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12 Gorgeous Designs Using Subway Tiles For Inspiration

Shown Above: Color Palette subway tiles on kitchen backsplash


Oh, subway tiles. These beauties have been captivating designs for over 100 years with their streamlined appearance and show no signs of going away. With a timeless and versatile look, you can use subway tile virtually in any space; be it a modern farmhouse interior or contemporary one. The result is an endless supply of interior design opportunities from subway tiles on backsplash kitchens to subway tile in the bathrooms. Today we’re invoking some inspiration to further the admiration of this tile style with 12 designs featuring subway tiles. 


Sultry, Swirling Glass 

Glass subway tiles in bathroom

Shown Above: Amber glass subway tile adorning a bathroom feature wall 


Enchant guests in your client’s home with bathroom subway tiles. With their intrinsic beauty, these tiles will instantaneously stun. As seen in this swoon-worthy master bath, a feature tile wall gives life to an otherwise traditional aesthetic. It’s pure proof that while subway tiles may be one of the older styles of tile, they’re far from dull! By use of our Cloud 9 Amber swirling glass subway tile, the design has a polished elegance about it. Far from the ever-popular white subway tile, this wall tile provides endless intrigue. With deep amber browns, golden beiges and pearly whites dancing along the surface, it’s a hit for any bathroom tile design.


Hello, Herringbone 

white glass subway tiles vanity wall bathroom

Shown Above: Sierra Silver White glass subway bathroom backsplash tiles 


Did you know that even white subway tiles can be made unique? Oh, yes. While many think subway tile equates to a plain Jane, matte 3×6 subway tile laid like brick, we’re here to flip that vision on its head. As you can see in the spacious bathroom above, the vanity wall tile has been laid out in a gorgeous herringbone pattern that has all the markings of luxurious glamour. With a gleaming facade, the sparkling white herringbone subway tile twinkles under the bathroom lighting. Plus, it’s swirling body gives added visual interest and dimensional feeling which is the ideal match for any small space bathrooms. A truly unique option that works for even your clients that want to play it safe.


Gray Days Are A-Okay (With Tile)

gray shower subway tiles

Shown Above: Sierra Graphite Linen gray subway tile in modern transitional shower 


If your client wants to make a statement design without spending a fortune, then gray subway tiles are your new best friend. Shower subway tiles are a perfect way to make a stand-out master bathroom space without worrying about falling outside your budget. Take for instance the shower situation above, using a fabric look subway tile, this design is bold, endearing and timeless. Using our Graphite Linen glass mosaic tile, this space is given instant moodiness, a modern edge and uncapped dimension all the while remaining cozy thanks to the fabric look of the tile itself. Truly decadent. 


Modern Delight Done Just Right

backsplash with black subway tiles vertically stacked

Shown Above: Vertically stacked Satin collection navy blue subway tiles on backsplash 


Let’s get linear. One of the best aspects about designing with subway tiles is the ability to play around with their lay pattern. Tile lay patterns can do so much to any design; from making a space a bit more playful with a chevron lay pattern to creating a contemporary design with a vertical stacked lay pattern as shown above. This kitchen backsplash above is proof that just turning subway tiles on their head (literally) can give an updated, modern look. We love the way the use of floating shelves, steel hardware and sleek cabinetry tie this space together with a stamp of modern day approval. 


A Walk On The Wild Side

Marble Subway Tiles

Shown Above: Skalini Artistic Etched subway tile backsplash design 


Marble subway tiles don’t have to be so standard. In fact, the beauty of stone tiles is the ability to etch them and sculpt them into truly individualistic pieces. That’s exactly what’s found here in the kitchen backsplash tile above. Using our alligator etched subway tiles, this backsplash is a walk on the wild side. With everlasting beauty thanks to the Carrara stone body, this stylish tile can blend in and accessorize a space without becoming outdated in a few years time.


