large format tiles literally being all the rage, you’ll find there’s no shortage of oversized style to impress on a design.

Shower wall tile: Acadia Spiga Blanco | Design by: Emily Palm Tile

Mixing and matching large format tiles is definitely encouraged this year. After all, these tiles are far from one size fits all. You have large-format wood looks tiles, oversized hexagon tiles, and everything in between (like marble look large tiles!) That makes it simply fantastic to create an exclusive, individualistic shower design like the above space. 

Bathroom floor tile: Altea  

There are seemingly endless ways to incorporate large hexagon floor tiles into your design in a meaningful way. In a transitional home, add these marble floor tiles as an understated touch. To make a noteworthy modern design for your clients, add these large hexagons on the bathroom floor for extenuated interest, as can be seen in the above design!

Backsplash tile: Patina Green Deco 18×48

Classically chic, oversized patina tiles are luxurious and sophisticated. Thanks to their intrinsic texture and earth-infused aesthetic, they can instantly create an ambiance of upscale living and vitality. Such is the case in the above design which features a decorative large format patina green tile. With modern finesse, these tiles can really add depth and elegance wherever placed, be it accent wall tiles, shower tiles, or backsplash tiles.

Bathroom wall and floor tile: Imperial Matte Calacatta 24×48

Unlike traditional marble, large format marble porcelain tiles can create great bathroom floor tiles thanks to their water-resistant bodies. Also, unlike real stone, these large-scale porcelains won’t be as cold underfoot come the winter months, which is perfect for those clients that live in the Northeast or Midwest climates and want to end a nice, long soak in a less shocking way. As seen in the above bathroom, the use of a calacatta gold marble tile on the walls and floors create a seamless, contemporary look that stuns.

2022 bathroom trends: Dark Bathrooms 

If dark, moody spaces are more your signature design style, then you’re going to adore this bathroom trend in 2022! It’s all about bringing out the depth and characteristically cool design by way of dark hues. Think black or dark gray tiles or concrete exposed walls.             

Feature wall tile: Gem-1

Dark tiles, like black mosaics, can also be used as a bold color pop in any space, like a modern bathroom feature wall. Applying a black mosaic tile makes for a mysteriously chill and harmonious design. A bold black tile (as seen in above design) makes for a reflective, refreshing experience that adds an emboldened touch to an otherwise sleek, cold ambiance.

Backsplash tile: Shadow Penny Gloss

There’s so much you can do with dark tone tiles which is why it’s a covetable material and a go-to in interior design styles. You can add a black or dark gray glass backsplash tile to a bathroom (like above) and instantly create a focal point in the space. Plus, they’re easy to care for, which means minimal maintenance for your client!

2022 bathroom trends: Biophilia Green Tiles

Bringing a taste of the great outdoors inside is one of the hottest trends we’re seeing for 2022. This refreshing, and space elevating trend comes as a response to the remote work movement. Since more people are spending a greater amount of time inside their own homes or satellite offices (hello, cafes!) the result is a want for greenery. After all, plant life is shown to improve moods, and green (like green tiles) is a color tied to rejuvenation. That said, it’s with little wonder why both are on this list!

Backsplash tile: Atlantis Ocean Deco 

If there was ever a time that was obsessed with green tiles, it is this year. This bathroom trend for 2022 will find its way throughout most residential and commercial designs, guaranteed. All bathroom interiors today can take advantage of green tiles through design; be it on tile floors, backsplash design, or as a unique mosaic tile murals. Noted in the design here, the gorgeous textured green tile hits two trends at once: biophilic ‘green’ interiors and texture interiors. The result? A truly on-trend space that wows.

Backsplash tile: Eleanor

When it comes to biophilic interiors, there’s something to be said about the use of organic touches and natural light! Both are a must-have to welcome breathability into a space, and really hone in on the natural essence of it. This is biophilia after all. While spacious bathrooms with large windows will certainly get that open, natural look easily, it’s still accessible with precisely placed lighting and plants. 

2022 bathroom trends: Scenic Murals 

If there’s one type of tile design we all love here at MIR Collections, it’s scenic murals. These gorgeous, artistic, and truly individualistic designs can captivate a space igniting a sense of timelessness as well as luxuriousness. In 2022 we will see them cropping up as feature wall tile designs in bathrooms or as accent walls in showers. Honestly, we’re all for it!

This love with murals is precisely why we offer a one-of-a-kind custom murals and medallions that can reflect your interior style and define any home or business design. 

Custom mosaic tile mural in a lux bathroom.

You can enjoy a large spectrum of tile murals that are in line with the 2022 aesthetic think; floral mosaic murals, biophilic green mosaic tile murals, or custom art tile murals. This elegant bathroom design above showcasing the use of a mosaic tile mural done right. It acts as a central point of focus which is ideal for unwinding and relaxing after a long day.

Did you enjoy learning about the 2022 bathroom trends? Would you like to showcase some of the tiles above to your clients? Feel free to sign up to be a dealer today and let us help you with your next tile project! Sign up here

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