Emboldening Shower Style

green subway tiles

Shown Above: Laguna blue glass subway tile in a walk-in shower 


Deep, rich ocean blue subway tiles create a total eye candy situation in this transitional shower. Showcasing just how time withstanding this tile style is, the blue tile doesn’t take away from the space’s otherwise understated decor. In fact, it builds on the overall design in a classy way which further displays the benefits of using subway tiles in a design. While a blue tile may seem like a bold choice, this walk in shower is proof that when balanced with other elements in a design (looking at you, marble countertops and wood look tile shower seat) it takes nothing away and adds intrigue.


Ombre On Point

beige and white glass subway tiles

Shown Above: Cloud 9 beige and white backsplash tiles in a bathroom 


Glass subway tiles offer up a certainly cool aesthetic with their wide range of design styles. While you can find classic white glass subway tiles, monochromatic subway tiles, or colorful glass subway tiles, we’d be remiss not to mention ombre subway tiles. With natural variations that are oh-so-good, these glass tiles deliver a spectrum of hues and uncapped visual interest in a space. Plus, for those who are looking to have “greener” homes our recycled glass subway tiles might be a great environment-friendly option.


Take for example the wonderfully chic and balanced design above; using a multicolor subway tile, the bathroom backsplash has a sense of movement. The bathroom backsplash tile here adds a storyline to the otherwise gray space that has a cement look floor tile and floating vanity. We’re obsessed with the this twist on tradition. 


Nothing Wrong With A Little Matchy-Matchy

colorful ceramic handmade subway  tiles

Shown Above: Satin ceramic subway tile in multiple colors with matching liners 


If your client craves something chic and classic, deliver on this wish with handmade ceramic subway tiles. One of the most interminable forms of this timeless tile, it adds a captivating touch to any space. The irregularities and waviness of the surface give a tantalizing display of making the imperfect, perfect. Plus, with a glossy, polished surface, these subway tiles will add a glistening romance to a design. The perfect kitchen backsplash tile or feature wall tile with its endearing facade. If you really want to impress and make a top-notch design, pairing a ceramic subway tile with a matching ceramic pencil liner or ceramic bullnose will make a monochromatic space that stands the test of time.



fabric look glass tiles

Shown Above: Silver Pine wood look subway tile in bathroom


This is a true beauty that shows just how personal subway tiled can be. With a chic yet classic aesthetic, the subway tile backsplash will move through the changes this space goes through. Exuding a classy timelessness, this wood look glass tile adds a country chic approved touch to the space. Plus, we love the way that more natural elements like wood were added to the design to give it even more of an organic ambiance.  


Sensational Style With A Side of Stone Sophistication 

marble subway ties in bathroom

Shown Above: Marble subway bathroom tiles 


What happens when you take a classic like Calacatta Gold marble and pair it with a subway tile style? Eternal class. It’s with little surprise that mixing two classic together will give you a note-worthy and mainstay design for years to come. Just take this shower as a case-in-point, it has all the markings of a transitional bathroom that will ebb and flow with the space through the years. A truly elegant yet simple way to breathe sophistication and beauty into any space.



Feature Walls That Shimmer

subway tiles

Shown Above: Equator marble subway tile on living room feature wall


Bring a statement to any living room with a subway tile by creating a feature wall. Feature wall tiles are a great way to add a functional highlight to a space and give it both definition and style. They’re a modern take on wallpaper with longevity that makes them well worth the investment, not to mention, gives a unique spin to the design. This can be seen above in this beautiful modern living space that uses a marble subway tile in a pattern style on its feature wall. The result is a cohesive aesthetic that’s massively impactful and well received. 


Pattern Play The Fun Way

subway tiles feature image

Shown Above: Skalini Artistic Etched subway tile


The last and final design inspiration for subway tiles is the way they can be used in a variety of applications. Need a floor tile that stands out? Done. Need a backsplash tile that blends in? Also, done. Their myriad lay patterns, finishes and sizes allow you to get as creative as can be in any of your design spaces. The subway tile is truly a form of craftsmanship that can amplify any interior design space magically. 


We hope this post has left you feeling inspired and ready to grab some subway tiles for your next design project! If you’re ready to dive in and get even more inspired for your client work, head to our gallery and see myriad of tiles (subway included) in action. 



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